Minutes of meeting November 16, 2010

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 16th November 2010 in Local Hub Kintore
Unapproved Minutes

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Ava Rennie, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Constable David Calvert, and Linda Paterson (Secretary).
Isabel Hunter from the Evening Express sat in on the Meeting.

APOLOGIES: Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman) and Caitlin Shand.

1.WELCOME: Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

2.MINUTES OF 19TH OCOBER: Minutes were approved.

3.MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES: Meeting informed that Mr Reid has obtained 300 plants for winter planting. It was agreed that local businesses to be approached for money towards buying tubs and planters.

Graham had opened the Hub for one Friday and one Saturday night since the last Meeting but it was noted that there had not been a lot of interest.

Money for the Footpath from Midmill towards bridge on Kemnay road: Kenny informed the Meeting that Mr. Maxwell McDonald had advised that he will personally meet the cost of the footpath.

It was stated that two rooms within the Townhouse in Kintore have been allocated for use at a cost of £250.00 per month rental. It has been assumed that these would be needed for nine months until the Bothy was completed and ready for use.

Kenny told the Meeting that it was important that the use of the Townhall goes smoothly and hopefully this will some way to reassure local residents who have concerns about the forthcoming Bothy.( e.g noise, litter, etc)

Action Kintore asked KDCC for a donation to be used for paying rent at Townhouse. Graham had suggested the sum of £1000.00 be given. This was put before the Meeting and approved It was also agreed that the money be given in two payments of £500.00. Joan to write a cheque for £500 now with the second £500 being given after KDCC receive administrative grant for Aberdeenshire Council next year.

Kenny informed the Meeting that there have already been eight fund-raisers for the Bothy.

A Ceildh organised for weekend of 20th November had to be cancelled due to lack of tickets sold.


During the period since the last meeting in October 2010 the following crimes have been reported in your area

6 persons have been reported or speeding offences on within the Kintore all have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
2 Vandalisms have been reported one of which is undetected, with enquiry is continuing into the other offence.
1 Theft of a bicycle, enquiry continuing.
1 Careless Driving, hit and run incident – resulting in one person being reported to PF
3 Road traffic offences one driving without a licence and one failing to stop after a road traffic collision and one drink driver.
1 - Breach of the peace
1 reported incident whereby a badger sett has been damaged in a deliberate way.

PC Currie has been making enquiry into several offences including youth problems the damaging of cars and damage to gardens. A number of names have been highlighted as being responsible and PC Currie will follow up on this over the coming weeks.

Over the past month the crime trends for the area have stayed at reasonably low level.

Since the last Community Council meeting, Roads Policing units have been very active within the area and this has resulted in a number of motorists being dealt with for speeding offences and issued with roadside tickets.

Divisional officer have also been active within the area with a number of persons given roadside tickets for failing to wear a seatbelt and using a mobile telephone whilst driving.

One male has also been charged with urinating in a public place and was given an Antisocial behaviour ticket for the offence.

Over the past month an number of high profile incidents in the Aberdeenshire area have impacted on resources with the division in whole. As a result this has impacted the local Policing to most areas. However all Police calls have still been responded to within the stipulated timescale.

Meeting told of refusal of Planning Permission for a house to be built in Castlewalk as its size was unsuitable and did not respect the proposed site and because of school roll numbers.

Community House: Councillor Hood stated he had discussed the matter with Ian Fowell. And Mr. Fowell agreed to check on the Planning consent.

Councillor Ford advised KDCC to write in the strongest terms to the Council stating emphatically that facilities within Community House have not been as promised.

Kenny suggested that he and Graham meet to draft a letter to the Developer and the Head of Planning at Aberdeenshire Council. This will be forwarded to members of KDCC for their approval before being sent.

Information received since last Meeting: Meeting was informed that the Council Budget Briefing to be held at Meldrum Academy on Monday 6th December2010. Kenny asked for volunteers. No-one put themselves forward. Councillor Hood said he would attend and report back to KDCC.

Councillor Ford informed the Meeting that the Council faced the most difficult budget ever in all his years as a Councillor. He stated amounts were as yet unknown but more would become clear with the publication of John Swinney’s Scottish Government draft budget due out on 17th November2010.

This however will not determine the cuts for Aberdeenshire Council but a firm figure should be known before Christmas.
He emphasised that every service provided by the Council will be affected

Councillor Hood stated that while the Council will try to protect frontline services money has to be saved as the Scottish Block Grant is to be cut by 1.33 billion pounds.

He also said that 2011/12 will be worst because two years worth of cuts will have to be accommodated into this period.

He also informed the Meeting that monies had been transferred to winter maintenance fund to cover costs of another bad winter. 30,000 tonnes of rock salt is on hand if required.

Joan stated that the Bank Balance is now £2359.00. Nothing further to report.

Lesley raised the matter of access at Rosebank Nursery Kingsfield Road. Councillor Cullinane agreed to e-mail Linda Mathieson regarding same.

Kenny informed the Meeting that the Christmas Lights switch on is 4th December2010.

Kenny thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at 8.25pm

11.DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 18th January 2011 7pm in the Local Hub
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