Wildcat on the prowl once more

The Scottish wildcat on the Hill of Balbithan has been photographed once again.

Scottish wildcats are one of the most endangered species in the UK, with estimates varying from just 400 left in captivity to some experts saying they are just “months” from extinction in the wild.

Scottish wildcat
No ordinary moggie – the wildcat photographed this afternoon

The big problem is interbreeding with domestic cats and the Balbithan cat – although very clearly a wildcat with the distinctive tail, stripes and broader face – is believed to have acquired some domestic genes. Experts say the distinctive blunt, striped tail should be even bushier and the stripes more distinct.

To protect the endangered pure-bred wildcats, conservationists urge the neutering of domestic cats in areas where they could interbreed with wildcats.

Oh, and if you think this looks like a nice wee domestic moggie, think again. Wildcats shun human contact, but, should you a corner a Scottish wildcat, experts say that your next meal will probably be hospital food.

Yes, they may look quite harmless, but they are ferocious.

Scottish wildcat

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