Minutes of meeting September 22, 2009

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Ken White, Councillors Cullinane and Hood, Mr Will Clark, Inverurie Advertiser, residents Linda Patterson and Lesley Monaghan. Councillor Ford joined the meeting at 7.15pm
APOLOGIES: Ava Gray, who also intimated her resignation from KDCC, through Graham McDonald. Darren Cochrane, Community Beat Officer
Secretary Christine Stamper. In her absence, Joan Thomson volunteered to take notes of the meeting
1. WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the Meeting
2. MINUTES OF MEETING OF 18 AUGUST: The Minutes were approved by Ann Marston and Seconded by Sheila Gray
3. MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES The Hub: Graham McDonald reported that business was growing, to the extent more volunteers are urgently needed, especially on Mondays (am), Tuesday and Fridays (really busy). Compliance with the Insurance policy means that Directors and paid employees must be on-site at all times. He is soon to establish an information link to the Council’s website.
The Suggestion Box has had its first usage, with 2 forms completed and these were passed to the Chairman for action as appropriate. Graham also advised the Meeting that he will be receiving the keys for the Community House in the Grampian Housing estate at Midmill tomorrow (23/9). The preparation of food for both establishments could take place at the new facility at Midmill, when Food Hygiene training of staff is completed.
Graham’s request for KDCC funding for paid staff (made at the last KDCC Meeting), was withdrawn as he had found alternative sources of funding. He went on to say that ‘themed nights’ (Halloween/Guy Fawkes) were planned for the Hub, to raise funds.
Common Good Fund: The Chairman reported having spoken with Ian Fowell, who advised the Fund Capital is in the region of £30K - £40K, but only Interest on the Capital is generally available for spending. The criteria applied to spending is that the community as a whole should benefit and Councillors should approve the projects. Such a project may be the creation of flower beds outside the Hub, which Graham is already pursuing.
Road conditions: Councillors Cullinane and Hood have tried again to have this matter rectified. Cllr Hood suggested the Chairman write again to the Road Dept. to ‘keep it in the limelight’
AOCB Cllr Hood: The Minutes should read ‘The Structure Plan has been approved’ and Cllr Hood advised that the Local Development Plan ‘final site selection report’ is due by February 2010.
RAIL HALT: Cllrs Hood and Ford then also advised the Meeting that the Rail Halt project is moving forward, with a significant study being undertaken by NESTRANS. It is possible that a single platform may be provided as early as 2010, which could be added to, by the provision of a second platform and pedestrian bridge etc., as part of a major review of the entire Aberdeen to Inverness line, which is expected to be completed circa 2014.
AOCB – Roundabouts: Cllr Cullinane advised the Meeting that work had been carried out to tidy the roundabouts. Improvements were planned for the small roundabout at Midmill and it is expected that work would take place to improve the sightlines for drivers of vehicles emerging onto the A96 at Broomhill Roundabout, from Kintore. Bear (Scotland) will be responsible for the latter work.
NOTICE BOARD: Cllr Cullinane raised the subject of the provision of a Notice Board which she had made enquiries about with Roberstons, as the original suggestion at a previous Meeting was for one outside the School. However, it was decided that a far better location would be on the wall of the Hub, being close to the Bus Shelter and in the Town Centre. All agreed and Graham advised he had received a quote of about £400 for the provision of such a Board. He was given authority to spend £400 and progress the installation of same.
4. TREASURERS REPORT: Joan reported no change from the August Meeting. The Account Balance is shown as £1901.79, but with a cheque for £370 still outstanding. Graham then advised the Meeting he was due KDCC £100, being a share of the proceeds of the Summer Festival takings at the Hub.
5. REPORTS (a) Police. Crimefiles raised by Grampian Police since 17 August 2009 regarding the Kintore and District Community Council area:
Road traffic




Breach of the peace


Street Trading Offence




In the past month Road Traffic offences account for most recorded crimefiles. As with last month's report a further motorist was detected travelling at 100mph.
There have been several thefts of items related to the building trade in the past month which businesses should be aware of.
Also local residents should be cautious when purchasing items from persons who cold call at their door as a male has been charged for trading without a licence.
The Report contained requests to inform members of the public about thefts of items from the building trade and to be vigilant re persons who ‘cold call’ at doors, as a male had been charged with trading without a licence. The Chairman asked Mr Clark to give some publicity to this, in the Inverurie Advertiser
(b) Action Kintore (AK). The Chairman advised the Meeting of the Planning Committee’s approval of the Application for the Youth Café and that significant work has now to be done to make this project a reality. Much discussion took place relative to this controversial project. An AK Meeting will take place on 23/9 and the Chairman will continue to update KDCC members on progress, at monthly meetings.
6. PLANNING: Halliday Fraser Munro had made contact with the Chairman, seeking ideas for the use of land at Boghead Croft. This land was included in the list of Developer Proposals submitted earlier this year. The Chairman and Graham met with the Developer at the Hub and suggested the construction of a Travelodge type facility, incorporating a restaurant, and the Developer will consider and respond in due course.
Another Developer, Knight Frank, had also been in contact with the Chairman. They were also seeking a meeting with KDCC, but relative to the major development involving over 1000 houses to the east of Kintore. A date of Tuesday 6 October has been set for this meeting, which will take place at the Hub and KDCC members were encouraged to attend.
7. CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary had received two items of correspondence, one from Halliday Fraser Munro relative to the above Planning matter and two copies of a document entitled ‘Serving Aberdeenshire – a guide to Council performance 2008/09’ which is available for members to read. Ken White had also received correspondence, from Community Mediation services, which is intended to create awareness of a service which is increasingly being used as a means of settling minor disputes without involvement of the Courts.
8. AOCB: 1. The Chairman advised the Meeting of a Homecoming Scotland Ceilidh being planned for the evening of 27 November, between 6.30 and 9.30pm, in the School Hall. A joint PTA and Rotary Club initiative with a Licensed Bar, this will be a family orientated event catering for an intended participation of 300 persons. Ticket prices: Adults £5, Under 16s £2.50: Under 3s Free.
2. Sheila had previously queried the out of date information on the website relative to owners of properties in Kintore. The Chairman had confirmed with the
Webmaster that changes can only be implemented if he is notified of same! Business owners could be advised by KDCC members of this when the subject is raised, as it may assist their businesses if correct details are on the website.
3. Cllr Hood and the Chairman had previously considered possible sites for Tennis Courts within Kintore and a piece of land adjacent to the NECR premises on School Road had appeared suitable. Cllr Hood had made enquiries with the landowner and neighbours, both of whom seemed receptive to the idea. Linda Patterson’s daughter is a tennis coach and Linda will ask her to research court sizes and report to the Chairman, thereafter the matter will be further discussed and may be progressed through the Council.
4. The Chairman advised the Meeting of a quantity of furniture (16 chairs and tables) which were donated by an oil company and are currently stored in Graham’s garage, but are ultimately intended for use in the Youth Café when it is built. Various storage options were discussed and the Chairman was asked to consider having the furniture sited in an occupied building where it could be in use, rather than stored in another garage and subjected to damp or animal infestation.
9. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 20 October. 7pm in the Hub. (NB. The Knight Frank Meeting is also in the Hub and at 7pm, but on Tuesday 6 October)

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