Kintore eligible for slice of £60m fund

Documents just released by the Scottish Government confirm that Kintore could be eligible for a slice of the government’s £60 million town centre regeneration fund.

Kintore is one of a number of towns in Aberdeenshire identified as potential targets for the fund.

The fund is intended to support community and business leaders in regenerating and growing town centres. In particular reference is made to pedestrian access.

Kintore Town House forecourt
Imagine this as a granite cobbled plaza

The Square with its magnificent Town House is surely an ideal candidate for support.

How much better would the Town House look sitting in a neatly cobbled pedestrian area, rather than being fronted by rough tarmac and illegally parked cars?

Applications for the scheme are now open. The deadline for consideration in the first round will be June 5 2009. The deadline for the second round will be August 21 2009.

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