Our councillors say amenities come first

Aberdeenshire councillors have told the developers behind the Kintore East development, that could see 1,200 new houses built in Kintore, that community facilities must come first.

That’s the front page lead report from yesterday’s Aberdeenshire Council meeting in today’s Press and Journal.

But the frustration remains that Gateway Kintore seems to be taking an interminable time to come before councillors for a decision.

supermarket most sought-after
Gateway Kintore would answer four of the five demands from residents

There are five requirements that repeatedly get expressed on Kintore.org.uk and on our Facebook page:

  • Supermarket
  • Filling station
  • Community facilities
  • Fibre high-speed broadband
  • Upgraded Broomhill roundabout (retaining direct northbound access to Kintore)

Gateway Kintore would address four of these five demands, yet it has still not been brought before councillors. The 1,000-plus people who signed the petition (most of them in summer 2012) calling for the development to be determined by councillors must be wondering why it is taking so long.

It’s not like a lack of facilities is a new problem. Around 1,000 houses were built in the town between 2000 and 2010 and the facilities have not kept pace.
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