Monthly meeting March 16, 2010

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman), Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Drew Cullinane, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston and Ava Rennie.

Councillors Cullinane, Ford and Hood, Constable Darren Cochrane, Lesley Monaghan, and Linda Paterson.

APOLOGIES: None given.

1. WELCOME: Kenny welcomed KDCC members and the above regular attendees to the Meeting. He also welcomed Mr.Stewart Prodger from SEPA and Mr Hamish McDonald, who was accompanied by representative Mr. Paul Whitford of PW Design (See Item 2. Presentations below).
He then introduced.Colin Stirling, Susan Milne and Colin Craig (all residents from Kingsfield Road), Mr. Will Clark (Evening Express), Alison Cumming (Garioch Area Committee Officer) and Inverurie Police Inspector Bob Thomson.

Kenny then co-opted Linda Paterson onto the Community Council and stated that at present there are 8 committee members. The Constitution allows for 10 members and he asked those present to consider and suggest anyone suitable.

Mr. Prodger gave an informative presentation on the flood risks to our area and distributed Floodline information packs to committee members. These contained all necessary telephone numbers, website addresses and Action Plans to be used in the event of a flood. A copy of the pack is available for viewing in the Library. Following questions from the floor, Kenny thanked Mr Prodger, who left the meeting at 7.45pm

Mr. Paul Whitford (on behalf of Mr. Hamish McDonald) then gave an update on the Capacity Study carried out by Roads officials into traffic in the vicinity of Broomhill Roundabout, as it has a direct bearing upon Mr McDonalds proposals to develop land at Boghead Croft.

Mr Whirford produced slides to show possible alternatives to the existing road layout, which had been devised in discussion with Aberdeenshire Council Roads officials, as follows:-

The traffic management proposals include removing Broomhill Roundabout, to mean no right turn into Kintore for northbound traffic, which would have to use a new link road towards the Kemnay Road near Gaughhill to access Kintore. Southbound traffic (from Inverurie) could still enter Kintore, using a slip road, to a new roundabout to be created immediately east of the A96 Trunk Road. This would have the additional benefit of taking heavy vehicles into the Industrial Estate, rather than through Kintore. The new roundabout would control traffic speeds leaving Kintore and approaching the A96 as well as providing access to the road which leads to Boghead Croft, Denhead and Coolgardie (See attachment, which contains these draft Traffic Management proposals).

Broomhill Junction Kintore

Possible replacement for Broomhill roundabout

A meeting with Transport Scotland, which has responsibility for Trunk Roads, was planned for later that week.

Additionally, Kenny asked whether it was feasible to create a slip road to the A96 from the Gaughhill roundabout, at the south end of Hallforest Avenue, as that would take substantial traffic from that area south onto the A96 without having to negotiate the junction near the Torryburn Hotel, or the one at Broomhill. Graham McDonald raised concerns regarding traffic, especially HGVs going particularly to Donald Russell’s site, having to use the main streets in Kintore itself.

Mr Whitford and Mr Hamish McDonald both left the meeting. Colin Stirling, Susan Milne and Colin Craig also left, as their prime interest was in the flooding presentation.

Kenny then told the meeting that Mr McDonald had requested written support from KDCC for his proposals to develop the Boghead Croft site and that was agreed. Kenny to write to Piers Blaxter.

3. MINUTES OF MEETING OF 16TH FEBRUARY: Minutes were not proposed for approval.

Tennis Courts: Kenny stated that two responses had been received by e-mail and these would be forwarded to the Tennis Coach in Kintore.

Dog Fouling: Kenny distributed laminated draft leaflets, which had been used in other communities and obtained from Maureen Adam (Dog Warden), to gauge support for them being put up on lampposts throughout the village. The committee voted to support this.

Cllr Hood suggested putting statutory fine notices at the bottom of the leaflets and he said he would try to get formal notices banning dog fouling put up. He also suggested that if dog fouling is persistent then residents should consider reporting offenders to the police. He stated he would ask Maureen Adams to come to sit and observe from her van and that her presence may act as a deterrent.

Grit Boxes: Kenny attended a Public Hall Meeting on 1st March and he was informed that the Grit Box had been refilled. Others reported boxes filled elsewhere in Kintore. Thanks to Cllr. Hood.

5. TREASURERS REPORT: Joan stated there has been no activity since last Meeting, with £1500.00 still in the Bank account. Joan asked for suggestions as to how money should be spent. She also asked if any fundraising should be done for OAP outing. Last year’s uptake was poor with only 22 participants. The reasons given at the time was lack of adequate advertising.

Graham suggested taking children on an outing instead of the OAPs. Ava suggested this would not be a good idea as Disclosures would be needed.

