High-speed broadband on the way

This week we have received the welcome news that many in Kintore has been waiting for. After years of problems with slow downloads and services like BBC iPlayer being almost impossible to use at peak times, Kintore is due to get high-speed fibre broadband this summer.

The move comes as a package of broadband improvements thanks to £410 million funding from the Scottish Digital Partnership. Speeds of up to 80 Mbps and the BT Broadband website says the service will be available in June this year.

high-speed broadband for Kintore

If the headline 80 Mbps figure is achieved, it will mean that many houses and businesses in Kintore will see a ten-fold increase in broadband speeds.

Among those welcoming the news was North-east Scotland Conservative MSP Dr Nanette Milne, who has an office in Kintore.

“Businesses and residents alike often depend on quick reliable broadband and will reap the benefits of this funding, providing an economic boost to the area and creating new employment opportunities. It is therefore important that the improvements are delivered as soon as possible,” Dr Milne points out.

UK Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has pointed out that the UK already does more business online than any other European country and says that widespread access to superfast speeds will provide a welcome boost to the Scottish economy.

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