Could you put something back into the community?

Are you interested in putting something back into the community that thou live in? Do you have an interest in Kintore and its future?

If the answer to either of these is ‘yes’, then please come along to the annual general meeting of the Kintore and District Community Council on Tuesday, September 17 in Kintore School at 7pm. All who have an interest in the town are welcome.

There will be vacancies and it is essential that these be filled by individuals who reside in Kintore and have an interest in what takes place in the town.

One of the main functions of community councillors is to represent the community in all manner of topics, often by bringing them to the monthly meetings, where discussion can lead to a 'community' view being put forward.

At a time when issues such as a new school and more house building are being discussed, local input on these and various other matters which impact on local people is important. A good turnout is therefore hoped for.

The Community Council meets at 7pm on the third Tuesday of each month, in Kintore School.
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