Minutes of meeting November 17, 2009

PRESENT: Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman); Joan Thomson (Treasurer); Drew Cullinane; Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Councillors Cullinane, Ford and Hood; Constables Darren Cochrane and Leane Laird; residents Linda Patterson and Lesley Monaghan; C and M McDonald reps. Max and Carol McDonald and their Architect Gordon Gauld (see 6. Planning Items).
APOLOGIES: Kenny Thomson (Chairman); Notetaker Christine Stamper. In her absence, Joan volunteered to take notes of the meeting.
1. WELCOME: Graham welcomed everyone to the Meeting.
2. MINUTES OF MEETING OF 20 OCTOBER: The Minutes were distributed. Approved by Ann Marston and Seconded by Drew Cullinane.
3. MATTERS ARISING FROM THESE AND PREVIOUS MINUTES The Hub: Graham reported that the Halloween Party in the Hub had gone very well and this had publicised the Hub. Consideration is being given to opening during the evenings. This may mean taking on more paid staff, at the expense of reducing profits. He also advised of a ‘Party’ for members being organised for December.
Donald Russell’s Boundary Fence: Still ongoing.
Rail Halt: Scottish Govt. is to commission a study to ascertain likely demand.
Flooding: Cllr Hood working to getting this resolved.
Bus Forum: Updates from Ann re Item 9 – the request for a north bound Bus Stop has been approved. From Graham – he has received requests for Bus Stops on Hallforest Avenue (the 220 Kemnay Service bus). Ann to raise at next Forum meeting
Pavement from Broomhil Roundabout: Cllr Hood advised a pavement will be provided, but only when the Town Park development takes place. The resident who queried this will be advised by Joan.
Flu Jabs: Sheila questioned the decision to have all jabs done centrally at Inverurie, but the medical practicalities of having them done at Kintore is too great for KDCC to suggest any change to the arrangements.
Wall outside the Hub / Signage: Graham reported that the Council and Langstane Housing Assoc. will jointly meet the cost of the wall and plants and that permission has been granted to place signs on the wall of the Hub.
Wheelchair Access: Cllr Hood advised he has passed this issue to Ian Rendall, Roads Manager, Gordon House.
4. TREASURERS REPORT: No activity on KDCC Bank account since last month.
5. REPORTS Police: Crimefiles raised since 20/10/09 were:-
Road Traffic 6 Theft 2 Drugs 1 Vandalism 1
Communications Breach 1 - TOTAL 11
Speeding offences recorded on the A96 Bypass included 102mph and 114mph. One person was also being reported for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.
In recent weeks there has been an increase in opportunistic crimes in many villages. All local residents are advised to secure their property as best they can, to try to prevent such crimes.
The Football match between a Police team and local youth, planned for 25 October, had to be cancelled as the Howieslap pitch was flooded.
At the last Meeting, reference had been made to a lorry being parked in a position where it was obstructing the view of the bus stop situated on School Road near the East Park Road junction. This matter has yet to be addressed, but Constable Cochrane undertook to do so.
Graham asked Constable Cochrane about Neighbourhood Watch Schemes for Kintore and was advised of how these schemes worked i.e. they are run by the communities, with Police support, but there has been mixed success in the past. However, Graham asked if Constable Cochrane could give him some literature, as staff at the Hub may be able to generate some interest in establishing NW Schemes in Kintore.
Cllr Hood expressed concern at recent local road deaths and asked Constable Cochrane to urge those Officers responsible for roads policing in this area to continue working to reduce accidents.
Action Kintore: Nothing to report, other than the intention to dig test pits at the site, to establish what is under the surface, in preparation for designing the foundations and to address a Planning Condition requiring the building to be lowered.
C & M McDonald representatives had attended the Meeting to apprise members of their proposal to establish a Car Sales and MOT Test Centre facility at Midmill, near the Broomhill Roundabout. They wished to run these Plans past KDCC members, prior to submission to the Council. Graham led on this and after discussion, members were satisfied that there could be no grounds for KDCC objection to the Plans.
They had also taken with them Plans for the Change of Use of a field (agricultural) (situated near the above proposed facility), to a football pitch (recreational). This had been instigated by Kenny Thomson and Andy Roddie, Chairman of Kintore United FC, as there is currently an inadequacy of playing pitches in Kintore (this situation may eventually be addressed, if the Town Park is completed). Kenny had apprised KDCC members of all this, and got agreement that KDCC would pay the cost of the £290 Planning Fees, at the last KDCC meeting (not Minuted). Mrs McDonald stated that the £290 cost would be met by C & M McDonald and Kenny will meet with them to finalise some issues, prior to the Plans being submitted for Planning Permission.
The proposed Town Park will be an important development for Kintore residents and Graham raised it again, but Councillors reported that the Planning Application had not yet appeared on the Agenda of a Planning Committee Meeting.
Joan reminded members of the forthcoming ‘Mini Grill’ on 3 December. Kenny intends going to this and had circulated details last month. No KDCC members expressed an interest in attending or submitted items for discussion. In addition, no responses had been received from the PTA, the Youth Forum, nor from the general public, in response to the publicity placed on the www.kintore.org website. It seems therefore that the Kintore community is content with service provision by the Council. A submission had however been received from KOSI (Kintore Open Space Initiative) via a resident in Kingsfield Road and this will be carried to the event. Reports regarding items for discussion are required by Alison Cumming at the Council by 20/11/09 and a Council decision will then be taken re the viability of holding the event, which may then be cancelled. Kenny will submit the KDCC report.
Top-Up Budget: Cllr Ford advised that the Council will be inviting Applications for this funding. Budget total is £30K.
Public Toilet: Concerns were raised regarding the dilapidated state of the Public Toilet. It appears irreparable and Cllr Ford is to discuss a solution with the Council.
Grampian Housing Facility at Midmill: Graham reported difficulties in getting the house (which was agreed to be made available for community use), fitted for the purpose which Graham foresees for it i.e. predominantly a Childcare facility. Graham to liaise with Ian Fowell.
There being no further business, Graham thanked all those who attended and closed the meeting, at 8.40pm.
There being no Meeting in December, the next meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 19 January 2010 in the Hub (Agenda attached).
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