Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council on May 19, 2020.

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council meeting
Held 7.00pm on 19 May 2020 by video conference

1. Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Present: Ken McEwen, Kenny Thomson, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston, Paul Davison, Derek Logan, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden
Apologies: Cllr Glen Reid, Sheila Gray,
Police: No police in attendance
Declarations of interest: Paul Davison declared an interest in planning APP/2020/0861 Formation of Storage Yard and APP/2020/0803 as they was close to his house.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
These had been circulated.

3. Matters arising:
Paul prepared notes for Agile Energy consultation.
Paul had written to the head of planning at Aberdeenshire Council regarding archive material. No reply as yet.
The LDP matters arising would come under the LDP in the planning section for the agenda.
It seemed rather pointed that the reference to a supermarket, which had been petitioned for by more than a thousand people, had been apparently deliberately removed from the Gateway Kintore site.
Paul will keep watch on the OP14 halting site for travellers at Thainstone as the land owners are currently taking action on the proposal.
The minutes were approved by Kenny Thomson and seconded by Derek Logan.

4. Police report
A copy of the police report will be circulated with this minute.

5. Urgent business
No urgent business.

6. Treasurer’s report
Kenny reported a healthy position despite expenditure on defibrillators the balance £2,400. Three defibrillators were purchased at a total cost £3945. Five protective boxes were purchased. Total cost £2060.25 – one each for the three new defibrillators and one to replace the damaged one at First Photographics plus one more to house a fourth new defibrillator donated anonymously and now in situ at the school.

£1000 was credited to the Account, as a donation from the Flood Fund, for installation costs of the emergency generator at the Public Hall.

£2000 grant from the Community Resilience Fund managed by the Council, to ‘Lend a Hand Kintore’. That funding money has no connection with KDCC, but with a Constitution the Council is familiar with, it was convenient and expedient for KDCC to accept it, but a cheque for the total amount will need to be handed over to ‘Lend a Hand Kintore” in due course.

Floral Displays Account:The balance of that Account as shown in the last statement was £467.76, but recent transactions have included pay ins of donations from the few businesses still open, have increased that balance to around £1452.

A decision has been made by Ainslie and his team to go ahead with summer planting this year, but without hanging baskets (almost impossible to maintain social distancing) and concentrating on the tubs and planters.

In the spirit of good co-operation between local voluntary groups, £700 has been donated to KDCC by Kintore Fundraising Team to help pay for the purchase of summer plants. Members may recall that KDCC donated £500 from the profits from the 2018 Fireworks event, to Kintore Fundraising Team to help with their Xmas Lights Appeal, so in effect this is payback (+ an additional £200) for our generosity at that time!.

Ainslie Reid of the Floral Group was thinking of asking for public donations through Facebook and collecting tins, to enable the public to get closer to the £2,000 needed to start the summer planting. Ken suggested an online donation page might also work well. Kenny pointed out that the service charge for such sites could mean the amount raised is reduced. Kenny had also been approached, while watering the plants, by a woman who was prepared to make face masks with the money going to the floral displays. She is going to speak to Ainslie.

End of year financial reporting: Financial Reports for both Accounts have been submitted to Alison Cumming, Aberdeenshire Council for the year ended 31 March.

