Will Kintore and NE see benefit?

The Scottish Government has announced a £30 million programme of improvements for the rail network.

Could this finally see the re-opening of the Kintore rail station that was slated for re-opening in 2009 by transport organisation NESTRANS?

North East Scotland MSP Nanette Milne, who has an office in Northern Road Kintore, was quick to respond to the announcement, writing to the Transport Minister Keith Brown to ask about a timescale for work on the reopening of Kintore station.

Nanette Milne railway
Nanette Milne at the railway crossing in Kintore.

“Now that the SNP have finally announced a £30million national programme of improvements,” she explained, “I will be seeking how much of this will be made available for Kintore and seeking a timescale for when work will be undertaken to take forward projects from SNP Ministers.”

As we have suggested here before, part of the problem with giving the green light to the reopening of Kintore station could be the mind-boggling cost estimates.

At the same time Nanette Milne will be asking about improvements to the rail network from Aberdeen to the Central Belt.

As I have discovered, if you need to be in Edinburgh for a meeting (coincidentally at the Scottish Parliament) for 8.15 am, you have to leave Aberdeen the previous night!

Our European colleagues would be amazed to find that you cannot travel from Scotland’s third city to the capital, without leaving the night before.

Even if you do find a sensible train time, it is ridiculous when we are trying to encourage people to switch from road to rail, that you would often be quicker driving to Edinburgh or Glasgow, rather than taking the train.

It takes almost three hours, when, even now, you can travel all the way from London to Edinburgh in just about 80 minutes more.

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