Minutes of meeting January 19, 2010

Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Members Ava Rennie ,Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston and Councillors Cullinane, Ford and Hood, Constable Darren Cochrane, and community members Georgina Payne, Lesley Monaghan and Linda Paterson.

APOLOGIES: Christine Stamper.
Christine has made known of her wish to stand down as Secretary due to family commitments. Linda Paterson has agreed to take on the role for a trial period.

1. WELCOME: Kenny welcomed everyone to the Meeting.

Kenny introduced Mr.William Lippe along with Mr. Hamish McDonald who came to do a presentation on their application for 9 houses to be built on the site of Cottown Caravan Park which has been vacant for the past two years. A plan of the proposed development (Planning Application Number APP/2009/3771) was given to the Committee. Mr Lippe stated that the development is to consist of 3 and 4 bedroom houses. He also stated that 9 representations had been received and that all were in favour.

Graeme voiced a concern regarding the lack of amenities for families and also traffic issues regarding the volume and type of vehicles using the road going through the site. Mr Lippe explained that the road would only be used to access two private dwellings beyond the proposed site. He also explained that Planning Gain is to be the subject of discussion with the Council’s PG Officer.

It was noted that the development would be in the catchments area for Kemnay Academy and Kintore Primary.
The Committee decided not to object to the proposal.

2. MINUTES OF MEETING 17 NOVEMBER 2009: The Minutes were distributed


Donald Russell’s Boundary Fence: still ongoing.

Rail Halt: No Change

Flooding: Although Jim Stevenson had been spoken to no progress to report. Graham suggested automated signs for road closure to be put in place for flooding on the Hatton of Fintray road. Kenny to talk with Ian Rendall.

Bus Forum: Ann advised that next Forum meeting due shortly but that she hasn’t been advised of a definite date.

Wall outside the Hub/Signage: Graeme stated that money has been allocated.

Langstane Housing to appoint person to meet with Graham re the Midmill facility.

Wheelchair Access: No progress. Kenny to speak with Ian Rendall.

4 TREASURERS REPORT: Joan reported that the balance of KDCC Bank account is £1511.79. One cheque for £14.00 had been issued since the last meeting (paid to Ken McEwan for website fee). No other activity to report.


Police: Crime files raised since 18th November 2009 were:

Road Traffic 8 Theft 1 Breach of the Peace 4

Constable Cochrane stated that none of the Road Traffic Offences were for speeding which was most encouraging.

The four breach of the peace crimes were all of a minor nature.

The theft related to quad bikes being removed from a garage but were recovered at the scene.

Of significance and pleasing is the fact there were no complaints involving youth disorder, nor drugs related offences.

Kenny thanked Darren for his attendance in his ‘off duty’ time and Darren then left the meeting.

Action Kintore:.
Next meeting 20th January 2010. Kenny has written for donations and secured one donation for £10,000.00. Still awaiting response regarding another two. These amounts hopefully to be matched by Leader funding, which is managed by the Council.

Nothing to report, other than the ‘Planning Training’ session for Community Councillors, arranged for 12 January had to be cancelled due to the weather, but a rearranged date has been set for 26th January.

It was noted that the person who produces the Kintore Chronicle is giving up. There may be a replacement already identified and consideration is being given to the possibility of combining the Newsletter with the Chronicle

Kenny told the meeting that Crimestopper Correspondence had been received. It wasn’t however relevant to local issues. Previous local Crimestoppers information had been forwarded to the www.kintore.org.uk website.

Tennis Courts: It was decided that a notice be placed in the Inverurie Advertiser to gauge the interest for tennis in Kintore with the aim of forming a Tennis Club if sufficient numbers come forward. Kenny to progress this.

8. AOCB :
Dog Fouling: Georgina advised of the state of pavements in Kintore due to dog fouling and to the possibility of more dog litter bins being provided. However, it has already been stated by the Council that no more would be provided.

Grit Box: Cllr Cullinane urged for a grit box at Langstane Housing as the one previously sited there has disappeared . This had caused both motorists and pedestrians to endure very dangerous conditions during the recent bad weather. Kenny to write to Langstane.

Slip Road: Lesley commented on the lack of lighting when travelling on the slip road to Kintore after leaving the dual carriage-way and suggested reflective posts as a measure to overcome the problem. She was advised by both Cllr Hood and Cllr Cullinane that this matter is the responsibility of Bear Scotland. Kenny to discuss initially with Ian Rendall

Cllr Hood advised the meeting that Floodgates and Vent Covers can be purchased from the Council at a price of £215.00 for the floodgates and £30.00 for the Vent Covers.

There being no further business, Kenny thanked everyone who attended and closed the meeting at 8.10 pm.

The next meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 16th February 2010 in the Hub.
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