The Bothie nears completion

Despite the slight setback of having to postpone a proposed first event at The Bothie this week, progress with the construction has been good and The Bothie should be ready in the next week or two.

“The building won't be finished until next Friday at the earliest and we are disappointed, as we were very keen to show it off,” says Kenny Thomson of support group Action Kintore.

“I visited it today and it is superb. It is ideal for small groups to meet and anyone interested in any aspect of it, whether it be to help out with youth activities or to use it for self interest groups, can contact me. I have already had one such enquiry for its' use and with meeting space in Kintore at a premium, I am sure I will receive more.”

To finish off the interior there is a lot of painting still to be done and volunteers who could help, should contact Kenny Thomson. There is also work needed to get worktops in place and the small kitchen area kitted out.

Any help or contacts would be welcome – contact Kenny Thomson again.

As the building is constructed from strawbales it will be extremely efficient and well insulated. It does mean, however, that the Outside, the walls are noticeably bumpy, due to the straw bales under the plaster, but that seems to add character to the building.

Appropriately the exterior paint colour will be straw. What else could it have been?

Action Kintore have just received a cheque from Nexen Petroleum for £10,000 and this, together with Council funding already committed to the project, will substantially pay this years' costs of a Youth Development Worker. Four applicants have applied for the post and Action Kintore are to carry out interviews on Monday 23rd.
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