Minutes of Meeting September 27, 2011

7pm 27th September 2011 in Kintore School
Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Acting Chairman), Joan Thomson(Treasurer), Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Lesley Monaghan and Linda Paterson.

APOLOGIES: Ava Rennie.

1. WELCOME: Kenny welcomed all and opened the Meeting.

2. MINUTES OF MEETING 19TH JULY: These were circulated prior to the Meeting and were approved.

Dog Fouling: No update.
Rosebank Nursery Access: Time needed. Councillor Cullinane has been informed by Mr. Kevin Wright that the matter will likely to go court.
Overhanging Trees on Forest Road: Kenny told the Meeting that he thought some of the branches had been trimmed back but will follow this up.
Wall Repair- Castle Road: No repair has been made. Councillor Hood to take action on this.

4. YOUTH REPORT: Kenny reported that Mr. Jim Law who is a retired Quantity Surveyor is to assist with pushing the Bothie forward. New Plans and Building Warrant to be submitted for approval .
The cost could be reduced from £250k to £150k.

5. POLICE REPORT: No Police Report was obtained before the Meeting.
No Police representative attended the Meeting.

6. PLANNING MATTERS: Nothing to report.

7. CORRESPONDENCE: No matters requiring attention.

8. ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCIL UPDATE: Schools estate- Consultation document and questionnaire can be obtained online.
The Meeting was informed by Councillors Hood and Ford that the top-up budget has money for any group to apply for. Application Forms can be obtained by telephoning 01467 628201.
Councillor Hood stated that budget figures will be available in time for next Month’s Meeting.

9. TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan stated that as at 27/09/2011 the Bank Balance was £2100.11.

10. AOCB: Kenny introduced Mr. William Mainus (Stagecoach) to the Meeting. Mr. Mainus was willing to address issues raised by residents of Kintore and the wider Community. He informed KDCC that the timetable for the 307 service (which goes through Kintore) the 301 service and service 10 (both Aberdeen to Inverness)is to be reviewed over the next six months.
Councillors Hood and Ford raised the following points with Mr. Mainus:
1) People can be put off using buses as they are often running behind their scheduled time and he has received numerous comments/complaints by phone about this.
2) Last winter buses were absolutely freezing cold inside and when complaints were made by members of the public they were told it was because of the doors opening at stops for passengers to get on and off. Councillor Hood stated that in this modern day surely heating systems on buses should be much more efficient.
3) Councillor Ford pointed out to Mr. Mainus that bus travel in other regions of the country and especially in England is far cheaper than in the Aberdeen area.
Mr. Mainus told KDCC that a fare review will be undertaken next year.
Mr. Mainus told KDCC that a factor in the buses being on time is the site of the Bus Station in Aberdeen which suffers from severe traffic congestion and this can add minutes to the turnaround time for the buses.
Mr. Mainus told the Meeting he would take points raised on board and would come back to attend a Meeting in the New Year.
Kenny thanked Mr. Mainus and he left at 8.45pm.
MR. HAMISH McDONALD and CHRISTINE DALZIEL: Mr McDonald consulted KDCC last October as to the kind of amenities needed/wanted in Kintore. He came back to this Meeting to show plans of his proposed development which include leisure facilities, supermarket, petrol station, hotel and restaurants.
These plans are available for view in Kintore School on Friday 7th October between 2 and 8pm.
Mr. McDonald and Christine Dalziel thanked KDCC and left at 9.05pm
THE HUB: The Meeting was disappointed that Mr. Graham McDonald failed to attend despite being reminded of the date.
Councillors Hood, Ford and Cullinane along with all members of KDCC expressed great disappointment that the Hub remains closed.

Kenny thanked all for attending and closed the Meeting at 9.30pm


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