Minutes of meeting April 20, 2010

PRESENT: Kenny Thomson (Chairman) Graham McDonald (Vice Chairman), Joan Thomson (Treasurer), Councillors Ford and Cullinane, Constable Craig Currie, Drew Cullinane, Ava Rennie, and Linda Paterson (Secretary)..

APOLOGIES: Sheila Gray, Ann Marston and Councillor Hood

1. WELCOME: Kenny opened the Meeting and welcomed everyone.

2. MINUTES OF 20th APRIL: Minutes were approved.

Tennis Courts: Kenny met with Tennis Coach Vikki Paterson and Active Schools Co-Ordinator Kerry Massie
Dog Fouling: No further update since last Meeting.

4.TREASURER’S REPORT: Joan stated that balance of bank account is £2267.22
£120.00 had been paid out for 2 highchairs for the Hub
Joan suggested £500.00 be paid from KDCC funds towards the Annual OAP’s Outing which is to take place on 30th June2010 to Balmoral Castle
Based on 40 people attending costs are: Bus-£405.00 Meal-£360.00 Castle -£260.00
Posters to go up in the Post Office and it will be advertised on NECR and in local paper.
If numbers are insufficient then the outing will be opened up to anyone.
Ann Marston is back from holiday at beginning of June and will deal with this.

Craig did not have copies of Crimefiles with him but promised to e-mail them to me but have not received them
A summary of incidents as follows:
In Kintore items reported stolen: Garden gnomes, Statue of Liberty, Hackney Plates from Taxi, Attempted removal of vehicle- couldn’t get it started so stole sunglasses.
Incident of vandalism at the Village Hall.
A Domestic Breach of the peace.
A speeding incident at 101mph
4 incidents at Carnie Brae
1 Assault of Policeman

A Meeting is to take place between Social Work, KDCC, Councillors, Police to discuss a way forward to tackle youth disorder in the Brae Crescent, Carnie Brae
Graham offered use of Community House for the Meetings.
Constable Currie to discuss this with his superiors.

Residents are willing to get a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme up and running.

Action Kintore:
AGM was well attended.
Waiting for decision on Leadership funding to enable building to start on Youth Café.
No report has been received from digger test carried out in February
When plans are ready a meeting will be arranged with local residents to reassure them regarding lighting, noise, security and the management of the café.
Kenny to have a meeting with Steven Laing
Gill to investigate suitability of old building on Northern Road for use for youth café or the like.
Graham reported that 2 Directors have resigned from the Hub. The remaining Directors met and decided that changes are needed with the possibility of nighttime opening of the Hub. Anyone interested in becoming a Director of the Hub should contact Graham.

Local Development Plan: Councillor Ford informed the Meting that the Council had agreed to Site M south of Tuach Hill post 2016.
This is to be a mixed site. Condition stated that no planning consent would be given until new school was started to be built.
A Draft Plan to be published before the summer break.
A 12week consultation period will follow during which objections can be raised.
The Final Draft Plan not expected to be much different from the Draft Plan
Councillor Hood stated that the Plan was to be in 3 phases
Councillor Ford said the level of public sector money required for the new school is substantial and he thinks it will be difficult to obtain
Graham voiced concern at the social housing
Councillor Hood stated that social housing has to account for 25% of houses built.

Graham told of complaints received as to there being no bus stop on Halforest Avenue yet but that the bus shelter had gone up at Sunnyside Road
Councillor Hood asked how many bus stops were required and was told 3.He promised to look into the matter.
Graham spoke of the need for ideas to get the Newsletter up and running. All suggestions would be gratefully received.
A request had been received from Carol about a diary of events for Kintore to onto website.

8. AOCB:
Sheila complained about the state of the road outside her house and that nothing has been done about this.
Councillor Hood said he would talk with Ian Rendall once again regarding this.
Joan informed the Meeting that Mr. Ian Blair (ex chairman) had died yesterday.
Mr Hunneyball KDCC for allowing him to sit in on the Meeting and invited everyone to come along to the next Form Meeting on 29th June which is also the AGM.The Forum are looking for a new Chairman as he is to stand down.
Graham told the Meeting that he may be standing down due to the fact that he may be moving back to Aberdeen.
There being no further business Graham thanked everyone who attended and closed the Meeting at 8.25pm

The next Meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 18th May2010 in the Hub.
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