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2006 NEWS




Kintore shoudl have its new rail station in the next two to three years. The just-published NESTRANS Regional Transport Strategy gives 2009 and as the "estimated delivery date" for the opening of a new station.

The re-establishment of a station in Kintore is part of the much-vaunted Aberdeen Crossrail, which is a planned train service between Stonehaven and Inverurie, through Aberdeen on a 30-minute frequency.


North East Conservative MSP Nanette Milne has written to Passenger Focus – an organisation that represents rail passengers – to set out a number of issues that are important to Aberdeenshire rail users, including train station investment, and the potential re-opening of Kintore station.

“There is strong local support for the re-opening of Kintore train station," Nanette said in her letter.  "Kintore’s population has grown over the past five years from just over 1600 to over 2500 today. Many local people who currently drive to Aberdeen would use the rail service, which would provide an integrated transport service for Kintore a station would also help to reduce traffic congestion on the roads as well as being more environmentally friendly. There would also be benefits for the local economy”

She added: “There is strong local support for the reopening of the station. It would be great to see all the communities within the potential catchment of a Kintore station coming together to press for the project to be included as a priority within the NESTRANS Cross Rail project which is due to be the subject of public consultation later this year”


At the time when the Clydesdale Bank closed its branch in Kintore (along with many others in Aberdeenshire), it promised to maintain its ATM - the only ATM in Kintore that does not charge for withdrawals (the one at the Somerfield supermarket does charge).

In recent weeks, however, the ATM has been shut down in an increasing bizarre war of words between the bank and the new owners of the former Clydesdale Bank building. Claiming they were due rent which had been unpaid since July, the landlords refused access to maintain the ATM, leaving Kintore without an ATM for several weeks.

On Friday, October 6, following a front page story in The Press and Journal the ATM came back online, but only for a few hours. According to press reports the new row centred on how the bank had gained access to the building, despite the locks having been changed. There were even threats that the police might be asked to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, Kintore remains without its ATM.


Aberdeenshire Council's Infrastructure Committee has overturned the decision of the local Garioch committee and approved plans for a new retail park in Inverurie, on the Oldmeldrum road out of the town. It is said that the £20 milion development could be open for business by Christmas 2008. Names linked with the new shopping complex have included Homebase and Argos.

Welcomed by some as a means of attracting shoppers to stay in Aberdeenshire, rather than travel into town, some local shopkeepers are concerned about the potential loss of business.


'Red tape' and transport problems are the main concerns of local businesses in the Gordon constituency, according to a survey carried out recently by Nanette Milne, North East Scotland Conservaltive MSP.

Surveys were posted out to all businesses across the area and highlighted a number of issues and problems facing small businesses in Aberdeenshire. "The clear message which emerged from the survey was that North East Businesses feel they are being held back from growing their businesses by far too much red tape being placed on them by government," Nanette explains.

"Transport problems in the area are still a major problem facing northern Aberdeenshire Businesses and local Communities," she continues, "and the need to upgrade the A96 was a clear issue which many businesses feel would help provide a fast and efficient transport system which is clearly an essential ingredient of a thriving economy"


Launched summer 2006, Kintore Boys Club is fielding one team of under 12's participating in the Aberdeen & District Juvenile Football Assoc League. Training is Monday and Thursday, 7pm - 8.30pm at Kintore Playing Fields. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in managing other age groups. For more information contact Eddie Reid, telephone : 01467 633250, 01467 633250


Aberdeenshire Councillors are due to consider plans for a town park at Gauchmill, Kintore, at the Garioch committee meeting next week.


Kintore housing development company Malcolm Allan has submitted a planning application to Aberdeenshire Council for a new residential development at Midmill North.


The Tories have announced their prospective candidates for the 2007 council elections. Aiming for Inverurie & District ward, which takes in part of Kintore and Keithhall, is Richard Cowling an Inverurie businessman. He has served on the Community Council for 20 years, he is looking forward to the challenge of being a Councillor and deal with various problems in the area.

David Clucas will stand for West Garioch, which also includes parts of Kintore and Keithhall. David has lived in the area for some 25 years, having recently retired from the oil industry he feels that he can put in time being a Local Councillor. He has been involved in passing the Access Legislation and also campaigning for homeless persons unit.


Tayside Police believe they are closer to solving a 1979 murder case, where some of the victims belongings were found between Hatton of Fintray and Kintore. Carol Lannen came from Dundee, but the finding of her belongings on the banks of the Don, links the case to the Kintore area.

'' I believe that whoever threw Carol's bag in the River Don has some connection with the Kintore, Kemnay or even Alford areas," explains Detective Chief Inspector Ewen West. "As a result of previous appeals in the media we have already received a number of interesting calls from residents in the area but we would still like to hear of anyone who was known to frequent, live or work in those area. I am confident that somebody may have their suspicions about who may have been responsible and they have yet to come forward and tell us.'

''It will cause far less disruption for these people to come forward now and contact us of their own free will, rather than have police officers arrive on their doorstep. I don't wish to cause upset to anyone's domestic situation but if we have to, then we will come knocking at their door."

