Where will Royal Mail sell off leave our service?

So the UK Government is to press ahead with the sale of Royal Mail, one of the services that even Mrs Thatcher’s government thought was a privatisation too far.

As a customer, my question is where will that leave our postal services? Currently, I receive an outstanding service. Our mail is delivered six days a week, usually with a smile and a cheery comment thrown in for free.

If I look at how private couriers operate, the picture is very different.

Royal Mail

The actual delivery is often pretty good, but there are quite a few occasions when delivery dates are missed. Vans return to the depot with the package I need still stuck in the back.

More galling is the nonsense of designating our address as “Highlands” and charging up to £40 extra to deliver to this remote area (which happens to be just 12 miles away from the Scotland’s third city).

Geography was one of my favourite subjects at school and I know that Kintore has never been, either geographically or politically, in the Highlands.

My concern would be that the new privatised Royal Mail (or whatever it is called) will introduce similar surcharges for those of us with the effrontery to live outside the big cities.

Brace yourself for the new range of stamps – 1st, 2nd, 1st Large, 2nd Large, 1st Remote, 2nd Remote?

Will they also reduce the number of deliveries? Or stop deliveries altogether and insist that we collect our mail?
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