Minutes of Meeting February 21, 2012

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 21st February 2012 at Kintore Primary School

Approved Minutes

Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Kevin Watt, Drew Cullinane, Lesley Monaghan, Linda Paterson and Ava Rennie.

Councillor Fergus Hood.

Kenny opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (15th November 2011):
Minutes Approved by Ann Marston and Kevin Watt.

Police Report:
A report was received by Grampian Police and Katherine Cumming attended. Police Report attached.

Presentation by Forestry Commission:
Mark Reeve attended the meeting from the Forestry Commission. This was arranged as a letter was received by the community council in August 2011 from the Forestry Commission regarding the review of the design plan for the local forests. Mark brought along plans highlighting the areas concerned. The species of trees, felling and regeneration were discussed. There are policies which the forestry commission must follow. No plans are set yet, these are draft plans. None of the woods are nature reserves. Tree Preservation Orders were discussed however these are put in place by the Council. The Forestry Commission would welcome any questions. No response is required to the letter sent out. Mark will make note that he attended the meeting.

Matters Arising from the Previous Minutes:
Woodside Croft Development – Darren Ross from Aberdeenshire Council Planning Department was due to attend the meeting but unfortunately no longer could. It is hoped he will attend our next meeting to give a development brief on above.
Lighting on A96 – Kenny received a phone call from Ralph Newlands and this is being completed on Tuesday (21st) /Wednesday (22nd).
Hub – meeting 23rd Jan – if there is sufficient interest from groups in Kintore then the hub will stay in community control, however if not it will return to Langstane. There will be advertising about using the hub in the Kintore Connect Magazine. Anyone interested will be asked to contact the magazine or Post Office. It is also mentioned on the Kintore facebook page. Hourly rental is £8. The deadline is mid April. Graeme wasn't at the last meeting. Although the goods in the hub were donated it is thought they belong to the business.
Tennis courts – Astroturf can potentially be used, cost is £19 per hour. Kenny has a list of people interested.
Mixed use development (site visit) – planning permission was refused for the application in principle, the issues were traffic and the impact couldn't be judged without detailed plans. Applicant can now appeal, amend their plans, submit a full application or no longer pursue.
Garden Competition – a meeting took place last week and the plan is to have another in 3 weeks.

Treasurers Report:
Joan informed the committee that the current balance sits at £2027.51
£37.53 is due for leaflets.
£50.00 to Claire for administrative duties.

Youth Report:
£1400.00 grant has been received. The intergeneration project will consist of wall hanging. A car boot sale is being planned, to sell new, nearly new items and cards (made by the group). There maybe a possibility of donations to the car boot sale. One of the youth leaders is leaving the post and won't be replaced. At the moment no one is sure what impact this will have. The funds are in place to pay Kelly Sinclair until the end of May. The aim is to get a further 2 years funding.
Bothie – plans have been delivered to Gordon House. The plan is to put them to tender out to 4 builders.

Planning Matters:
There are 2 planning matters:
1 – There is a wind turbine application on the industrial site by the Broomhill roundabout. There have been no issues/objections raised to the community council.
2 – Town Centre / Lochburn (at the back of the fire station, between the cottage and chip shop). There is an application in place to store 20' containers (which will store vehicles/tractors) and a pipe in the burn. Potential consequences are flooding. Currently there are 5 objections in place. The community council will also object.
There is also building work on the Cairnhall Industrial Estate – it would be of interest to find out what this is. Councillor Cullinane will look into this.

2 surveys have been received, first is on affordable housing – Kevin will respond to this. The second is on planning applications – Drew will respond to this.
3 invitations have been received as follows:
1 – Invite to the Commission on Rural Education – this will take place on
Monday 27th Feb at Gordon Schools Huntly 7.30pm.
2 – Invitation – Grampian Opportunities – Accessible Place – this will take
place on Tuesday 28th Feb and is a drop in event at JG Ross meeting room.
3 – Invitation to Evening Reception, Scottish Natural Heritage, Garioch Sports
Centre, 8th March 6.30 – 8.30pm.
All invites to be forwarded to committee members.