7. Planning matters
On the LDP Aberdeenshire Council has announced there will be an online consultation from May 25 to July 17. Paul will prepare a draft response to be discussed at our next meeting on June 16.
APP/2020/0862 Alterations and Extension to Dwelling house. Dun Eistean Kintore Inverurie AB51 0UY. 2 story extension. Tree removal. Recommendation for replanting. Public comments: 25 May; Comments to date: 0. Derek had taken a look and saw no issue.
APP/2020/0861 Formation of Storage Yard (Retrospective) Site to South-East of Thainstone Roundabout Thainstone. Public comments: 28 May; Comments to date: 0. Cons 20 May. Concerns over conditions of original 2015 application 2011/3926 appear to be being breached: bunds/landscaping, encroachment on burn, temporary storage tent. Blind spot due to fencing at N. Services to and operation of new commercial building. It was agreed to send a response.
APP/2020/0858 Change of Use of Agricultural Land and Erection of Mechanic Workshop (Use Class 5) (Retrospective) Aquherton Kintore AB51 0XH. Comments to date: 16. We have run out of time for KDCC to submit a representation, but Paul urged anyone concerned about the change of agricultural property to commercial to submit a comment by May 28. He believed we should encourage the council to enforce the protection of agricultural land and decline the application. Ken said that he believed matters of enforcement are primarily for Aberdeenshire Council. Paul pointed out that it was important for people in the community to highlight issues where regulations are being breached.
APP/2020/0819 Erection of Underpass Site South Of Ardennan House Hotel Ardennan Road Port Elphinstone Inverurie AB51 3XD. Although this was within the Inverurie Community Council boundary, it was for access to the proposed Crichie Estate, which is in our territory. Paul was uncertain why this had not been progressed as a part of the Crichie development. Route from proposed Crichie estate to Port Elphinstone via B993 and Kemnay road (at Edgehill). Public comments: 04 June; Comments to date: 0. Cons 19 May. Paul reported that the general feeling was that the underpass was a good idea, but the problems were the connecting links (particularly the B993) to and from the proposed Crichie development and for other people in the area. In response to a question from Ken, Paul said that, as far as he was aware, Inverurie Community Council have not commented. Kenny agreed with Paul that it should be part of an integrated system of access for Crichie. Jess asked how this might be affected by the A96 dualling and whether new houses at Crichie were actually needed given the state of the economy and the oil industry. Paul’s draft response was agreed and he was asked to submit it.
APP/2020/0803 Condition 2 ((a) Layout and Siting, (b) External Appearance, (c) Means of Access including Visibility Splays, (d) Landscaping, (e) Levels Survey and Site Sections, (f) Noise Impact Assessment, (g) Details of Water Bodies, (h) Disposal of Foul and Surface Water (i) Refuse and Recycling, (j) Car Parking and Turning Areas, (k) Footpaths and Cycleways) of Planning Permission Reference APP/2015/3793 for Commercial Development To include Class 4, 5 And 6 Uses with Associated Infrastructure and Landscaping  Site 8 Land To The West Of Thainstone Business Park (Thainstone LDP Sites E3 And SR2) Inverurie. Public comments: 28 May; Comments to date: 0. Paul said this application is for small single site, piecemeal development, not a phased development as promised. He reported that comments have been submitted by a group of individuals in Thainstone area about quality of proposed development, parking, travel plans, landscaping, noise impact assessment, levels, hazardous wastes, construction site licence, access for refuse lorries, energy efficiency measures, light pollution, air quality, use class, roundabout modifications, open space provision, tree protection, archaeology condition.
Approved: APP/2020/0613 Alterations to Dwelling house, 8 Castlepark Grove Kintore AB51 0SN. Certificate of Lawful Use for garage conversion to office study.
Delegated Approval: APP/2020/0050 Erection of Commercial Building, Site to south-east of Thainstone Roundabout. Large 78m x 23m x 13m permanent building on existing storage yard site. Temporary building 23m x 8.5m x 6.5m not removed. Conditions to be confirmed. No details of commercial building given.

8. Lend a Hand Kintore update
Kintore Konnect had said they would not publish in June, because of the Coronavirus crisis. But, Lend a Hand Kintore felt that this was when the community needed communication, and suggested it would fund, using the grant from Aberdeenshire Council and money from the church, a special edition focussing the help and services available to residents. Recognising that local businesses have been hit hard by the lockdown, part of this would be details of what local businesses are still offering during the lockdown, to encourage people to support the businesses in our community. Businesses serving the community in Kintore (rather than businesses who are supplying other customers and businesses outside the town) were asked, through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and by direct mail and messaging to respond with details between May 1 and 7. Twenty businesses responded. This special edition will be delivered to houses in Kintore and pdf will be available online.
Still relatively small numbers of people approaching Lend a Hand Kintore for support. Derek said that in his area neighbour had circulated a note saying they could help. So it seems many in the community are doing what they can to look after neighbours, which may be why Lend a Hand Kintore is not getting a lot of requests. This sort of care and concern for neighbours is typical in our community.
Drew said that the Leo Group, operators of the rendering plant, have supplied Lend a Hand Kintore with a 2,000 face masks. Anyone who is helping and needs a masks they can contact Drew.
Ken pointed out that the police report referred to enforcement of the lockdown, so it would be wrong to think everyone is complying, helping neighbours and following the rules.

