Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on September 15, 2020

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council meeting
Held 7.00pm on 15 September 2020 by video conference

Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting. He said he had received a resignation from Derek Logan, who was stepping down for health reasons. Ken thanked him for his work on the community council and wished him well for the future.

Ken welcomed Janine Cracknell who had expressed an interest in joining the community council. As there had not been the necessary notice period, he explained that we could not put Janine’s name forward for co-option until next meeting.

Ken also explained that the office bearers had discussed the fact there would be no elections in 2020 and the need to fill the vacant position of chair. It had been agreed that we should go ahead with our AGM in October and this would take place before the monthly meeting. Nominations would be sought for chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary.

1. Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Present: Ken McEwen, Ann Marston, Bill Duthie, Alan Milne, Kenny Thomson, Lesley Monaghan, Jess Lumsden, Jamie Grant, Paul Davison, Brian Johnston and Janine Cracknell.
Apologies:, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Glen Reid, Sheila Gray, (who was unable to join due to technical issues).
Police: No police in attendance
Declarations of interest: none

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes were approved by Lesley Monaghan and seconded by Alan Milne.

3. Matters arising:
Paul had found that the wall at Crichiebank was owned by International Paper and would try to contact them. As walls with this style of coping were distinctive in this area it was important to preserve them.
Kenny appraised the meeting of the uncertainties and difficulties of organising socially-distanced fireworks. After discussion it was agreed that this year’s event should be cancelled and the deposit paid to Fireworx Scotland should be carried forward for 2021.
Alan had produced very professional cards, at the suggestion of Derek Logan, to go into the defibrillator boxes giving the location of other defibrillators.
On the Kintore Vision and Plan, Ken reported that the Garioch Partnership had suggested they would be keen to update the document. This would be carried forward to next month pending further feedback from the Garioch Partnership.
As stated at the start of the meeting, the AGM would now precede the October 20 meeting.
The question of whether we should resurrect a garden competition in 2021, would be a matter for discussion later this year/early next.
Ken reported that there had been 23 noted interests in allotments for Kintore, some stating that they were on behalf of two or more people. As Glen had been the one suggesting this could be raised with Aberdeenshire Council, we would hope he can attend in October and this can be taken forward.
The question of Kintore Konnect, Kintore website and Kintore Facebook and involvement of young people was something that could be taken forward by the community council after the AGM.

4. Police report
A police report had been received for the current and previous period, but some reported being unable to open the file. It would be re-sent. Kenny raised concerns that some incidents seem not to have been included, including The Bothie and bicycle thefts. Paul Davison was also surprised that some road accidents were not included, notably the one on the B993. Ken asked him to supply a map reference for the black spot and he would raise with Aberdeenshire Council.

5. Urgent business
No urgent business.

6. Treasurer’s Report
Community Council Account
The balance reported to the 21 July KDCC meeting was £4466.63.
The balance of the Account shown in the latest Bank statement was £3891.38. £1143 of that is ‘ringfenced’ money held on behalf of Lend A Hand Kintore.
There have been two transactions on the Account since 21 July
A cheque for £431.25, issued to Fireworx Scotland on 25 June (as a deposit for this year’s fireworks event scheduled for November 6th), has been cashed. Discussion is ongoing with FS relative to whether the event can go ahead, failing which it was agreed the deposit will be carried forward to the 2021 event.
A cheque for £144, issued to SG Electrical Specialists Ltd. for the installation of the defibrillator at Rebeccas Hair Salon at Midmill, has been cashed.
Other item of interest
A cheque for £142.75 was issued to Aberdeenshire Council on 24 April, as payment for the installation of the defibrillator at the entrance to Kintore Primary School. The cheque has not yet being cashed by the Council.
So, deducting the ‘ringfenced’ Lend a Hand Kintore money and the uncashed cheque to Aberdeenshire Council, the available balance of the Account is £2605.63

Floral Displays Account
The balance of the Account reported to the 21 July KDCC meeting was £1751.62
Only 1 cheque has been issued. £500 was returned to Kintore Fundraising Team.
Committee members may recall £500 being loaned to KDCC to purchase plants and compost, pending the Floral Displays Team sourcing donations during the difficult circumstances brought about by lockdown. However, 6 donations totalling £550.40 were received and credited to the Account, allowing the £500 to be returned to Kintore Fundraising Team, with my thanks.
The balance of the Account shown in the latest statement dated 28 August 2020 was therefore £1802.02

7. Planning matters
Ken had circulated the weekly planning notifications. But, the main application in progress at the moment was the Agile Energy ‘Energy from Waste’ plant at Thainstone. The community council had submitted a response seeking assurances on odour, pollution and traffic issues. Ken had also encouraged people to submit personal comments online as this was a very significant development in Kintore, which had, inevitably raised concerns about odours and pollution, despite the well-presented reassurances from the company.

