Broadband: Kintore stuck in the slow lane again?

How’s your broadband speed? Living just about a mile outside Kintore our line is rated at 5mb of the supposed headline figure of 8mb quoted in BT’s adverts.

Now, during the day we can, indeed, get 5mb. But, during the evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays, we struggle to get 10% of that. Currently BT Broadband is struggling to deliver 586k – that’s just a tad over 10% of what it should be.


At that speed, using BBC iPlayer is impossible and you can actually watch the websites slowly forming themselves on the screen! It’s like taking a trip back to the bad old days of Home Highway ISDN lines. Come on BT, this is 2011 not 2001!

What really bugs me is that I have to keep complaining and whingeing to BT. Usually there is an improvement for a month or two, then the system starts grinding slower and slower and I have to start the cycle of complaining all over again. It’s wearing for me and it can’t be very nice for the people who man @BTCare on Twitter.

So, what I’d like to know is, how is are broadband speeds elsewhere in Kintore? Is your broadband equally slow, or is BT providing decent speeds some places and not in others?

Hit the “Add new comment” below, or email and tell us whether BT deserves a bouquet or a brickbat for the broadband speed they are delivering to your house.

Is Kintore being left in a internet backwater.
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