9. Action Kintore/The Bothie update
Ken reported there was a meeting last night for Action Kintore. At the moment for The Bothie there is nothing happening due to the lockdown and no bookings for events. Rachel Lewis reckoned the earliest could re-open would be after the summer holidays. Rachel is keeping in touch with video and online. The closure, of course, means there is no rental income, but Action Kintore has enough reserves that this is sustainable for the moment. Heating and lighting is not needed for the moment, but we need to follow up to get a better system for the re-opening, whenever that is. Derek will get in touch with the electrician about this. The Town House is out for tender and two have been received, with another to follow.

10. Defibrillator sub group
Ken started by saying was amazing to have got the new defibrillators installed during the lockdown. Kenny said that, since there could be no training sessions, the group had tried to get the information out through videos on social media and the website. He said that we were now just waiting for Midmill and that would then be the four locations identified. This fourth defibrillator is ready to go and is just waiting for access to the premises.

11. Kintore Future Vision
Ken explained that he had taken the point that this and the previous 2015 plan, on which it was based, was not a formal action plan and he had changed its title to Kintore Future Vision as it was more a list of ambitions for the town. Paul has been looking at Scottish Government papers about local plans. Kenny said it was all very well to have a wish list, but how was it going to be implemented. Paul thought that understanding local plans might mean that we could produce something that would actually be of value with Aberdeenshire Council. Paul will look at this and report back.

12. Community Council election / recruitment / chairperson
Aberdeenshire Council are hoping to have the community council election in September which would then put our AGM to October. So we should be looking to get new recruits for the autumn. Indeed, because we have vacancies we can co-opt new members any time. Drew said that he would bring this up with Lend a Hand Kintore.

13. Kemnay Academy Parent Council representation
We received a very last-minute invitation to the parent council video conference. It would be better, if we want to be represented, to have someone who can be a regular representative. But, anticipating there will be more, is there anyone who would be keen to be a representative. Kenny offered to attend the next meeting on behalf of KDCC to see if it is something that we should be involved with.

14. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
No councillors in attendance. We have not had any councillor at the meeting for three months. The meeting expressed the hope that we can have an update at our meeting on June 16.

15. Correspondence
Ken said there had been an email from Sandy Henderson referring to alleged “criminal damage” on his land. Ken had circulated this to the councillors and Cllr Reid had agreed to follow up and replied suggesting progress had been made. It was pointed out that the Right to Roam legislation would apply and that “responsible access” is permitted.
Drew said that most of the correspondence is Covid-19 community information which he will forward.
The forum meeting schedule for June 3 to explain what is happening to community councils. Drew is happy to do that.

16. AOCB
Garioch Area Initiatives Fund is open for community-based initiatives to help local groups meet the needs of their communities. Funds of up to £5,000 are available for the chosen initiatives and applications are invited by August 31, to garioch@aberdeenshire.gov.uk. Ken asked people to think about potential opportunities. Derek suggested more defibrillators. Paul suggested we consider whether there are ways of giving people access to the River Don, the Rumbling Pot, or woods that are inaccessible because of fallen trees. It would be good to provide paths. Ken mentioned the long-standing ambition for a nature walk at Rollo Mire, in Kintore, but given that it would need to be a raised walkway, £5,000 would not go far. Derek said the clock at the Town House was wrong and wondered if it should be electrified. Drew said it was not an issue, normally, to manually wind – this was possibly something to look at along with the plans for the Town House.
Kenny picked up on the clock and said he thought it was quite historic. Drew said the date on the clock is 1774 and it was made by Hugh Gordon in Aberdeen. Ken said that at some point in the 19th century the clock face was changed from square to round. Drew thought the clock mechanism was original and the face had been changed.
Drew suggested Derek might join the rota for winding the clock. Derek said he was interested. Drew to follow up.
Paul said that the Public exhibition on the Kintore East development said that Carnie road was the access for Kintore East.
Paul said that the planning department would respond to a “service request” if we wanted further information on planning matters.

17. Date of next meeting - Tuesday, June 16.
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