Minutes of meeting October 20, 2009

Members present:
Kenny Thomson, Joan Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Graham McDonald, Drew Cullinane, & Christine Stamper

Apologies received from:
Graham McDonald & Cllr. Nan Cullinane

In attendance:
Cllr.M.Ford, Cllr.F.Hood

Note taker:
Christine Stamper

Approval of Minutes
Minutes of last meeting were approved by Ann Marston & seconded by Kenny Thomson

Matters arising from Minutes

Howieslap Football Pitches
Cllr. Ann Cullinane is looking into getting a bin for the area.

The Hub
More volunteers required.

Boundary Fence
Russell’s boundary fence: (GMcD) Has put an objection in via website. Historic Scotland have also put objection. On-going
Rail Halt:
Re article in Inverurie Advertiser. Cllr Hood said he spoke to Derek and presently in Discussions. Transport Scotland and Network Rail want to make their own study. Figures from Laurencekirk have added to the favourable talks for a train. Very positive feedback.

Concerns on flooding re fencing showed 3 metres above normal level. There is safety issues due to the fact there is no netting. Cllr. Hood looking into this.


Meeting: Allan Rae (Knight Frank) re. Tuach Hill. There are two (2) Development Proposals both of which leave Tuach Hill out of any plans. Good discussion came from the meeting.
Cllr. Hood said that the infrastructure should be in place at same time as houses being built.

Treasurer’s Report
An Audit has been done and signed off.

PC Darren Cochrane G0611Community Focused Offer
Crimefiles raised by Grampian Police since 17th Sept’ 2009 regarding the Kintore and District Community Council area:
Road Traffic: 11
Theft: 1
Assault: 1
Lewd & Libidinous: 1
Total: 14

In the past reporting period speeds continue to be excessive with 96mph, 102mph and 108mph being recorded. There have also been two persons failing drink drive procedures.
On Sunday 25th |October 2009 a team of local police officers will be playing a team of local youths to coincide with new signage being unveiled at the Howieslap pitch.

Steven Laing: Keen to push for eco friendly building. Planning now looking at a lower building involving bores. This may be an opportunity or the kids to get involved in digging. Discussions continue with Builders & Council.

Correspondence (as attached)
• Consultation on the Aberdeenshire Council (Kintore Traffic Management) Order 2009.
• Kintore Traffic Management – via Esther McDonald
• Aberdeen City & Shire Winter Festival Guide
• Garioch Area Committee
• Aberdeenshire Sports Council
• Aberdeen City & Shire Structure Plan


Bus Forum
Bus Forum Meeting at Kemnay 8th October 2009.
Ann Marston KCC in attendance

Chairing the meeting was Cllr. Richard Cowling, Aberdeenshire Council and Mr Neil Stewart from the Public Transport Unit. Mr George Devine Stagecoach Bluebird and Mr Douglas Bain from Bain’s Coaches.
1 Meeting was poorly attended, only 12 people compared with the usual 20-30.
2 A ticket outlet has been found at last for Alford passengers it being the Keyline Store.
3 The new Bus station in Aberdeen is due to open on 29th October 2009, which includes a coffee shop. The toilets are to be the responsibility of Hammerston’s (the builders) and NOT Stagecoach. To the disappointment of Stagecoach, there are no covered bus platforms. This is because Stagecoach was not consulted on this matter or the design of the platforms.
4 New Bus Time Tables will be in operation from 26th October 2009. The frequency of the 307 bus has now changed to every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes.
5 Lots of complaints from the Kemnay residents about “Town” passengers using up seating i.e. Bucksburn passengers using the 220 and 307 buses. The Stagecoach representative stated that there is going to be “no setting down” of passenger before the Airport roundabout at peak times.
6 Traffic problems:- Traffic is the main cause of delays and Woodside is the “bottleneck” with cars double parked and parking at Bus stops.
7 Bus sizes are set to improve at peak times. Heating will hopefully improve as well.
8 There was a request for the Inverurie Town Bus to go to the new shopping complex on the Old Meldrum Road. Bain’s coaches are already on this route but there are no bus stops. This matter was noted and the matter resolved soon.
9 A request for a bus stop at Sunnyside View, Kintore going north. There is one on the south side for Aberdeen passengers. Again this matter was noted. In addition from the same Kintore resident a request that the “white van” which is usually parked permanently at the bus stop between Castle Walk and Nicol Road be advised to park his van in such a position that passengers waiting at the bus stop can see the bus coming and likewise the bus drivers are able to see them. Currently the van obscures this view. Photographs of the van were given to Mr Neil Stewart of the transport unit to verify the problem.
10 A complain from another Kintore passenger was that there seems to be no buses to Aberdeen from Kintore, between 8.42pm and 10.41pm. Stagecoach representative recorded this and hope it would be rectified in the new timetable.
11 Complaints about drivers being heavy on the brakes and accelerator, buses moving off before passengers were seated, drivers not sticking to speed limits and drivers failing to stop at the raised kerbs. These points come up every time, but we were assured that the drivers were constantly reminded of these points.
12 Bus times should be more realistic at peak times, as they’re always late. Mr Devine promised that all the points brought up at the meeting would be addressed. When making complaints by telephone and leaving messages, please ensure that “date” “time” and “route number” are clearly quoted.
13 The next meeting will hopefully take place on Thursday 3rd December 2009, to review the new timetable.

A Kintore resident has concerns over safety when walking with a pram towards the village at Broomhill Roundabout as there is no pavement. This is being looked into.

Flu Jabs
Older residents were a little upset at the fact they had to travel to Inverurie for the jabs and not given them at Kintore

Flower Baskets
A letter has been sent to Bob Rose asking to be placed on the Community Projects List for bedding plants for 2010. We will be advised in June of the plants available. Mr Aynsley Reid has been advised of position.
Wheelchair access

He question was raised as to lack of wheelchair access at Henderson Crescent
leading to Allandale. Cllr. Hood looking into this.

With no further business the meeting was closed at 8.45pm.

Next meeting 7.00pm on Tuesday 17th Nov ‘2009 at The Hub, Kintore

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