Broadband woes continue in Kintore

In the last month, Kintore’s broadband infrastructure has been creaking under the strain of the growing number of households and businesses in Kintore. Broadband outages and slow speeds seem to be affecting a large proportion of the population.

This seems to confirm the fears that BT’s much-trumpeted upgrade for its broadband network in Kintore was not going to produce the results we had all hoped for.

Slow communication to Kintore

The trouble is that, no matter whose name is on the top of your invoice, the network you are on is almost certainly BT. Which is a shame because some competition might persuade BT that the network is failing and they need to ditch yesterday’s copper wire network and invest in fibre technology for Kintore.

Between 2000 and 2010, Kintore grew by more than 1,000 homes and numerous businesses including global headquarters for a number of international businesses. The old infrastructure clearly can’t cope.

Yet, if you go to BT Infinity website you will find that Kintore isn’t even on the current rollout plans. That seems incredible when there are plans for a further 1,2000 homes.

Meanwhile, as you listen to friends talking about 39mB download speeds on their optical fibre broadband. Some of us in Kintore are struggling to get a connection.

Earlier this week the speed tester recorded our broadband speed at 0.01mB – that’s 1k! And judging from the responses on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, we were not alone.

Yes, there are times when we get 5mB or even 7mB if we are lucky. But, that is usually off-peak and – even then there are glitches when the network comes to a halt.

Come on BT. Give us a date when we are going to be brought into the 21st Century.
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