Minutes of meeting September 20, 2010

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillor Hood, Sheila Gray, Constable Craig Currie, and Linda Paterson (Secretary).
Mr. Gary Purves of Knight Frank, Mr. John Glover and Mr. Maxwell McDonald.

Ann Marston, Ava Rennie, and Councillor Ford.

Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

It was noted a mistake had been made on Page 2 of the Minutes under 6. Planning Matters the name for the proposed plans should have been Maxwell McDonald and not Hamish McDonald. The Secretary apologised for this error and the Minutes were then approved

Tennis Courts: No further update to report since last Meeting.

Dog Fouling: No further update to report since last Meeting.

Joan informed the Meeting that the current Bank Balance is £2591.45. Joan also stated that the annual accounts had been examined by Graeme Leith who informed her that in the future he would have to carry out a full audit as per wording of the constitution (which states audit as opposed to examine). Councillor Hood advised KDCC that it was his understanding that small communities accounts did not require to be audited and suggested Ian Fowell be contacted for clarity on the situation.

Kenny agreed to do this.

It was stated that the Constitution can only be changed at the AGM and it agreed this would be done at next month’s AGM.

Police: See attached report.

Action Kintore: Conditional Planning Permission has been granted but there is an issue raised concerning the proposed height of the building. Architect has amended plans to be submitted for the next Meeting Friday 29th September. A Meeting with concerned local residents is scheduled to take place in Airlie House on Wednesday 6th October 2010.

Kenny informed the Meeting, that all going to plan, it was hoped that the concrete foundations would be laid during the winter months and building work to start in the spring.

Kenny attended Local Development Plan Meeting at Gordon House and stated that KDCC wishes were to be taken on board.

Kenny then introduced Mr. Purves of Knight Frank who thanked the Meeting for allowing him to speak on behalf of his client Mr.Maxwell McDonald regarding proposed development for car salesroom and workshop at Bridgefield, Kintore.
Mr. Purves stated that Mr. McDonald’s first planning application had been refused because the proposed development is to be out with the stated settlement boundary along with concerns regarding flooding/drainage and also the design of the showroom. Mr.Purves then displayed revised plans and photos to the Meeting.

KDCC were told that the design for the frontage of the showroom had been changed to be more pleasing to the eye and that a flooding engineer had visited the site and had given a positive report. Another issue for concern was the provision for an extension (approx 100 metres) to an existing footpath going along Kemnay road towards the bridge. Mr. Maxwell McDonald said he would be willing to contribute towards the cost of this.

Mr. Glover told KDCC of £6000.00 of Council funds, which can be allocated to roads and queried if some of this, could be allocated for the provision of the extended footpath.

Kenny agreed to ask for an updated Planning Gain Report .

Mr McDonald also expressed his thoughts on the importance of playing fields/pitches for the area and that he would be willing to lease same until proposed Town park is ready.

Mr. Purves told KDCC that after a preliminary Meeting with Aberdeenshire Council at Inverurie he thought the chances of success with the revised plans were good.

Mr. McDonald and Co. thanked the Meeting for their time and left at 7.55pm.

After they left KDCC agreed that while they agreed in principal to Mr. McDonald’s proposed development more detailed discussion was needed

Leaflets on Alcohol Awareness Week 4th – 10th October to be distributed and also displayed in the Hub. Kenny to e-mail Linda Watt for more leaflets.

Kintore Konnect to be displayed and distributed.

8. AOCB:
Notice Board outside the Hub: Graham suggested using the Bus stop outside the Hub as a Notice board but was unsure if permission would be needed. Kenny suggested using the wall on which bus timetable is sited.

Councillor Hood suggested Graham contact Ian Fowell Aberdeenshire Council

Graham agreed to do this.

Graham informed the Meeting that lighting for the Notice board was to cost £150.00

Community House: Graham informed the Meeting that he is to hand back Community House, as he is not prepared to fight any longer to get conversion done.

Councillor Hood stated that as conditions have been breached then the Community should receive compensation.
Kenny to raise this matter with Ian Fowell.

Parking outside Townhouse: No update since last Meeting.

Gardening Competition: The winners were Mr and Mrs Douglas of Kingsfield Road.

Councillor Hood reminded the Meeting that no housing applications for Kintore will be approved because of the School being full to capacity and that realistically there will be no new school in Kintore for at least two and a half years.

It was suggested that KDCC consider including two junior members to the Committee. They could be given a time near the beginning of the Agenda so that if they so wished they could leave after their discussion time although it would be stated that they would be welcome to stay for the duration of the Meeting if they so wished.

Kenny to seek out volunteers.

