Minutes of meeting August 17, 2009

Members present: Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Graham McDonald, Drew Cullinane, Ava Rennie & Christine Stamper
Apologies received from: Ken White who is now unable to continue in Community Council and has resigned. Thanks were given for all his hard work in the past.
Apologies to Ava Rennie for being omitted from last Minutes as being present.
In attendance: Cllr. Nan Cullinane, Cllr. Hood & Isabel Stirling Note taker: Christine Stamper
Approval of Minutes:
Minutes of last meeting held 15th June 2009 were approved by Ann Marston & seconded by Drew Cullinane
The Hub:
The Hub sales are up and now looking in a position to employ another member of staff. T.V is up and everyone appears to be enjoying the archives shown of local area. Kids are coming in and using computers and hoping that the opening hours are extended. Looking at having more tables being put in as people are unfortunately turning away due it being busy. Council looking at putting a wall outside hub similar to one across the road.
Staffing: 8 Volunteers + 2 at weekends 9-5 Monday to Saturday
Toilet allowance has been passed every 3months. Signs will be put up to show that Hub participate in this scheme.
Russell’s boundary fence: (GMcD) Has put an objection in via website. Historic Scotland have also put objection. On-going
Rail Halt: This is an on-going project.
Town Park: Still pending. (GMcD) Has heard there is not going to be any changes. (KT) Has concern over access issues and lack of space for football pitch.
Safelift off School Road: On-going
Action Kintore
£900 has been raised.
4 Treasurer’s Report
Outing: 24 tickets sold - £240 collected (£206.25 + tips)
Some senior citizens voiced their opinion that the outing was not well enough publicised. The people who did attend thoroughly enjoyed the day.
Cheque will be given to Jim Coutts
At present there is £1,538.29 balance + £100 from (GMcD)
(GMcD) Raised the question if the money could be used for staff. Cllr. Hood said there may be a grant available. (KT) Looking into this.
Cllr. Nan Cullinane – Quotes for supplying notice boards are between £149 - £390 depending on size etc. £780 for Life Cycle Maintenance. Project grant may be available.
Outside school may be the best position for the notice board.
5 Reports
Crimefiles raised by Grampian Police since 15th June 2009 regarding the Kintore and District Community Council area:
Road Traffic: 26 (21 on/near A96 by Pass)
Breach of the Peace 4
Theft 4
Assault 3
Vandalism 1
Dog out of control 1
Offensive texts 1
Total 40
The figures above again are heavily skewed due to Road Traffic Offences. The vast majority of these occurring on the bypass. It is of note that 4 of these offences are due to travelling in excess of 100mph with the top speed recorded at 124mph.
It has also been reported that one of the goal nets at Howieslap has been stolen which is disappointing.
7 Correspondence
• Amendments to Planning Applications
• Audit of Aberdeenshire’s Open Space – Community Consultation
• Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005
• Local Development Plan Bid Land at Boghead Croft, Kintore
• Info. On Public Event with the First Minister of Scotland (18th August)
• District Changes in Scotland – Forestry Commission
• Aberdeenshire Core Paths Plan – Final Consultation (14th Sept ’09)
• Newsletters: Banchory & Leggart, Enquire, The Community Councillor & Aberdeenshire Sports Council
Common Good Fund: Graham McDonald agreed to contact Ian Fowell – Garioch Area Manager and ask how much is in fund. On-going
The road outside Sheila Gray’s house has still to be repaired despite several requests by Cllr. Hood. On-going
The winners of the Garden Competition are: May & Harry McIntosh of Sunnyside Avenue. Mr. & Mrs. McIntosh were presented with a Trophy.
(GMcD) Midmill Proposed Supermarket. On-going
Cllr. Hood – Structural Development Plain is on time plan.
Cllr. Hood & Cllr. Cullinane keeping an eye on any reports involving plans for Kintore and will keep everyone advised.
(GMcD) A suggestion box has been put in Hub for comments. A system has been put in place to get back to everyone who leaves comments.
Isabel Stirling The question was raised by Isobel Stirling if there is going to be the same amount of houses being built. It was felt that there may be less.
29th August Bothy Fund Raising Fayre
Lots of stalls, 5 aside football, Echt Factor, Live Bands, D.J’,
Ann Marston gave thanks to both Sheila Gray & Joan Thomson for all their efforts given to the OAP Outing.
Toilets As discussed at previous meeting. (GMcD) Has applied for this scheme.
Cllr. Nan Cullinane – The issue with the roundabouts has now been addressed.
With no further business the meeting was closed at 8.45pm.
Next meeting & AGM: 7.00pm on Tuesday 22nd September 2009 at The Hub, Kintore
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