Bus Forum - 1st March. Sheila and Ann are attending this meeting. Speeding and punctuality are problems to be brought up at the meeting. No. 10 bus is no longer coming through the village this is to be brought up as well.
Community Council Leaflets – Kenny has proposed ideas for the leaflets and distributed to the group. The leaflet was in line with everyone’s thoughts and was agreed that this will be used. 1400 will be produced and will be distributed by leaflet drops or with the Kintore Connect.

Date of Next Meeting: 20th March 2012 7pm.

Police report

Crimefile raised by Grampian Police Regarding the Kintore and District Community Council Area.
February 2012 (2011)
Road Traffic 6 (14)
Mobile Phone Threats 1 (3)
Drugs 3 (1)
Vandalism 4 (1)
Theft 2 (1)
Breach of the peace 2 (3)
Domestic 1 (1)
Attempted Fraud 1 (0)

The Co-operative, Northern Road, Kintore continues to suffer from incidents of anti-social behaviour and officers are liaising with staff to eradicate this. A number of youths have been identified and the store have banned these individuals in the first instance. Staff continue to liaise with local Officers and provide names and details of individuals who are suspected of purchasing alcohol for youths at weekends.

There was a Vandalism at Kintore Bowling club whereby wooden slats had been smashed. Offenders were caught in the act and it came to light that the local youths target this area frequently. Local officers will pay more additional to this area and the school car park where a number of local 17 year olds would frequently meet in their cars.

A further vandalism took place within a residential property in the Henderson Crescent area where a window was smashed by and unidentified person(s).

There have also been a number of concerns regarding youths using a footpath between Allardyce Gardens and Henderson Crescent.

An incident occurred where a Quad bike was purchased from a car dealer over the internet with a false card. This led to suspects being identified. Ongoing enquiry.

A couple of youths were traced driving vehicles within Kintore who did not hold a driving licence. Report has been forwarded.

There have been a number of reports of Milk being stolen from the Craigiebank area of Kintore within the early hours during week days. Extra patrols will be carried out within the area when available but officers request any further information to be forwarded.

A Funding Application has been submitted on behalf of the 'Wee Bothie' with Kelly Sinclair, this is in relation to a couple of proposed events. The youths have expressed an interest in music mixing and individual has been identified who could teach the kids the art of mixing music. The youth group have also expressed an interest in Body Blitz at Inverurie Loco Works.  This will include Weight Training, Body building and Circuit Training done by Terri Forbes.

Police continue to liaise with partnership agencies and approach issues giving residents concern within the Carnie housing development. Local Officer have been working with the respective housing associations to address issues relating to noisy parties and other anti-social behaviour. This has resulted in the issuing of an anti-social behaviour order in respect of one resident.

Local officers met with a group of around 130 School pupils (primary 3 pupils) who were spoken to about policing duties how to keep themselves safe. The School were grateful for police involvement and are keen to maintain this link throughout the year.

It is proposed that the mobile Police Office be manned and stationed at Kintore School area on Tuesday 6 March 2012 (Evening time) and Friday 30 March 2012 (day time). This is to encourage people to drop in past and speak with local officers, offering residents of Kintore an opportunity to speak with officers regarding any concerns they may have. It is hoped that this will be popular and will be reviewed for future months. This is subject to Divisional duties and the availability of the Mobile Police Office.

Forthcoming events.
Speed watch continues within various sites in Kintore.
-     Continued Liaising with Langstane and Castlehill Housing associations to identify and take steps to combat antisocial Behaviour
-    Deployment of the POD dates.
-    Lights out you're out campaign continues issuing leaflets.
Elderly advice centre offering advice to Elderly people about E-Mail and frauds.
Local Scout group, Beavers cubs and Scouts are to be spoken to in relation to Police support and assistance given to a Community Challenge Badge.
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