Minutes of meeting January 18, 2011

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 18th January 2011 in Local Hub Kintore
Unapproved Minutes

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Constable Sandra Duncan, and Linda Paterson (Secretary). Isabel Hunter from the Evening Express sat in on the Meeting along with Alison Leith from Inverurie Advertiser.

Ava Rennie

Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone to the first Meeting of 2011.

2.MINUTES OF 16th NOVEMBER and of 13thDECEMBER 2010 :
Minutes were approved.

Meeting informed that a grant for £1000 has been obtained from Aberdeenshire Council for plants. The money has to be spent by the end of March 2011. Kenny told the Meeting that Mr. Ainslie Reid has been informed and has the matter in hand..
The Meeting was told of Youth Forum using two rooms within the Town House.
Councillor Hood asked if any support was being given.
Kenny said that Isabel Kendrick and Liz McKay were both pro active.
Kenny informed KDCC that the Bothie (Youth Café) foundations to be laid in April.
The Meeting was told that all of the £144,000 required funding was in place for the Bothie (Youth Café).
The Meeting was informed that the Community House had been given up as decided at Meeting of 13th December 2010.

No representatives from Youth Forum attended the Meeting. Therefore no update.

Still awaiting copy from Craig. Constable Duncan left the Meeting at 7.45 pm

Meeting told of planning pending for 5 houses sited at Caravan Park at Cottown.
3 Houses at Boghead.
Football Pitch at Midmill.
The Planning Application for 1200 houses being submitted by a consortium is to be the subject of a public consultation exercise whereby the Developers have arranged an exhibition in Kintore Public Hall on Saturday 12th February between 11am and 5pm .
The Meeting advised that Local Development Plan does not envisage development of that size at this time.
It was decided that KDCC would await the outcome of any developments.

Gypsy /Traveller Encampment: Discussion was invited on the subject of unauthorised Gypsy/Traveller Encampments as Aberdeenshire Council is to review it’s Policy on the above.
KDCC have been asked to submit comments to Gordon House by 18th February 2011.
A good discussion took place with differing points of view put forward.
Councillor Ford stated that the Council has an obligation to provide sites for such Travellers and they should be treated the same as the rest of the population. This view prompted some debate.
Councillor Hood stated that the Gypsy/Traveller Community should abide by the Good Neighbourhood Code but most do not adhere to this.
Sheila, Linda, Lesley and Councillor Hood all said the thing that most people object to regarding Gypsy/Travelling People is the horrendous mess they leave behind with rubbish being left by the roadside and in some cases even pieces of furniture being left and becoming an eyesore on private sites and it is left to the Council to clean up . Councillor Hood told of a site at Balmedie Country Park which was left in a bad state by Travellers.
It was decided that Kenny and Graham would put together a letter which will be circulated to KDCC members for consultation before being submitted to Gordon House

Councillor Ford informed the Meeting that the Council faced the most difficult budget cuts. He informed the Meeting that 50 % of the Council’s budget is spent on education with 151 Primary schools and 17Academies in the shire. There are plans for new Academies in Ellon Mearns and Alford . He stated that the Capital Plan Programme will support these being built along with some Primary Schools being upgraded.
Councillor Hood also told KDCC that the Winter Maintenance Fund has been boosted and that extra money is to be bid for from Scottish Government for road maintenance e.g pothole repairs. Aberdeenshire Council hopeful of getting an extra £500,000
Councillors Hood and Ford asked members to report potholes to the Council either by phone or by going online.
Councillor Ford told the Meeting of efficiency savings which have to be made and therefore could result in cuts in services as there would be a lower budget for the likes of street lighting, pavement maintenance, grass cutting, classroom assistants and library opening hours.

Joan stated that the Bank Balance is now £1859.95
A payment of £500 had been made to Action Kintore with another for the same amount to be paid in April.

Lesley raised the matter of dog fouling and stated that East Park road was particularly bad.
It was suggested that people on Community Service could be used to police dog fouling.

Kenny thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at 9.15pm

15th February 2011 7pm in the Local Hub

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