It was decided that KDCC did not want to take a Stand at the Summer Festival and any expenditure from the above outings would come from the money already in the Account. However, KDCC could be promoted through the Hub, which would be open on the day and some thought will need to be given to that.

Police: Darren provided his report:

Crimefiles raised by Grampian Police since 16 February 2010 regarding the Kintore and District Community Council area:

Road Traffic 11
Vandalism 6
Breach of the Peace 1
Breach of Bail 1
Dog Offence 1

Total 20

Two more drivers have been reported for speeding on the A96 again with speeds recorded being 104 mph and 99 mph. Two drivers were reported for dangerous driving and one for drink driving. The rest of the crimefiles result from documentary or minor road traffic offences.

There has been a increase in vandalisms in the past month. Two premises have been targeted twice and the new development in Carnie Brae has been targeted with several hundred pounds damage being caused. A further vandalism was reported to a green house in Macallan road.

Local councillors and Grampian Housing Association have been advised of this increase in vandalisms which has a strong link to youths from Brae Crescent and Carnie Brae development. All parties are working together to target those involved and reduce further offending.

Ava mentioned youths stone throwing in the marsh area on Wyness Road. Darren said that unless a complaint is reported to the police, they will have no knowledge of it and therefore no action could be taken.

Following delivery of his report, Darren advised this was his final KDCC meeting, as he is due to take up a new post and be operating from Westhill Police Station. Inspector Thomson advised the meeting that Darren’s replacement would be Constable Craig Curry. Kenny thanked Darren for his attendance to KDCC meetings and wished him well in his new post.

Constable Cochrane and Inspector Thomson left the meeting at 8.30.

Action Kintore: Kenny reported the project is still looking for as much funding as possible, as this would hopefully be matched by LEADER funding. The next meeting will take place on Thursday 18 March, where Vicky Thomson, the LEADER manager from the Council, will be present to advise on what is required to get the funding, in addition to her meeting the main players and get a feeling for the The Bothie project.

Tests pits at the Allandale Gardens site were dug and all went well on the day with specialists taking various readings. The actual line of the old canal needs to be determined, to ensure it does not cause sinkage problems when the foundations for the new building are laid.

7. PLANNING MATTERS: Nothing further to report.

(Kenny) A resident of Elm Way wrote via e-mail to complain of the blocking of a ‘right of way’ at lower Kingsfield Road. Councillor Cullinane was able to advise that Linda Matheson at Gordon House already has a substantial file on this subject. Kenny to direct the writer to Ms Mathieson.

(Kenny) A resident remarked how splendid the 18th century Townhouse looks but described the tarred area outside it as “tatty” and would like to see cobbles laid. He also objected to car parking in front of the Townhouse. Cllr. Cullinane was able to advise that the Council’s bid for Scottish Government funding for a Town Centre project specifically for Kintore was not approved. She undertook to discuss the parking issue with Ian Rendall, Inverurie Roads Manager.

Sheila Gray and Ann Marston attended the latest Bus Forum meeting, which received a good turn out. Very few complaints had been made by Kintore bus users, but a lot had been made to Stagecoach, particularly by residents of Kemnay, relative to buses being late. Two new bus-stops are to be installed at Sunnyside View .The next meeting is scheduled for the Autumn.

Kenny Thomson: Advised the meeting that Alan Rae from Frank Knight wanted to come to do a presentation regarding proposed houses to be built around the Tuach Hill area. The Committee agreed to his request and it was arranged for Tuesday 23rd March at 7.00pm in the Hub.

Alison Cumming (the Garioch Area Committee Officer) spoke of poor attendance by Community Councils generally, at Community Council Forum Meetings (only 3 CC members turned up at the last Forum meeting). Next Forum meeting Tuesday 29th June 2010. She urged KDCC members to tell her about what our needs are and generally give her as much feedback as possible.

Lesley Monaghan: advised the meeting of messages she described as ‘horrible’, being left on the online Message board and wanted to know why they had not been removed. Kenny to look into this and speak with Ken McEwen, the webmaster.

Sheila Gray: expressed concern that unless the Public Hall Committee got new members, the management of the Hall may have to be handed over to the Council. Having attended the last Hall Committee meeting on 1 March, Kenny was able to advise that the Hall Committee had decided that each organisation which uses the Hall would have to nominate 2 persons to attend these meetings and either become Committee members or support those who are.

There being no further business Kenny thanked everyone who attended and closed the meeting at 8.55pm

The next meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 20th April in the Hub.

Apologies for Absence from Kenny Thomson (at a meeting in Inverurie). Members will need to appoint a Chairperson for the Meeting
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