So Gateway Kintore is too far to walk?

At the Local Development Plan meeting earlier this month it seemed that the main argument against the Gateway Kintore development is that it is too far for children to walk.

So, we thought we would take a look at the facts.

Gateway Kintore distance from centre

If we assume that the new centre of Kintore will be around the Torryburn (the red marker on the map above), once the Kintore East development is completed. That’s where the council are proposing that community facilities should be concentrated, right at the heart of the new expanded Kintore.

So what are the relative distances between Gateway Kintore and the centre, compared to the distances between the council’s preferred site (on what will be the northern outskirts of Kintore) and the centre?

  • From the centre to the council’s preferred site is 0.8 miles.
  • From the centre to the Gateway Kintore site is 0.9 miles.

It seems to be accepted that the Gateway Kintore site is the most attractive for a supermarket developer. It also seems to be accepted that there is less chance of getting a supermarket at the northern site (because it is much less visible and less easy to reach for traffic on the A96 trunk road).

So, for the sake of one tenth of a mile, it seems council officials are denying us our best chance of having a supermarket that meets the ambitions of Kintore.
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