Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council AGM and meeting on February 16, 2021

Approved minutes of the AGM of Kintore and District Community Council meeting Held 7.00pm on 16th February 2021 by video conference

Present: Janine Cracknell, Drew Cullinane, Paul Davison, Jamie Grant, Donna Heron, Ken McEwen, Alan Milne, Lesley Monaghan, Moira Moran, Kenny Thomson, Bill Duthie, Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Dominic Lonchay.
Police: No police were in attendance.

As all elected office bearers had stepped down prior to AGM, Cllr Ford agreed to chair the meeting until the new Chair had been elected.

1. Apologies
Cllr Fergus Hood, Jess Lumsden who has resigned with immediate effect due to I.T. difficulties.
2. Minutes of the last AGM – formally approved by Paul Davison and seconded by Kenny Thomson.
3. Chair’s report - Vice chair report has been published
4. Treasurers report and annual accounts – Previously circulated. Been asked to return the outstanding amount from Resilience Fund. Also Defibrillator Sundries. Balance will be £2411
5. Election of Chair – Jamie Grant, proposed by Ken McEwen, seconded by Kenny Thomson. Jamie then took over as Chair for the remainder of the meeting.
6. Election of Vice Chair – Ken McEwen, proposed by Kenny Thomson, seconded by Moira Moran.
7. Election of Treasurer – Bill Duthie, proposed by Kenny Thomson, seconded by Jamie Grant
8. Election of Secretary – Janine Cracknell, proposed by Ken McEwen, seconded by Bill Duthie.

Following the Community Council elections scheduled to take place in May, the next AGM will be in June.

Approved minutes of the Kintore and District Community Council meeting Held 7.00pm on 16th February 2021 by video conference

Present: Janine Cracknell, Drew Cullinane, Paul Davison, Jamie Grant, Donna Heron, Ken McEwen, Alan Milne, Lesley Monaghan, Moira Moran, Kenny Thomson, Bill Duthie, Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Dominic Lonchay.
Police: No police were in attendance.

1) Welcome and Apologies
a) As per AGM minutes, Ken had welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2) Declarations of Interest
a) Nothing to report

3) Minutes of the last meeting
a) Corrections - Planning Matters – change from Kenny and Lesley to Paul and Lesley. Agile
Energy, license to operate is SEPA, planning is Aberdeenshire Council. Split of
responsibilities between SEPA and Aberdeenshire Council.
b) Approval – Janine Cracknell approved; Lesley Monaghan seconded

4) Matters arising
a) Nothing to report

5) Police Report
a) Circulated prior to the meeting. There was one minor breach of the peace and two road
traffic incidents reported. High visibility within the community continues to be a priority during the current lockdown.

6) Urgent business
a) Nothing to report

7) Treasurers Report
a) Bill Duthie has just been handed this over, accounts as stated in AGM

8) Planning Matters
a) No planning this week
i) Scotia Homes/Town Park – response to developer’s response. Paul Davison provided an update following the response to Bruce Strachen. Disappointed with response. Suds area considered a green open space. Viable Town Park not a priority. Paul tried to get Tennis Club proposal off the ground, gap too great between community and developer requirements too far apart. Last year looked at the activity, fence erected without planning. Enforcement officer agreed it is a breach, fence staying put. Nothing to be done. Glen asked for response from enforcement officer to be forwarded to him to review. Planning assumption is it will be granted unless reason to refuse. Paul Davison to forward the details to Cllr Reid.
ii) Elm Way flats - parking and traffic - Parking is a challenge in this area of Kintore. Nothing to oppose. Jamie Grant will investigate the wider parking issue prior to thenext meeting
iii) Agile Energy - Email from Ron Parr (Inverurie based resident), lengthy correspondence,
Martin energy efficiency will not hit SEPA standard and therefore will not get a licence. Issue of the sale of the heat is key to moving forward on this project

9) Action Kintore/The Bothie update
a) Brian Johnstone (Action Kintore) has joined our meeting to give an update on the Town House and the Bothie.
i) Town House – need KDCC independent representatives - Brian Johnstone joined to
discuss the possibility of partnership with KDCC. Donations provided from local businesses. £1048 short of £8000 target, Lippe Architects, Debbie conservation architect appointed, KDCC submit planning permission on Action Kintore behalf, Community Partnership could then be formed and no conflict of interest. Looking for 2 KDCC to join. Outlined the planned layout. Discussion with Bruce Strachen, plan to install a lift with a wraparound stair. Submitted community asset transfer form to the council. Looking for 2 people to work with them. Town House – need KDCC independent representatives. Assist with the youth work and get a secretary on board to help with workload. There is the feasibility study, published on Kintore.org. Martin stated the Aberdeenshire councillors will need to excuse themselves from KDCC meeting whilst discussing the planning process as to avoid any conflict. Paul gave contact to Brian from Heritage of Scotland. Jamie will liaise with the team to agree a partnership and who will represent KDCC
ii) b. The Bothie – one to one online contact with young people with Rachel not high take up. Started planning for the eventual return to school and return to the Bothie. £7,500 funding cut this year. Will need to review budget. Cracks in the Bothie, Bancon Homes coming out to survey. General agreement in principle to form a partnership, email to be sent to further the process

