Minutes of meeting February 15, 2011

Kintore and District Community Council
7pm 15th February 2011 in Local Hub Kintore

PRESENT: Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman) Councillor Fergus Hood, Councillor Martin Ford, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Lesley Monaghan, Ava Rennie Constable Gibbon and Linda Paterson (Secretary).
Isabel Hunter from the Evening Express sat in on the Meeting along with Alison Leith from Inverurie Advertiser.

APOLOGIES: Kenny Thomson, Councillor Nan Cullinane, Drew Cullinane

Joan welcomed everyone and in Kenny’s absence chaired the Meeting.

Minutes were approved.

Meeting informed that Kenny had spoken to Mr. Ainslie Reid regarding the £1000.00 available for obtaining plants and tubs which may be purchased form a company called Amberol. Mr Reid will send his wish list to KDCC for approval and the invoices will go to Gordon House. If the final amount is more than £1000.00 KDCC will contribute the difference.

Joan stated that she attended a training day on 26th January for being a volunteer worker for Action Kintore.

No representatives from Youth Forum attended the Meeting. No update to report.

All those who attended the Meeting received a copy of the Police Report which is attached.

Meeting told that Mr Maxwell McDonald has agreed to provide a footpath required by the planned football pitch. Joan also informed the Meeting Mr. McDonald hoped to get some of the money from local businesses.

Some KDCC members attended an exhibition in Kintore Public Hall on Saturday 12th February between 11am and 5pm regarding Development Plan.

Councillor Ford advised that prospective planners can propose anything as an application but as things stand there is zoning for 600 houses post 2016.The requirement is for a Primary School and a Community Facility to be in place before the houses are built. Lesley queried the land earmarked for landscaping but the plans were not on hand for this to be looked at. Councillor Hood stated that plans for open spaces and landscaping could still be altered.

Councillors Ford and Hood will check plan and report back to KDCC

Gypsy /Traveller Encampment: The Meeting gave its approval to the letter Kenny and Graham had drafted up.

Rosebank Nursery Access Road: It was decided that Kenny will phone Mr. Kevin Wright to clarify the options and report back to KDCC. Lesley suggested that Option 1 would be the preferred option but this could face a legal challenge

Councillor Hood informed the Meeting that the Council faced the most difficult budget cuts. He informed the Meeting that the Budget set on 10th February was for £540 million pounds and that extra cuts of £1.7 million had been agreed to.

Councillor Ford informed the Meeting that £2 million of service cuts to be made next year. This could result in school closures and 10% of entire staff could go. Councillor Hood stated that the Council has a working reserve of £7 million pounds at all times which can, if necessary, be tapped into. He also informed the Meeting all aspects of the budget will be closely scrutinised going forward. He also stated that the Council monthly wage bill is £22 million pounds.

Councillor Hood provided the Meeting with the Pothole Hotline Telephone Number 08456 081205 which can be used to report potholes and the same number can be used to report faulty street lights.

No activity to report. Bank Balance unchanged.

Dog Fouling:It was stated that a notice regarding this to go in Kintore Konnect.

Shelterbox Tent – Rotary Thanks for Life Week: On Wednesday 23rd February Kenny and a few others plan to sleep out overnight in a Shelterbox Tent in front of the Townhouse. They are all hoping the temperature does not dip too severely!

Sheila: Sheila stated she thought the seats in the square are looking scruffy and in need of painting or staining. It was decided that Kenny to phone Mr. Jim Middleton at Gordon House with a view to getting people on Community Service to paint them.

Anne: Anne asked members for ideas for the venue of the Senior Citizens Summer Outing. A few places were mentioned but had already been visited. Anne would be grateful if more suggestions were offered at next Month’s Meeting.

Graham: Graham informed the Meeting that the Hub is experiencing a cashflow problem due to the knock on effect of a bad winter and lack of support. He stressed that more volunteers are needed as well as a Manager as Graham himself no longer has the time to dedicate to the running of the Hub due to work commitments.

Any suggestions for attracting more business would be welcome at next Month’s Meeting.

Graham also informed the Meeting that he intends to stand down from KDCC perhaps as early as next month.

11.DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 15th March 2011 7pm in the Local Hub
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