The body of 18-year-old Carol Lannen was found in Templeton Woods on the outskirts of Dundee on Wednesday 22 March 1979.

  • Anyone with information can contact Tayside Police Incident Room Confidential Line on (01382) 591909 or the Force Control Room on (01382) 223200. Information can also be e-mailed to the incident room at or sent via text message to 07980 543641.


No, it's not a discription of this summer's temperatures at Kintore. It's the discovery by AOC Archaeology and the Kintore Archaeology Group that in the first century AD, fires were set on Bruce's Camp (just above the Thainstone House Hotel and Crichie) that were hot enough to melt the rocks and vitrify the fort.

AOC and Kintore Archaeology Group have completed two weeks excavating at Bruce's Camp. The site is an ancient hill fort (reputed by some to have been named after Robert the Bruce and also said by some to have been near the cave where the spider encouraged him to 'try, try, try again'), and the group found evidence of vitrification of the walls.

"This means that the the fort was deliberately set alight reaching temperatures of around 600 degrees centigrade," Kathy Davidson of the Kintore Archaeological Group explains, "causing the rocks to melt and it probably burnt for around two weeks. This would have been seen for miles around and we can only imagine what it must have looked like.

"Although we have yet to provide conclusive evidence it our belief that the fire may have been caused in the first century AD, linking in with the time that the Roman marching army was based at Kintore.

  • For information on the Kintore Archaeology Group contact Kathy Davidson.


Aberdeenshire Council has received plans for alterations and extension of houses at 7 The Carriages, Northern Road, Kintore and 14 Henderson Drive, Kintore. Plans have also been submitted to Aberdeenshire council for alterations and extension of the Station Garage in Northern Road, Kintore.


Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for the North East of Scotland has backed calls by local people to reopen the train station at Kintore. NESTRANS the North East Transport Partnership for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire are currently undertaking a detailed proposal of the possibility of reopening the station as part of the Aberdeen Crossrail Project which is set to report the Scottish Executive towards the end of 2006.

"Kintore's population has grown over the past 5 years from just over 1600 to over 2500 today," says Nanette Milne. "Many local people who currently drive to Aberdeen would use the rail service, which would provide for an integrated transport service for Kintore as well as helping to reduce congestion in Aberdeen City.

Nanette Milne at the Boat of Kintore level crossing.

"I have written to the Lib Dem Transport Minister, Tavish Scott outlining the positive benefits of reopening the station both for local people and our environment and I very much hope that when the Executive receive the final detailed proposal of the Crossrail Project from NESTRANS he will support the reopening of Kintore station".  


International underwater engineering specialist, Circle Technical Services is moving its headquarters on the Midmill Business Park, Kintore. The new office will be the centre for Circle’s worldwide operations, with its base in Houma, Louisiana and an agency in Egypt.

“As well as a growing workload in the UK, we are currently in a period of considerable international expansion," says Circle MD David Dent. "The workload of Circle Technical Services Inc, based in Houma Louisiana, is growing rapidly. In North Africa and the Middle East our new alliance with Seaharvest is already capturing considerable client interest.

“We also have the recent acquisition of Ramstud USA Inc. In addition to sustaining our business growth in the USA, our intention is to use their expertise in the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries to expand into those sectors in Europe.”

Established in 1990, Circle Technical Services specialises in engineering solutions for the subsea market, particularly to aid asset life extension and decommissioning projects.


Aberdeenshire Council has been delivering the new kerbside recycling bin, recycling box and/or bags to households in the Kintore area. Those in the town are expected to receive a recycling crate and bag. The bag is for recycling paper and light card (like cereal boxes). The box is for food and drink cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles. All should be rinsed and the plastic bottles should be squashed. The net should be attached over the box and the box left at the kerbside.

You should receive details of when these will be collected. If not, contact Aberdeenshire Council.

For the more rural households around Kintore you should have received a blue topped wheelie bin. This is for paper and light card which will be collected once a month. Details of collections should have been supplied with the bin. If not contact Aberdeenshire Council. These households will also have received a crate which can be used to take cans, bottles and jars to the recycling point.

In Kintore the recycling point is within the car park of the Torryburn Hotel on School Road. There are bins for bottles, cans, cardboard and plastic.


Plans have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council for a new hoouse and garage at Burnside Cottages in Kintore. At 32 Forest Road, Kintore, plans have been submitted for alterations and extension to the existing house and the erection of a new house. At Broomhill a new house and garage is planned next to Norlanda.


Ian Blair, the Chairman of Kintore & District Community Council has written to Aberdeenshire Council about two developments in Kintore which have "damaged the credibility of the planning process in general and the Garioch Area in particular".

The developments concerned are the controversial Langstane Housing Association flats in The Square and the approval of the conversion of the nearby newsagent's shop into an Indian food take-away. In his letter (reproduced below) Iain Blair says that the flats are "totally out of character" and describes the decision to approve the take-away "defies belief".



