Police report for November 20, 2012

Police Information for Kintore and District Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 20 November 2012 1900hrs Community Learning Room within Kintore School.

Crimefiles raised by Grampian Police regarding the Kintore and District Community Council area:

November 2012 (2011)

Road Traffic 5 (12)
Threatening and abusive behaviour. 2 (0)
Fraud 1 (0)
Vandalism 2 (4)
Theft 0 (3)
Assault 0 (3)

Total 10 (22)

‘Roads Policing’ (Traffic) officers operating within the area identified a driver from Aberdeen travelling through the area caught with no License, MOT or Insurance.

A Local Youth has been identified as being responsible for a Taxi Fraud. Enquiry is ongoing to trace the offender and have him spoken to.

There has been an increase in threat crimes over the past month predominantly involving youths within the area. Schools will be targeted for educational purposes to prevent these from occurring in future.

During evening of Saturday 3 November 2012 a number of vehicle wing mirrors were knocked off in the Smithfield area of Kintore, damaging a number of vehicles. Enquiry is ongoing relating to this.

A car was vandalised, with significant scratch made in the paint work in the Castlefield area. A positive line of enquiry has been identified and a potential suspect Identified; suspect yet to be spoken to.

The Local Issues with Youths has again been brought to light and local officers are attempting to speak with those involved in the 'Kintore Mums' Facebook page to provide reassurance and a local point of contact. This is in the hope that they contact police to pass on information rather than taking matters into their own hands.

The building of the Bothie: Local officers are aware of the issues relating to the planning and are applying for various different funding bids in relation to the new building of the Youth Centre.

Majority of Road Traffic Offences detected within the area remain to be out with the village (A96 Kintore bypass). There have been and will continue to be a number of routine patrols checking speeds such as that carried out during the course of a week on School Road Towards Gaughill, where a speed of 48 was recorded in a 30Mph limit. Residents are encouraged to advise officers of any area they have concerns about where relevant action can be taken.

With the clocks now changed, Local officers will be reminding residents whose houses remain in darkness, of the vulnerability of empty properties. This will be mainly by a "Lights out your out" leaflet drop. It is has also been identified by officers that unlocked vehicles remain to be targeted by Criminals who travel to commit crime.

No Issues outstanding from previous meeting to resolve.
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