Minutes of Meeting October 20, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council

7pm 16 October 2012 in Kintore School

Unapproved Minute

Before the meeting commenced, the Chairman made a presentation of Gift Vouchers to Ainslie Reid and Jim Coutts and thanked them on behalf of the community of Kintore, for their efforts over yet another year, in arranging the town centre floral displays

Those present gave Ainslie and Jim a round of applause. Both conveyed their appreciation of the gifts and the support of the Community Council in this venture.

See also item on this issue under ‘Treasurers Report’ relative to Jim McCall’s input

1. WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting

2. PRESENT: Kevin Watt (Chairman), Kenny Thomson (Acting Secretary), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Drew Cullinane, Lesley Monaghan, Ann Marston and Sheila Gray; Mr Jim Law and Councillors Nan Cullinane and Martin Ford

3. APOLOGIES: Councillor Fergus Hood.

4. POLICE REPORT. No Police report received in advance of the Meeting, nor any Officers in attendance

5. PRESENTATION: Allan Rae, Kirkwood Homes Investment Ltd; Steven Park, PPS Group and George Niblock were present, at their request, to address members and provide a summary of the proposal to build a waste management plant on the derelict site of the former ‘Inverurie Paper Mill’, situated to the east of Thainstone roundabout.

A similar presentation is planned at Port Elphinstone on 1 November

6.. MINUTES OF MEETING OF 18 September had been prepared by Claire Cullinane and circulated. Kenny Thomson proposed them and Sheila Gray seconded.

(i) Fly tipping - warning signs to be compiled; to include information on the harm caused by pollution to the burn and damage caused to the fence at East Park (Kevin)
(ii) Vandalised walls, of the concrete bridge over the burn which leads to Tuach Hill - Dangers associated with it having been vandalised, by pushing it into the burn, were also highlighted. Contact to be made with owner Malcolm Allan, to make him aware
(iii) Composting. - Council to be contacted to seek possible sites (Lesley)

£979 had been received from the Council, following submission of a receipt for that amount, for the purchase of hanging baskets.
Joan also advised that the current balance of our Account is £2330, with only a cheque for £50 to come off, which was a donation to CHAS, a charity nominated by Jim McCall, in lieu of his assistance with judging our Best Garden competition (Kenny met with Jim McCall on 6/11/12; Advised him donation had been made).

2 x £100 Gift Vouchers had been purchased for the presentations to Ainslie Reid and Jim Coutts referred to above.

Joan summed up by suggesting that some of our funds be spent, rather than lying in the Account and one suggestion was something for Provost Lawrence Court.

Of special interest is the situation regarding The Bothie build and Jim Law was in attendance, to apprise members re cost v budget available. Of all the Tender documents sent out to builders who had expressed an interest in doing the work, the only one received (by e-mail) was from Steven Laing Traditional Masonry and it was wildly in excess of the funds available. Apparently the reasons for non submission of quotes was the unavailability of straw bales, together with the lack of experience in such building methods.
A fallback position had been explored. This involved getting quotes from other builders, in particular Banchory Contractors. Their quote was also at least £20k over budget and importantly, it did not contain sufficient guarantees that the straw bale issue had been addressed, in terms of acquisition of same.
As a result of that disappointing situation, AK Directors had decided to hand the entire project over to the Council, on whose land the building would sit. With AK Ltd having done all it could to get to that stage, including having all Permissions in place, it was thought the Council may wish to progress this.

13. AOCB could not be discussed, due to time constraints.
The Meeting finished at 9.30pm
14. DATE OF NEXT MEETING is 20 November
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