Minutes of AGM

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Ken White, Councillors Cullinane and Hood, Mr Will Clark, Inverurie Advertiser, residents Linda Patterson and Lesley Monaghan. Councillor Ford joined the meeting at 7.15pm
APOLOGIES: Ava Gray, who also intimated her resignation from KDCC, through Graham McDonald. Darren Cochrane, Community Beat Officer Secretary Christine Stamper. In her absence, Joan Thomson volunteered to take notes of the meeting
WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Meeting
The Minutes of the Last Meeting, held on 20 October 2008, had been circulated prior to the Meeting and were approved.
CHAIRMAN’S REPORT: The Chairman had circulated his report pre-Meeting and it is attached.
TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was deferred to the part of the Agenda of the monthly meeting. Accounts will be checked and circulated to members prior to the October Meeting.
The Chairman reported that information regarding KDCC seeking volunteers had been publicised in the Inverurie Advertiser, Kintore Library, in the Local Hub on the
www.kintore.org.uk website. No interest whatsoever had been received from members of the public. The Chairman then asked Office Bearers if they were willing to remain in their posts for another year. This was confirmed by all and no further nominations were received.
Ken White had intimated his intention to resign from KDCC at a previous meeting. The Chairman thanked him, on behalf on KDCC for his work over 3 years and personally for the assistance he had given the Chairman in his first year in post.
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