Bus Forum: Sheila and Ann attended. Sheila told the Meeting that among the most common complaints were: Alford Bus always late. Lack of heating in the buses during the severe temperatures experienced last winter. Anyone witnessing freezing buses this coming winter is encouraged to report to Community Council who will then take the matter further.

Knackery Smell: Kenny and Linda had both received phone call from Evening Express asking if any complaints had been received regarding offensive smell from the Knackery.

They both were unaware of any complaints.

Councillor Hood stated that both himself and KDCC needed to be informed before the plant re opened.
Councillor Hood to consult with SEPA.

Kenny informed the Meeting that the AGM will be held next month and that this will be advertised two weeks prior to the Meeting in the Advertiser.

Kenny thanked everyone who attended and closed the Meeting at 9.35pm

The next Meeting which is also the AGM will be held on Tuesday 19th October 2010 at 7pm in the Hub.

Grampian Police Report

During the period since the last meeting in August 2010 the following crimes have been reported in your area

2 speeding offences on A96 at Kintore
3 Domestic Incidents
2 Thefts (one of housebreaking and is high value, the other of wheel trims)
1 Vandalism at Craigearn Business Park, whereby a window was smashed

It should also be highlighted the rise in Commercial premises break ins that have occurred in the South Aberdeenshire. All businesses are being informed to ensure that all security procedures are utilised and that nothing of value is left out on display.

As mentioned at the previous meeting there was concern over speeding on Northern Road, Kintore which is a 30mph limit.

A Police Survey was carried out by the Traffic Warden Bob Thain over a period of a week in August. The results were varied which identified peak times and maximum speeds at the locus.

The survey has been forwarded to Inverurie Roads Policing Department who will be operating in the area over the coming weeks.

Youths Issues

Youth issues such as minor crimes and anti social behavior in Kintore has remained relatively low in September with only two incidents being reported, one of vandalism and one of minor assault. Both are being dealt with and have positive lines of enquiry.

PC Currie has also attended at Kemnay Academy to discuss the issue surrounding smoking as highlighted by the School Headmaster. Increased Police presence at the secondary school during the day has been arranged to try and reduce the use of cigarettes.

Over the past two weekends Police have confiscated a large amount of alcohol from youths in both Kintore and Kemnay. Parents have been advised and circulations in the secondary school notices have been sent regarding this.

Operation Mulse

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa will take place between Friday 11 June and Sunday 11 July 2010.
As with previous major international football tournaments an extensive Policing operation will take place throughout the United Kingdom and in South Africa. This policing operation will be known as Operation MULSE.

The Objectives of the Grampian Police Operation are to:
Ensure public safety at events and locations associated with the World Cup;
Minimise the risk of disorder and take all reasonable steps to prevent crime;
Maintain community well-being through the monitoring of community tension.
During previous international competitions there have been incidents of disorder, often alcohol fuelled, by those watching the football. The potential risk of disorder during this event may increase on the day of the England matches, some of which are to be played in the early evening over a weekend and all are to be screened live on television.
he United Kingdom Football Policing Unit (UKFPU) will support the Operation by collating Daily Informations on incidents of violence, disorder and other issues which may impact upon community cohesion, connected with any World Cup match from Forces throughout the UK.
The role of the communities of the North East is key in this strategy and we would seek your support in identifying areas of concern within your own area and ask you to identify problems which can be reported to Grampian Police via the Service centre on 0845 600 5 700 or on Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Operation Zenith

Divisional and Traffic Officers continue to support this worthwhile initiative in an effort to reduce Road Collision casualties using motor cycles on roads throughout the Aberdeenshire area.

Force cracks down on cannabis factories
Grampian Police has detected 17 significant cannabis cultivations and seized more than 8000 cannabis plants worth around £2.5m across the force area since a national crackdown was launched in 2006.
The Force is asking persons to be vigilant and look out for suspicious activity which could indicate a cannabis cultivation.
Potential signs of cannabis cultivation include: 
Blacked out windows, occasionally with condensation on them, or curtains or blinds which are permanently closed;
Premises appear unoccupied most of the time - but people may be seen visiting late at night or into the early hours;
Visitors to the premises may be seen bringing in building supplies and/or gardening equipment, which may be carried in boxes or suitcases;
A low level hum or a loud buzzing sound caused by fans or extraction systems;
A strong, sweet distinctive smell and;
Unusual levels of heat coming through walls and floors, which may be more noticeable in flats.
The campaign is currently being backed by a two week radio advert campaign on Northsound Radio and adverts are also appearing on local buses.
Any information on premises being used for the purposes of Cannabis cultivation can be reported directly to Grampian Police or the charity Crimestoppers.

PC Craig Currie G0844

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