Minutes of Meeting July 19, 2011

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 19th July 2011 in Local Hub Kintore

Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer),.Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, and Linda Paterson (Secretary).


1.WELCOME: Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

2.MINUTES OF 21st JUNE: Minutes were approved.

Dog Fouling: No update since last Meeting. There has been no meeting with Carol Sim.
Rosebank Nursery Access: Nothing further to report since last Meeting.
Overhanging trees on Forest Road: No action has been taken so far. Kenny suggested Ainslie Reid and Kenny could trim back branches with Priscilla’s consent.

The Meeting was informed that an experienced Youth Worker has been appointed. Measures for Health and Safety and Child Protection procedures currently being implemented
A meeting is to be held to encourage volunteer workers to come forward and to record their availability for helping
The Building Warrant for the Bothie should be processed at the end of this month.
Richard Bennie and Jim law are working to put all costs together.

5.POLICE REPORT: No Police in attendance and no Police Report was obtained prior to the Meeting.
Councillor Cullinane stated that she had received a phone call from a resident regarding speeding on School Road and she is to inform Police of this.

6.PLANNING MATTERS: The Meeting was told of Planning Permission being granted for the erection of 5 houses at Upper Cottown.
KDCC believes that Planning Services broke their own rules to pass this.
The Developer to tell people who buy these homes that any children of primary school age would have attend Kemnay as Kintore is at full capacity. Kintore school roll currently stands at 650.
Kenny told the Meeting he had been informed by Piers Blaxter that Mr. McDonald wants retail/industrial site to be included in the Local Plan. The Meeting was told that no formal agreement had been reached between McDonald’s, Barratts and Malcolm Allan to pay for infrastusture.

7.CORRESPONDENCE: Wall Repair (Castle Road/School Boundary) councillor Hood to get someone from Aberdeenshire Council to look at it.

8.ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCIL UPDATE: Nothing new to report.

9.TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan stated that the current Bank Balance is £2217.89 A cheque for £ 340.00 has been issued to Cheynes Buses for the Summer Outing and with £630.00 ring fenced for Mr. Ainslie Reid the true balance is £1246.89.
Joan said that despite the Outing being advertised well in advance only 16 people attended.
Joan also told the Meeting that she phoned NECR to enquire about advertising the Outing on air but was told she would be charged £30.00 a mention. Needless to say she took this no further.
Joan informed the Meeting that the sum of £322.00 came out of KDCC funds for the Outing.
16 people paid £13.00 each =£208.00
17 high teas at the Burnett Arms Banchory (the extra tea being for the bus driver) cost £170.00.
Councillor Hood suggested that for next year it may be an idea to get 4 or 5 people take cars instead of hiring a bus if the numbers remain so low.

10.AOCB: Gardening Competition: It was decided that the same format would be used for the Competition as last year.
Joan to advertise Competition in Kintore Konnect and the Advertiser.
Lesley: Lesley told the Meeting that a resident in East Park got £500 of damage done to his car and that his wife had been subjected to foul language from youths playing football in that area. Residents have voiced concerns about youths playing football so near to houses as the ball gets bounced off resident’s garage roofs, walls etc but there seems nowhere else suitable for them to play.
Councillor Hood suggested KDCC buy a set of goalposts for which they would be responsible for so that they could keep the football to within a defined area.
Kenny to speak to Andy Roddie (manager of Kintore Utd) to see if a more suitable location or shared facilities could be available.

Kenny thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at 9pm

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