Minutes of Meeting July 17, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 17th July 2012 at Kintore Primary School

Unapproved Minutes

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillor Martin Ford, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Ava Rennie, Sheila Gray, Kevin Watt, Drew Cullinane and PC Brian Pirie.

Councillor Nan Cullinane and Linda Paterson.

Kenny opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (19th June 2012):
Minutes Approved by Ava Rennie and Joan Thomson.

Community Compost Group:
The community compost group has come about due to some housing estates dumping their garden waste. The garden waste could be used and turned into compost.
There are 3 streams of material – garden, food and other organic waste (agriculture, processed wood). Agriculture is complex where as garden and food is easier.
For every one person who composts at home 10 people can't get it too work. This is due to it being difficult to get the right mix and temperature.

Mixing waste from different houses will encounter regulations, not processing properly can cause outbreak of disease. Garden waste has less regulations so would be easier to start off. If processing under 400 tonnes then an exemption certificate can be obtained, there are still regulations but far less.

The temperature required is 50/60 degrees for 5-6 days (this kills most weeds). Rodents won't be a problem if done right. It will hopefully get people to change their habits and put something back into the community.

Source of money – option of getting grants – Zero Waste Scotland, can get £25 a tonne from council as this is what it costs them to dispose. The cost for PUT to get up and running was around £500.

By 2012 Councils will not be allowed to dispose of organic matter in landfill.

Volunteers will be required to take delivery or collect. The waste will need to be turned over every week / 2 weeks to let air in. After 12/13 weeks it will need to be moved and covered then left till the following season. The compost can't be sold. Most of PUTs compost went to community groups.

The paperwork for the exemption is time consuming. It may be best to restrict the number of houses at first and access should be controlled.

Police Report:
A Police report was received and PC Brian Pirie attended.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Blackburn to Kintore Cycleway – no new update.
Tuach Hill – Council advice maybe difficult to challenge
Yellow Lines at the Hub – this is about to be completed.
White Line on the corner at the Kintore Arms/Florist – Fergus Hood has escalated this to the Council – no update.
Leaflets – Cairnie Brae still to be completed, Leylodge 24 leaflets.
Garden Competition – one nomination has been received.
Grass Verges – it looks like this may have done by the council as there are a lot of dead weeds.

Treasurers Report:
We received £821.66 Admin Grant.
Balance is £2959.00.
£1100.00 is for the Floral Display. More baskets have been ordered. The baskets can't be displayed in Hallforest Ave as the lamposts are made from Aluminium and there maybe a reaction to the metal. They will be distributed elsewhere.

Youth Report:
No new update due to the school holidays.
Bothy – hoping to get the building warrant this week.

Planning Matters:
There are three planning matters:
House at Clovenstone – there is nothing major on this.
Caledonian Logistics have a planning application on Craig Builders old site (possible its just offices and not warehouses). Vehicle movements maybe an issue. Kenny is to exercise right as statutory consulatation.
Upgrade of substation at Leylodge.

Gateway Kintore – Kenny has wrote to the Council about this.
There will be a road closure on the 4th August at 22:00 for 8 hours at the level crossing (B977 Kintore to Hatton of Fintray Road).
Leaflets to display on behalf of NHS Grampian – Early detection of Cancer.

Aberdeenshire Council Update:
Policy/Resources have approved the extension to Kemnay Academy. Phase 1 will open October 2013. A second primary school in Kintore is now an offical part of the building programme, completion 2016.
Budget underspend - £25 million. This is to be investigated and outcome to be reported.

The local hub has totally been cleared out now.
Bus Forum – Tuesday 4th September at Kemnay Hall.
Community Compost – the close off for the Kintore Konnect is 1st August. Kevin is to draft a letter/article for this to identify possible site and volunteers. This will also determine what interest is out there.
Possible trip to the Tarland site.

Date of Next Meeting: 18th September 7pm.
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