Minutes of meeting January 19, 2009

Kenny Thomson, Joan Thomson, Ava Rennie, Ann Marston, Graham McDonald, Councillors Cullinane and Hood
KOSI members Lesley Monaghan, Colin Stirling and Isabel Stirling
Welcome/Apologies Chairman Kenny welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2009.
Apologies had been received from Drew Cullinane, Ken White, Christine Stamper and Community Beat Officer Darren Cochrane.
Joan Thomson was appointed Minute taker in the absence of Secretary Christine
Minutes of last Meeting
The Chairman deferred this matter until later in the Meeting, and advised of having to work round the Agenda, as urgent matters had to be accommodated
Chairman’s Report The Chairman reported attending an upbeat and informative Community Council Budget Briefing on 10 December at Gordon House, which was chaired by the outgoing Chief Executive Alan Campbell. Rough notes from the meeting are attached to these Minutes
Structure Plan/Local Development Plan Aberdeenshire Council’s website lists 14 Proposals for developments in Kintore. The two most significant, in terms of house building, were submitted by Norman Lawie (for 1200 houses) and Knight Frank (for 1500 houses).
The Chairman had made contact and Norman Lawie had agreed to attend the Meeting, while arrangements were to be made for Knight Frank to attend at a later date, and also give a presentation to KDCC members.
Mr Lawie was introduced and he outlined plans for the development, details of which are given in the Notes attached to these Minutes. Having heard the presentation, concerns were expressed by Community Councillors and KOSI members relative to (a) the encroachment of building on the slopes of Tuach Hill, the protection of this area being regarded as vitally important by the 200 members of the public who attended a Public Meeting held on 1 July last year (b) the possibility of this new development exacerbating the flooding problems in the lower Kingsfield Road area (c) the impact that such a massive development would have on traffic at the east side of the town and the A96 Trunk Road and (d) the need for Kintore to be afforded time to recover from the devastation created by the last housing boom, which left the town with an insufficiency of community facilities to meet the needs and aspirations of an vastly increased population, comprising both indigenous and newcomers.
Mr Lawie was thanked for his attendance and presentation. He left a large scale map of the Proposal, which the Chairman has retained and is available for perusal by all.
A provisional date (Wed. 28/1/09) was then set for the presentation by Mr Alan Rae, on the other large Proposal, submitted of Knight Frank
Minutes of last Meeting: Mattes Arising Road condition at 55 Northern Road: No Action taken yet by the Council, despite assurance that repairs would be effected Howieslap Football Pitches: No communication received from the Council, as to when the fencing work will be carried out Bus Forum: The Chairman read an e-mail reply he had received on 25 November from Jim Gardner, Stagecoach. This had been in response to the Bus Forum letter received. Ann and Sheila are of the view the reply from Mr Gardner is inaccurate. Chairman to discuss with them a further communication to Mr Gardner Community Notice Board: Drew absent, but had advised he is still working on this. Graham suggested a Board in the Local Hub, as well as in the school and upgrading the existing one in the square Action Kintore: Slow progress. One difficulty was attracting Company Directors. Chairman’s Report Police Report: Constable Cochrane had submitted a short report which showed a low incidence of reported crimes and offences during the 2 month period since the last KDCC meeting. Proactive policing included increased patrols around licensed premises.
He also reported on the £1000 donation to Action Kintore from the Community Safety Parttnership, for use in the regeneration of the Howieslap Football Pitch.
Planning Applications: Graham reported on 4 Applications of interest Gladedale land on Forest Road. Proposed shop and parking area. Safelift site on School Road. Proposed convenience store and flats Midmill – Scotia development of 120 houses and a Town Park. Area near the old A96 road leading to the Paper Mill – Proposed Business Park, Retail, Hotel, Restaurant and parking
Graham had drafted letters of Objection / Observation relative to the first 3 Applications. These were supported, with minor additions. And have been mailed to Aberdeenshire Council
ITEMS 4 and 5. The Treasurer and Secretary were both absent. No reports
AOCB Sheila advised the Town Hall clock has stopped working again. Chairman recalls it being previously fixed and will make enquiries
A letter had been received from a resident from Townhead Terrace pointing out this is the 50th Anniversary of the granting of Kintore’s Coat of Arms and also Scotland’s Year of Homecoming and suggested something to mark this special year. Chairman also advised there are 4 other towns named Kintore (2 in Canada and 2 in Australia and all apparently named after our town here in Aberdeenshire). He asked for ideas to progress this matter. Aberdeenshire Sports Awards 2008. Ceremony to be held on 27 March. Nominations asked for in various categories. There is some urgency required, as nominations are required by 16 February, to Aberdeenshire Sports Council. Suggestions sought
Local Hub. Graham gave an update. KDCC to contribute to the funds. Hoping to be opened in April/May this year: There is surplus furniture, which Action Kintore will find very useful for the proposed Youth Centre
There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.30pm.
Future meetings will continue to be held on the third Monday monthly. An attempt to change to third Tuesdays was abandoned, due to lack of a suitable venue.
Next Meeting : 7pm on Monday 16 February in Room 111 at Kintore School
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