Minutes of Meeting March 20, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 20th March 2012 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Councillor Nan Cullinane, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Drew Cullinane, Lesley Monaghan, Linda Paterson and Alison Cumming

Kevin Watt, Ava Rennie and Councillor Martin Ford.

Kenny opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Blackburn to Kintore Cycleway:
The proposed cycleway from Blackburn to Kintore would start at the Kinellar roundabout and travel alongside the A96 to the Broomhill roundabout. In some places it will be quite close to the traffic on the A96. There is a feasibility study and the approximate cost would be £350K. There is no funding available for this route. Possible other routes are the are the road from the back of Blackburn which runs alongside the railway line and along Kingsfield Road. This is a safer and scenic route. However there is no lighting and is longer. Another possibility is the Braehead Farm route to the Industrial Estate. Its a shorter cycle and there are no hills. Nan is to speak to Peter MacCallum about this possibility.

In addition the Thainstone to Kintore cycleway was also discussed. Nan has been approached (by a Kintore resident) to get a cycle route on the other side of the road as it can be dangerous trying to cross the A96. Currently there is no funding but a feasibility study will be carried out in the next 3-5 months.

Football Pitches at Midmill:
Kenny had a meeting with Andy Roddy at the weekend. There will be 5 football pitches. One of which will be full size and there will be portacabins to support them.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (21st February 2012):
Minutes Approved by Sheila Gray and Linda Paterson

Police Report:
No Police Report was received and there was no Police attendance

Presentation by Darren Ross:
No attendance.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Tennis Courts – no update on this. Kenny is looking to get a meeting with Kerry and Vicky and a meeting with those interested to form a tennis club.
Town Centre/Lochburn – a letter of objection has gone in to the council.
Bus Forum – Ann and Sheila attended the bus forum and the following points were highlighted from the forum:
The Number 10 bus will not come through Kintore, its an Express bus and has limited stops.
The 307 bus will provide 2 buses an hour to the hospital. This is from September onwards and there is no update on which hours this will be between.
Speeding drivers must be reported to Stage Coach.
Stage Coach will now have a full time receptionist between 09:00 and 17:30.
Stage Coach have advised you must check your tickets for mistakes and report them.
There has been a complaint that there are no seats at the main bus stop in Kintore (the bus stop at the Post Office), Stage Coach were unaware of this and will look into it.
No lights at bus stops to be resolved by next meeting, this is also the same with the heating.
Buses not turning up – this can be due to timings, driver illness.
Bus Inspector – Stage Coach are looking to employ a bus inspector.
Next meeting will be October. This meeting was not well attended.
Leaflets – 1400 leaflets were distributed with the Kintore Konnect. Another 400 to be done.
Wall at Cairnhall – Nan advises this is for Sandmartin Roosting. Nan has spoke with Angus Beacom about this and planning permission wasn't obtained and now need to be done retrospectively.

Treasurers Report:
Joan informed the committee that the current balance sits at £1939.98
£50.00 to Claire for administrative duties.
Annual payment due for release.

Youth Report:
Youth Forum – still involved in the intergeneration project. A coffee morning was held at Airlie House a few weeks ago. The wall hanging will be hung in the bothy. There will be a stall at the summer festival – face painting and glitter tattoos will be done. The car boot sale will be in April. The meetings are being held in the school again.
Bothy – Jim Law needs to get a structural engineers report in order to get the builders warrant.

Planning Matters:
There is 1 planning matter:
1 – Malcolm Allan – the office/warehouse located on the industrial estate have submitted a planning application for a variation in opening times, proposed times 06:00 – 21:00 Monday to Sunday.
Nothing else Significant.

Kenny received a call to view plans for a proposed mixed use site development.
Attached report on development.
The community council are generally supportive of the development. The developers should be encouraged to advertise the development.

There is no new correspondence.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
The planning meeting is Tuesday 27th March. There is nothing significant for Kintore.
Tuach Hill (access) – Angus Beacom has referred this to Kevin Wright. Nan is to find out if this is a public right away and what can be done.

Public Hall – the hall is run by a community committee. There was an extension to hall some years ago, there is a leak in this part. There have been attempts to get the Council to repair it with no avail. This has now been raised to Nan.
Safelift – it seems there are more containers on the site.
Community Council Forum – AGM – will seek a new chair/vice chair.
Council Contact Centre – the training and knowledge at the centre is excellent. They receive 10,000 calls a month. The plan is to roll out service points in the main places in Aberdeenshire.
Council Elections - 3rd May and the count is the 4th May at 10:00

Date of Next Meeting: 17th April 2012 7pm.
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