Kintore Town House parking

Passing Kintore Town House earlier this week I spotted a group huddled round a tripod, capturing the mood of the historic building in the morning light. Pity that their image will be dominated by a clutter of cars parked hap-hazardly in front of the iconic building.

The Town House is undoubtedly the most iconic building in the centre of Kintore. So, we really ought to make sure it is shown to best advantage. It’s not as though parking in the centre of Kintore is at a huge premium, so why do they have to park there?

There are actually two bollards and a chain (visible in the picture above) to stop cars. But the parking bandits just drive over the kerbs on either side of the bollards!

It’s a shame, but maybe the only way to prevent cars parking in front of the Town House is to put in bollards (hopefully attractive ones) to allow us to present the best of Kintore uncluttered by parking.
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