10) Flooding
a) Report back (Jess Lumsden and Lesley Monaghan) Snow melting, high water, network rail
11)inspecting the burn. Water level high and expected to increase. SEPA warnings. Lee the Chief Flood Engineer has confirmed to Cllr Reid Kintore’s flood survey will be in the next cycle starting in 2022. No response from Network Rail so far, multiple emails sent.
b) Challenge Fund (Ann Overton at Aberdeenshire Council investigating)
c) Catchment areas (Kenny Thomson)

ICC Boundary Proposal / Thainstone
a) Moria has spoken to many of the residents, businesses may consider themselves Inverurie based, but private residents view themselves as KDCC.
b) People associated themselves with Inverurie. Thainstone residents likely to use Inverurie for shopping. Moira has suggested signing multiple letters from residents, Martin advised will come in front of area committee this will have merit.
c) Half a dozen houses at the Kintore end of Port Elphinstone, may be a case for these to be moved to ICC. This could be a compromise and some adjustment. Map from Area Office to show boundary of voting wards.
d) Most important thing KDCC could do is to do a petition, perhaps with some compromise. Ken has just emailed out the boundaries map. Access from Thainstone roundabout or from Port Elphinstone roundabout. Glen and Dominic petition will bear more weight if lots of signatures. KDCC need to decide position before starting the process. Kenny proposed asking the residents in Mill Road and then be aware of residents wishes. Jamie will follow up with Moira and Paul for plan of action on how to move this forward

A96 Dualling
a) Consultation extended to March 8 - Paul has been reviewing at the timeline. Need to object on Transport Scotland’s remit, otherwise will be rejected. Dominic confirmed will be discussed next week. Martin highlighted the context of cutting carbon to hit net zero. The scheme is outdated and out of sync with other government targets. Scottish Executive Kemnay Academy Parents Council
a) Janine gave update, focus is home schooling, eventual return to in person teaching and the increasing school roll. Janine asked Glen to provide an update as he has been contacted by the chair of the Parent Council. Glen summarised emails, Martin informal dual zoning in place, Kinellar cohort will be offered to go to Kemnay or Inverurie for 2021 intake, Not gone through the statutory process. Martin member of Education Committee and has concerns.

Aberdeenshire Councillors Update
a) Cllr Martin Ford
i) Martin mentioned active travel, green routes, lightly used local roads, non motorised
forms of transport. 3 routes to be trialed, circular route from Inverurie Hospital will be
the closest route to Kintore, a lot of support expressed
ii) Budget position, not as bad as feared but more hopeful will come through. Council tax
has been frozen. Concerned with the plan for next year, could lead to an increase. Will
get compensatory monies this year
b) Cllr Glen Reid
i) Glen infrastructure services committee, going to review 3 green routes in Autumn
ii) Buses gritting Hallforest Avenue and Forest Road needs to be primary routes, going to
be included in the review (after winter). Farmers were gritting the roads on behalf of council. Alan raised an issue with getting additional 2 grit bins, Alan to email Glen with details. Supply of grit has been refilled now the bad weather has passed. Smaller waste bins are still expected to be replaced.
c) Cllr Dominic Lonchay
i) Dominic bad weather has been stressing the council services but not many complaints,
bins that were missed last week will be emptied next week. Potholes will be repaired
on a priority basis.
ii) Damage caused to roads by third parties should be repaired by them not the council.
Discharging water from development in Thainstone which has caused road damage, surface have lifted, potholes. Moira will send videos to Glen and Martin.
project, engage constructively would be Dominic’s advice

15) Correspondence
a) Circulated prior to meeting. Lesley still not receiving any emails, Jamie is going to check
with Ken, Janine setting up new email specific for KDCC business to separate from personal email.

16) AOCB
a) Glen is attempting to have the sign from Midmill Station for the new railway station with
several different places replicated, attempting to get in touch with a local engineering
company, Black Isle Finials was a suggestion made.
b) Planning Presentation on March 2nd, Paul and Martin presenting. Jamie and Janine
attending. Open to all.
c) Community Council Forum – 3rd March, Bill and Janine attending from KDCC

Action Items:
  • Paul Davison to forward the details to Cllr Reid.
  • Jamie to investigate Parking in general around town square / forest road
  • Jamie will liaise with the team to agree a partnership and who will represent KDCC
  • Jamie will follow up with Moira and Paul for plan of action on how to move this
  • forward
  • Alan to email Glen with details
  • Moira will send videos to Glen and Martin

Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday, March 16th at 7pm
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