Kintore station hopes

The success of the re-opening of Laurencekirk station, marked by the opening of a £450,000 car park (does a car park have to cost that much?), has put now impetus into the drive to re-open a station in KIntore.

Kintore station was listed on the NESTRANS objectives to be re-opened this year. Now there are suggestions that the plan could be brought forward, with the opening of a small one platform station in the immediate future.

Still reeling from the suggested costs of a new station for Kintore, any suggestion of a lower cost version is surely welcome as it is more likely to actually happen in the current economic environment.

Speaking at the debate in the Scottish Parliament, Nanette Milne Conservative MSP for North East Scotland said: "The reopening of Laurenckirk Station in May has been warmly welcomed and supported locally, and passenger numbers using the station there have significantly exceeded the provisional estimations by around 80%. This is good news and does I believe prove a positive case for the reopening Kintore and eventually other local stations.

"Kintore must surely be one of the fastest growing villages in the Country. In just five years its population has grown from just over 1600 to over 2500 – completely changing its character from a traditional north-east village to an urban satellite of Aberdeen, with tightly packed streets of modern houses clustered around its historic village centre."
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