Minutes of meeting February 16, 2009

Members present:
Kenny Thomson, Joan Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Graham McDonald, Ken White & Christine Stamper.
Apologies received from:
Councillor Nan Cullinane
In attendance:
PC Darren Cochrane, Councillor Fergus Hood.
Note taker:
Christine Stamper
The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting
Approval of Minutes
Minutes of last meeting held on 19th January 2009 were approved.
Moved by Joan Thomson, seconded by Ann Marston
Matters arising
Appraisal of Development Proposals
GMcD – Has worked on and produced a very comprehensive report and a copy will be sent out to Developers, with a meeting arranged for Wednesday 25th February.
GMcD gave a full insight into this report with a presentation showing an outline of his Proposals in response to those submitted by Landowners ad Developers.
Copies were given out or sent by e-mail by Graham and members asked for comments as soon as possible and by the end of the week.
Kenny Thomson expressed his thanks on behalf of everyone for the monumental amount of work Graham had put into his report.
Howieslap Football Pitches
The Contractor has materials ready. Funding is almost in place, so awaiting favourable weather, so that work can start on site.
The Hub
GMcD – Hoping to have the Hub up and running for May. The date for a Fundraising Night has still to be agreed.
PR exercise for Hub – Leaflets to be printed explaining what the hub is about. Graham has asked for volunteers to deliver leaflets.
Treasurers Report
Since Sept 08 the Kintore CC has received £335.00 (16th Sept) and £179.05 (28th Oct) in funding from Aberdeenshire Council.
As at 30th January 2009 we had £3,346.75 in the CC account (total AK+ CC)
During January we paid out £1,571.76 in project fees on behalf of Action Kintore. This has already been taken off our January statement.
An additional £870 in planning fees has still to be deducted from the £3,346.75, again on behalf of Action Kintore, plus a £25 payment for website fees.
This leaves us with a current balance in the Community Council account of £2,451 for both CC + AK (16th Feb 2009).
Action Kintore
Hoping to have separate accounts soon. Councillor Hood said £5k is still held until a Bank Account is opened, with a possible top up of £4k from the Council. Still some documentation to be completed and that, plus the Bank A/C are the only conditions.
The Plans were shown for the Youth Centre and everyone agreed they were wonderful
A sponsored walk for funds has been provisionally arranged for 24th May on Larig Ghru, to cover 24 miles (Drew will be taking the lead on this issue).
Community Notice Board
Drew Cullinane – Awaiting prices from Robertson’s.
Police Report
Grampian Police / PC Darren Cochrane: Crime files raised by Grampian Police since 19th January 2009 regarding the Kintore & District Community Council area:
Road Traffic Offences: 19
Breach of the Peace: 3
Drugs: 2
Theft: 1
Total: 25
Fourteen of the nineteen Road Traffic Offences recorded were due to out of date tax discs.
Recent information suggests that youths are using the Primary School car park to meet in cars and behave in an antisocial manner. PC Cochrane to raise the issue with divisional staff to ensure more passing attention is provided to address this concern.
Graham asked for some help from the Police and PC Darren Cochrane said he would be happy to help at the Hub, by dropping in for coffee and interfacing with people and giving them a chance to talk to him.
Planning Applications
GMcD – Application by Donald Russell that a Boundary Fence to be erected around a historic Cairn adjacent to their site. A letter of objection had been prepared and shown to members by GMcD. Members agreed with its’ content and letter to be sent by KT.
No further applications
GMcD - Mentioned that RIM are trying to remove the Clause (Plan 0217) which prohibits noise from their building between the hours of 11.00-7.00. The Clause allows work to be carried out only inside the premises.
This raiss concerns as to Donald Russell if they should also try. KCC monitoring position. GMcD following this up.
50th Anniversary of the granting of Kintore’s Coat of Arms / St Andrews Day / Scotland’s Homecoming Year. PTA & Rotary are jointly proposing to hold two Ceilidhs {One as a family event (27/11) and the second for adults (28/11/09)}. Much discussion has yet to take place regarding this.
Town Hall clock – still trying to find out who previously fixed it, when last it wasn’t working.
Sports Awards – No names have been put forward.
Data Protection Form for KDCC has been sent off by KT.
The outing has been arranged for the Old People in August. A stall at the Festival has been booked to raise money for this event.
With no further business the meeting was closed at 9.00pm.
Next meeting: 7.00pm on Monday 16 March in Room 111 at Kintore School.
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