Minutes of meeting July 20, 2010

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Ann Marston, Drew Cullinane, Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Lesley Monaghan, Sergeant Andy Cruickshank , Constable Leanne and Linda Paterson (Secretary).

APOLOGIES: No Apologies given.

1. WELCOME: Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

2. MINUTES OF 15th JUNE: Minutes were approved.

Tennis Courts: No further update to report since last Meeting.
Dog Fouling: No further update. Councillor Hood to be reminded to contact Dog Warden.

Joan informed the Meeting that the outing to Balmoral Castle was a great success and enjoyed by all those who attended.
Breakdown of figures for the day are as follows: Money collected £546.00
Meals cost £351.00 Tips £29.00 Refunds £39.00 (3) = £419.00
Amount paid into KDCC Bank a/c £127.00
Cheque issued to Balmoral Castle £247.00 Cost for Bus Hire £405.00
Net total cost £525.00 to KDCC
Joan stated that the bank balance is now £1742.22

Police: Craig Currie was unable to attend but e-mailed his report to me. Copy of which is attached.
Graham informed Sgt. Cruickshank of the problems he is encountering regarding the use of the Community house at Cairnie Brae and because of the £75,000.00 the Council are saying that it would cost for conversion and if it was to be withdrawn as a facility then the Police would lose out on a facility to co ordinate with the community.
Sgt Cruickshank stated that the Police could produce a letter to say that the facility is essential to them and this should help Graham’s case
Graham told the Meeting that the Hub is to open 7pm –9pm Thursday and Friday evenings as from beginning of August.
Sgt. Cruickshank told the Meeting that he spoke with some youths after attending last month’s Meeting to gauge their thoughts on the Hub as a facility for them and he reported that they told him that it was “not attractive” to them.
Graham suggested a games night for youngsters. Sgt. Cruickshank suggested that Police could give help providing games etc.
Sgt. Cruickshank and Constable Leanne left the Meeting at 7.50pm
Action Kintore: Youth Café: £120,000.00 of funding has been obtained. Planning Permission has been granted along with a 25year lease
Detailed Architect’s plans to be submitted for approval.
A local residents meeting will take place followed by a public meeting at the school.
Building to commence next year.

Aberdeenshire Local Development :Graham said he was pleased with the Plan.
Councillor Ford suggested KDCC let it be known their satisfaction apparent.
The application for a football pitch to be sited near the Kemnay road to be proposed at the August Meeting.
The Garioch Area Community Council Forum has held its AGM .
Elected positions are as follows: Chairman: Jim Forsyth, Vice Chairman: Kenny Thomson.
Chris Hunneyball to scrutinise Local Development Plan along with Graham.
Alan Rae of Frank Knight tried to contact Kenny (but he was on holiday) regarding Hamish McDonald’s proposed plans but it was too late to submit our support but KDCC will do this during the period of consultation.

7. CORRESPONENCE: Kenny to look over Garioch Community Plan 2010 –2014 and report back to KDCC in September.

Kintore Konnect: Kenny to compile a report for the first edition due out in September.
Notice Board outside the Hub: Graham suggested this could be behind the bus shelter outside the Hub. It was agreed at the Meeting of September 2009 that £400 from KDCC funds be allocated for this, but Kenny suggested obtaining sponsorship from local businesses. Graham agreed to look into this.
Community House: Graham informed the Meeting that there was no chance of obtaining funds for the conversion of the Community House.
Councillor Ford suggested Graham write to the Council Enforcement Officer as conditions have been breached. Graham agreed to do this.
It was agreed that KDCC also write to the Enforcement Officer. Kenny and Graham to liase on this.
Parking outside Townhouse: Councillor Cullinane stated that Bob Gray had been informed and had suggested chains be used to cordon off the area.
Gardening Competition: Judging for this takes place mid August. 5 gardens are nominated and it agreed that Mr. Jim Coutts would be asked to contact Jim McCall (of Beechgrove Garden) to be one of the judges.

Ann had received an enquiry from the new owner of the Clydesdale Bank Building as to whether they could remove stumps left from the site of the Old Notice Board.
KDCC agreed to their removal and Graham is to inform.

Lesley brought it to the Meeting’s attention that a white van is frequently parked close to the bus stop across from the entrance to East Park Road. She, along with members present, agreed this is very dangerous as anyone waiting for a bus has to almost step onto the main road in order to be seen by the bus driver.
Kenny agreed to be active and have a word with the van driver.

Councillor Cullinane to follow up on the pump installed at the Cemetary .

It was agreed that both Mabel Coutts and Ainsley Reid will each be presented with £50.00 vouchers at the September Meeting for their work done with the flower plants, baskets etc.

Kenny to contact Mr. Newland regarding lights and reflective posts on slip road from dual carriageway.

Ann commented on the need for grass to be cut at the roundabout at the Inverurie end of Kintore.
Ann also stated the need for the overhanging branches on Forest Road to be trimmed back. Councillor Ford suggested Kenny speak with Priscilla, in whose garden the trees are situated. Kenny agreed to do this.

Kenny closed the Meeting at 8.45pm

Please note there is NO Meeting in August. The date for September Meeting is Tuesday 21st 7pm in the Hub.


Concerns regarding speeding motorists through Kintore town centre – Local traffic warden has been consulted and is to undertake a speed survey.

Youths Issues

Youth offenders in the Kintore area have been identified and are currently being dealt with under anti social behaviour legislation.

Over the coming weeks and until the end of the School Summer holidays there will be additional patrols , one of the main aims is to engage with youths.

Local crime issues

Over the past month there have been a number of crimes reported within the Kintore area.

Numerous minor vandalisms occurred in the Midmill area, enquiries are ongoing with suspects.

There was damage caused to an Industrial Crane at Midmill Industrial estate. The damage was in excess of a 5 figure sum and this crime has been detected.

Summer Hate Crime Campaign

The Joint Racist Incident Partnership launched an anti-hate crime awareness-raising campaign across the north east, on Thursday 1 July 2010.
The partnership is made up of members including Grampian Police, Grampian Racial Equality Council and representatives from the three local authorities in the region.

Licensed premises have come on board and many will be displaying posters encouraging people to report incidents they perceive to be motivated by hate.
There is a general trend for the number of incidents motivated by hate to rise during the summer months, particularly racist incidents and many of these incidents occur when the offender is under the influence of alcohol.

There is also a trend for racist incidents to occur at, or near, licensed premises.Licensing boards, groups and committees throughout the area have given their support to this campaign.

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