Minutes of meeting June 15, 2010

PRESENT: Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Ava Rennie, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Sergeant Andy Cruickshank and Linda Paterson (Secretary).

APOLOGIES: Councillor Hood, Councillor Ford, Councillor Cullinane, Drew Cullinane, Kenny and Joan Thomson

1. WELCOME: Graham opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

2. MINUTES OF 18th May: Minutes were approved.

Tennis Courts: No further update to report since last Meeting as still awaiting a reply from Robertsons

No update on Treasurer’s report as Joan on holiday.
Ann informed the Meeting 34 of the 49 tickets for the OAP outing had been sold, and that the Outing was now open to all. An advert is due in the Herald and Advertiser to this effect.

Sgt Cruickshank informed the Meeting that Constable Currie was meantime on a training course but provided the Meeting with a Police Report (see attached)
Sgt Cruickshank also stated that Police were keen to liase with residents to set up Neighbourhood Watch scheme and also that a PSP programme is in place for Kintore and is to be developed further.
Ava mentioned youths playing football in Co-op carpark.
Sheila mentioned youths kicking a ball across the road beside the Station Garage

Action Kintore:
No update to report.

6. PLANNING MATTERS: Aberdeenshire Local Plan due out 30th June2010.

Hanging Baskets: These are due to be done soon.

Lorna Gillespie came along to join the Meeting at 7.30ish and informed the Meeting that the Church is giving up the Chronicle and to discuss the possibility of KDCC supporting and providing news and information to a new Newsletter to be known as Kintore Konnect (proposed name). This would be a joint venture with the Church who have sponsorship for 1 year.
A flyer is to go out shortly with the first edition of the Newsletter going out in September followed by one before Christmas.
KDCC would be required to provide a quarterly report. It was agreed that Kenny and Linda would compile the report and send it to Lorna
Graham stated that the Hub help set up website for Kintore Konnect.
Ann and Sheila voiced concern about overhanging branches from trees on road opposite the Hub and stated they thought they should be trimmed back.
It was agreed to inform Councillors of this at the next Meeting.
Sheila informed the Meeting that at long last the road outside her house has been repaired – albeit after 7 years!
Sheila stated a new pump has been installed at the Cemetary but there is no water.
Sheila said that Councillor Cullinane was to see into this.
Ann suggested that as Ainsley Reid did plants voluntarily KDCC should make sure his efforts are recognised.
Ann also suggested that Mabel Coutts be given a token or gift for her work with the hanging baskets and the members agreed.
Ann proposed that the Rotary be responsible for the watering of the hanging baskets. No decision was taken on this.
KDCC wishes to recognise Ainsley Reid for doing plants at the Town hall. This work is done voluntarily and is much appreciated.
Graham informed the Meeting that the Hub has 2 new Managers. However still looking for new directors.
Graham closed the Meeting at 8.20pm

The next Meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 20th July2010 in the Hub.
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