Update from Kintore Youth Forum

The Youth Forum have been meeting fortnightly, ( instead of weekly), since June, and throughout the summer holidays, with Louise Stewart, Isabel Stirling and Isobel Kendrick (new Community Learning Worker). They will continue to meet fortnightly, but with only the Community Learning Worker + one youth worker, due to budget restraints on youth worker hours.

What we’ve been doing:

In June – invited to meet with two members of staff from Balfour Beatty (formerly Cruickshanks) at their offices in Kintore to discuss joint fundraising ideas. Youth Forum members suggested lots of ideas, the favourite being a Coffee Morning/Family Fun Day to be held at the end of August.

Several ‘event planning’ meetings took place during July with additional support from Liz Mackay and Joan & Kenny Thomson, and also attended by 2 members of staff from Balfour Beatty. It was decided at these meetings to try to create an event with ‘broad’ community appeal, which would hopefully increase the amount of funds raised, and also broaden community awareness of ‘The Bothie’ project.

The Forum took responsibility for all PR work for this event – designing Posters, tickets and flyers. (Lots of these were very kindly printed for us by Balfour Beatty). Forum members distributed these to local shops, businesses, and schools, and a flyer drop through local letterboxes. The Forum also wrote to local businesses for donations for Raffles and for Prizes for competitions ie. Beat the Goalie; X-Box Competition.

The Bothie Fundraising Event was held at Kintore Primary School on Saturday 29th August and included a Coffee Morning; Craft Stalls; Sales tables; BBQ by Scouts; children’s activities ie. Face Painting, Lollipop Straw Bale, Coconut Stall, Beat the Goalie and X-Box competition and also ‘Live Music’ with performances by pupils of the Chalmers Mackay Music School, X-Factor Winner and local band ‘Loki’.

This was a terrific day, and although numbers attending were a bit disappointing, that was more than made up for by the very positive feeling of community spirit; valuable awareness raising of the Café and a total of £650.00 being raised. Balfour Beatty have also very generously confirmed that all monies raised in joint effort with themselves, will be match funded (doubled) up to a maximum of £2,000. Funds raised at the event have been paid into their Charity Account and £1300.00 will be paid to Action Kintore in December.

At the meeting following the event, the Youth Forum did an evaluation of the day and agreed that it was a really good day, but that perhaps the location was wrong and maybe more publicity was needed. They also wrote thank you letters to everyone who had supported the day and distributed some of the un-claimed Raffle Prizes.

Youth Forum Members Emily Paterson & Caitlin Shand attended an Aberdeenshire Youth Forum meeting on Tuesday 1st September at which Bruce Robertson, Director of Education, was speaking. When given an opportunity to raise any local youth issues with Mr. Robertson, Emily spoke out about the length of time it was taking for the planning decision for the Youth Café. Mr. Robertson responded by asking Emily if she wanted him to do something to help with this and she said ‘yes please’.

We are hoping that this ‘brave request’ may have had something to do with the Café plans being considered (and passed – hooray!!) at the September Area Committee Meeting, as it was expected to be October or November before this was scheduled to happen. We may never know, but is an example of how, by positive action, young people can contribute towards making things happen for them in their own community.

Our next meeting on the 22th September will be to celebrate the good news re. planning; talk about another fundraising event – a Race Night at The Hopeville Club, Inverurie, on the 30th October which is mainly being organised by Balfour Beatty with support from the Forum; and making up an Information Board for the Forum which they can display at future events.

Some members will come along to the Action Kintore Meeting on Wed 23st September to continue celebrations, and to find out about ‘where we go from here’.
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