Minutes of Meeting May 15, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 15th May 2012 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Joan Thomson (Trreasurer), Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Fergus Hood, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Kevin Watt, Lesley Monaghan, Linda Paterson, Ava Rennie and PC Brian Pirie.

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Councillor Nan Cullinane and Drew Cullinane.

Joan opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (17th April 2012):
Minutes Approved by Kevin Watt and Sheila Gray.

Police Report:
A Police report was received and PC Brian Pirie attended.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Leaflets – Castleview is completed. Lesley will take some leaflets to help complete.
Blackburn to Kintore Cycleway – Nan provided an update on this. Linda Mathieson to speak with Peter McCallum on Wednesday regarding Braehead Farm.
Tuach Hill – the development management will be formally notified that all options have been exhausted to re-establish access through the rear of Rose Cottage and that they may be able to pursue the matter through planning enforcement. No action taken as yet. Kevin Wright to confirm this to Nan.
Cairnhall Wall – there is now a planning application in place – APP/2012/1100.
Public Hall – the leak was never reported.
Safelift – Angus Beacom has advised that the most appropriate action would be to serve a planning contravention notice, which allows him to establish the facts surrounding the issue.
Dinnie Place – the drain problem was reported to Bob Gray.
The clock – this has been sorted
The flag for the Jubilee – it will fly on the 4th of June, still to find out who puts it up.
Garden Competition – nomination forms are done. Kevin to complete a poster and find a judge. The trophy is not in good condition. Ann will take it to the Trophy Centre to seek their advice.

Treasurers Report:
Current Balance - £1768.00.
Kenny is filling out applications for a £1000.00 grant.
Copy of AGM statement has been sent to get Admin grant.

Youth Report:
No Update

Planning Matters:
There are 2 planning matters:
1 – Replacement house type at Gauch Hill
2 – Cairnwall – now has a planning application as previously mentioned.

Nothing else Significant.

Garioch CC forum- 13th June at Gordon House, nominations need to be in by 8th June.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
The 3 councillors were all elected in again. The full council meets on Thursday 17th May to vote on the running of the council.

There are lots of weeds on the kerb side – its the owners responsibility and not the Councils to remove.
Bridge over the burn at Tuach Hill – the wall has been vandalised and damaged, its now at an angle and could fall, wall is on Malcolm Allan’s property. If reported Malcolm Allan could stop access to the path.
Tuach Burn needs cleared out – this can be reported to SEPA, this is the same with Lochburn.
Double Yellow lines need to be reinstated beside the hair dressers on Northern Rd – Councillor Hood to look into this.
Northern Road – no centre line on the curve at the florists. Centre lines are no longer done anymore.

Date of Next Meeting: 19th June 7pm.
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