Ken reported that the community council had received an email with very long report by Ronald Parr, encouraging objections to the Agile Energy plan. But this letter was not sent until some time after the community council consultation period and even after public comments had closed. One of his main concerns was the lack of reference to the heat network. As this was to be set up by a separate community company Ken had assumed this would come to planning at a later stage.

Paul reported that our local councillors had opposed the “For Sale/To Let” sign on the A96 at Thainstone roundabout, but that it had been approved on the basis of the full committee vote.
No other planning matters had been highlighted.

8. Lend a Hand Kintore update
At the moment Lend a Hand Kintore was standing by ready to re-activate if needed.

9. Phoenix Fund event
While there is quite a long period for implementation of plans, the proposal for the Phoenix Fund needs to be in by the end of the month. Brian reported that there had apparently only been three responses so far. After a wide-ranging discussion it was agreed that we should look at a video (with social media shorter edits) and a leaflet of the type that is displayed with other tourism literature. A sub-group, led by Kenny would include Ken, Alan, Jamie and Janine.

10. Kintore Fireworks
This had been dealt with under matters arising.

11. Action Kintore/The Bothie update
Ken thanked Brian Johnstone, chairman of Action Kintore, for his leadership in driving forward the Action Kintore proposal to bring the Town House back into use for the benefit of the community. Brian explained the proposal was to convert the west wing to provide a small venue on the first floor with kitchens and facilities on the ground floor. A new glazed atrium at the back would include stairs and a lift to allow access to the upper floor, while the unit on the east end of the ground floor was earmarked for a commercial venture to provide money for the running costs. Action Kintore were keen to see a glazed “lean-to” on the adjacent east wall of the Town House with thoughts that this could be a seating area for a small cafe. The old jail under the double stairway would provide an area for displays and exhibitions. He also envisaged improvements to area around the town house with paving and also opening up sight lines, using railings into the area, to make the area look less enclosed.

Action Kintore were proposing to instruct local architects Lippe to prepare plans. He underlined that this was a huge project and would require a massive fundraising effort as the costs for the refurbishment were currently estimated at more than £1m. Brian explained how Action Kintore were currently trying to raise the funds for the initial application to be submitted.

There would be a substantial discount available on the planning application if it were submitted - on behalf of Action Kintore - by KDCC, but that would not entail any transfer of responsibilities to KDCC. The meeting unanimously agreed that KDCC should submit and pay the fee, on behalf of Action Kintore, for the planning application.

Brian then reported on The Bothie. He explained that repairs to the damage were well under way and that the mother of the youth involved had contributed. He thanked others in the community for their generous responses, which would be used to repair a vandalised security camera. He also reported that Action Kintore were getting expert advice on how to tackle the cracking of the render on the building.

The Bothie programme had been on hold due to Covid-19. He said that our youth worker could not be furloughed, because she is part-funded by the council. However, there was now a programme to get The Bothie programme restarted.

12. Tuach Burn sub-group
Lesley expressed concern that she had understood the purpose of the sub group was to instigate action to clean up the burn by the land owner and that KDCC could find itself expected to carry out future clearing, by default. Jess agreed. Kenny pointed out that there were a number of owners. Ken suggested it was clear that the sub group need to clarify their role and current position and report back.

13. Kintore crime and vandalism
Alan reported that there was a proposal for a CCTV camera on the Town House, tied in with the refurbishment programme.

14. Community Council Chair and membership
Since putting this on the agenda, it had been agreed that the AGM would take place, as earlier stated, preceding the October 20 KDCC meeting.

Ken proposed that Jamie Grant, currently an associate, be co-opted to the community council. This was agreed unanimously.

15. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
With no councillors present there was no update available.

16. Correspondence
Aberdeenshire Council are currently running a roads policies review looking at whether speed limits should be reduced to 20 mph other than on main routes. Ken pointed out that, while the safety aspect (if people obeyed the limit) was clear on residential streets, there were environmental downsides. Research suggests a reduction from 30 mph to 20 mph increases fuel consumption by 5.8 mpg and raises emissions by around 10%. The second survey is on pedestrian crossings, while the third looks at street trading and parking of traders’ vehicles.

17. AOCB
Lesley raised the question of allotments and Alexander Burnett MSP had expressed enthusiasm to help. Ken suggested we hold over discussion to the next meeting as it had been clear that Glen Reid, following the success in Blackburn, was keen to take this up with Aberdeenshire Council.
Ken explained that Scotvalve Services, part of Petrofac, had expressed an interest in getting a team involved in community projects. After discussion we had got back to them suggesting (1) The Bothie (but pointing out that it would not be able to take 20 people), (2) Tuach Burn or (3) the 5-a-side pitch at East Park. Scotvalve are discussing these options and will come back to us.

18. Date of next meeting - The next KDCC meeting would be on Tuesday, October 20 at 7pm.

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