Aberdeenshire Council Planning Process

Recently two issues have attracted wide and critical comment from Kintore residents and have damaged the credibility of the planning process in general and the Garioch Area Committee in particular.   There has been coverage in the local press.

Residential Development of 21 No. Flats


The development is seen to be totally out of character in the Square at Kintore.   When the application for planning permission was submitted Kintore Community Council lodged a formal objection with Aberdeenshire Council.

In an article on this development in the Press and Journal on 27 January 2006, an Aberdeenshire Council spokesman is reported as having said that the Square at Kintore was not a conservation area. The fact is that in 2002 the Square was designated a proposed conservation area in the Aberdeenshire Local Plan. Given such a designation it would seem sensible to impose such constraints and conditions normally attached to a confirmed conservation area, withdrawing them only when and if the proposal was rejected. The proposed designation has been in place for almost four years and yet in the Press and Journal on 31 January 2006 an Aberdeenshire Council spokesman said that such a status would not be confirmed until later this year.   This is, of course, far too late.   Given the breathtaking speed of development in Kintore, it is a matter for great concern that proposals for comparatively simple measures designed to protect the character of the area can remain unresolved for years.

It is also a matter for concern that an Aberdeenshire Council Spokesman admits to an oversight in relation to this issue ( Press and Journal 31 January 2006)

Change of Use from Newsagent to Hot Food Takeaway at 2 Northern Road

The Community Council received many local representations when this application for planning permission was announced and accordingly lodged an objection.

Our Local Aberdeenshire Councillor supported the objection.

Aberdeenshire Council planners recommended refusal of the application on the grounds that it conflicted with the policy regarding such establishments where adjoining residential properties did not belong to the applicant.

In the face of such significant arguments for refusal, the decision by the Garioch Area Committee to grant planning permission defies belief.

Determination of Applications for Planning Permission

The Code of Practice for the Exchange of Information between Community Councils and Aberdeenshire Council, set out in the Community Council Handbook, prescribes that Community Councils shall in all cases be informed about reasons for decisions in cases where they have expressed a view.   This code of practice is not being observed where objections by the Community Council to planning applications are set aside in determinations by the Garioch Area Committee.   Furthermore the Minutes of the Garioch Area Committee do not adequately record the deliberations of Committee members so that the reasons for such determinations are clear.

Why is this code of practice not being observed?

What were the reasons for granting Planning Permission for the residential development of the 21 flats in 2003 (Ref a), given the proposed designation of the area and local objections?

What were the reasons for granting Planning Permission for Change of Use from Newsagent to Hot Food Takeaway (Ref c) and in so doing setting aside Aberdeenshire Council Policies and local objections?

There is a further Code of Practice, also in the community Council Handbook, that obliges Aberdeenshire Council to give the Community Council the opportunity to participate in the processes that lead to decision making on issues relating to their areas. This obligation would be seen to be met if the Community Council were allowed to participate in Garioch Area Committee deliberations on issues affecting their area.   If this is not to be the case then how will this Code of Practice be implemented?   There is an urgent need for greater transparency and accountability in the activities of the Garioch Area Committee.  

I.A.L. Blair

Chairman, Kintore and District Community Council.

Copy to Councillor Douglas Cameron


Februrary 23, 2006


THE NEW: The new Kintore School.

The new Kintore School is due to open on February 22 after a short delay. It was originally intended that the school would be open in December 2005. Construction began with a turf-cutting ceremony on August 4, 2004.

Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for the North East of Scotland said: "I welcome the opening of the new Kintore Primary School, the new building will be a massive improvement for local children and provide the modern facilities and positive learning environment in which to learn and I hope local people in Kintore will be proud of this great school”

Demolition has already started on the old school, built in 1907 with its 1950s extension.

THE OLD: Demolished to make way


The building that fronts the controversial Langstane Housing Development in The Square.

The Langstane Housing Association development in The Square, Kintore, has been described in the press as "a monstrosity". The block, metal and wood-faced development is said to be totally out of character with the historic buildings in The Square and is directly opposite the 18th century Town House.

January 31, 2006


Kingsfield Road (which is part of the B977 from Kintore to Fintray) is to be closed for 11 weeks for sewer renewal work. The closure will start on Monday, January 23 and is scheduled for completion by April 3.

It is not known if the road will be completely closed to all traffic for the entire period. Diversions are by the A96 to Blackburn and then the B979 across to Fintray.

January 20, 2006


An oil painting of Kintore landmarks by well-known local artist Eric Auld will soon be presented to the new Kintore school. The painting has been commissioned by the organising committee of the recent school reunion and open day celebration, which was held in September.

It has been inspired by the desire of the committee to have a lasting memento of the school building, which has stood for more than 100 years and is soon to be demolished.

The painting is currently on display in Moar's Coffee Shop (formerly Duncans) for a limited period, before being displayed in the new school.

Prints, priced at £40 (or £45 mounted) are available to order at Moar's, or by calling 01467 633250 or 01330 860988.

January 18, 2006



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