Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council on March17, 2020.

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council
Held 7.00pm on 17 March 2020 in Kintore Primary School

1. Welcome
Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting

Ken McEwen, Kenny Thomson, Sheila Gray, Jess Lumsden, Drew Cullinane Ann Marston, Paul Davison, Alan Milne (Sandpiper Trust).
Coronavirus response section of meeting: Neil Meyer, Jan Guild, Richie Guild, Jeannette MacKay, Jay Mitchell, Laura Macgill
Police: No police in attendance

Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Glen Reid, Derek Lord, John Thomson

2. Police report
No police report received.

3. Declaration of interest:
No declarations of interest.

4. Minute of the Previous meeting
There were no corrections. Paul suggested taking the police report (when there is one) out of the body of the minutes. Agreed.
Matters arising: There was no news on The Bothie sign saga.
Approved by Ann Marston, seconded by Derek Logan.
Defibrillators would be discussed under the agenda item.
Ken contacted Scotrail, but so far nothing more than confirmation there would be an opening event.
In the absence of Derek Logan, Lesley Monaghan and Cllr Lonchay we assume the issues had been communicated.
Paul raised the matter of the Blackburn cycle track as he had some issue he wanted to raise with the councillors.
The minutes were approved by Drew Cullinane, seconded by Sheila Gray.

5. Treasurer’s Report
The balance of the KDCC account is £5847, with four transactions since February.Still waiting for a payment of £1000 which would be a donation by the Committee of the Flood Fund, Kenny Is trying to follow this, with the help of Cllr Baillie, bus so far no-one seems willing to discuss the outstanding payment. The balance of the Floral Displays Account is the same as at 30 October was £467.76.

6. Action Kintore
Rachel Lewis has been a self isolating as she had some symptoms. But there must be a question over the resumption of sessions. There is an Action Kintore meeting planned for Monday. The Town House project is moving ahead working towards preparing plans.
On the fundraising front ken explained he had set up Action Kintore as an Amazon Smile charity. Users of smile.amazon.co.uk can now select Action Kintore SCIO as their charity and Amazon will make a donation for every purchase (you need to go to smile.amazon.co.uk, not just amazone.co.uk and also not an app). Kenny added that there were now a number of cancelations coming in for events at The Bothie. This will mean loss of revenue for Action Kintore. Still examining ways to resolve the issue of hirers turning up the heating to full and not turning it down again. Drew said they had considered remote systems, external programmes and time switches and are waiting for a quote from an electrician.

7. Planning matters
ANM had applied for a large sign beside the Thainstone roundabout. Paul explained that KDCC had objected on the grounds that it could prove a traffic distraction. Four days after KDCC, Transport Scotland put in an objection.
Referring to an application for offices above The Square Bar, Paul said that Aberdeenshire Council’s roads department had made representation based on parking issues.
Paul referred to an application by Blue Manta to replace a temporary storage building near the Thainstone roundabout. He pointed out the scale of the proposed replacement was huge, he worked out it was 21 times bigger. In particular he was concerned at the proposed 13 metre height (twice the height of the current building), which would make it very intrusive. After discussion it was agreed that we should make representation. The meeting agreed that KDCC should make a representation.
SSE sub station at Leylodge. Drew had been to the exhibition and although it is a large area it is well screened. He added that moving from glass to gas insulators means it should be less intrusive and the aim is to reduce the site size.
Approval was given for change of use at South Cottown.
An application to extend a house’s internal garage was refused because a garage must be set back a minimum of 6 metres from the back of the footway.

8. Kintore Summer Festival
Kenny confirmed that the sites had been booked for KDCC and Action Kintore. At the moment all seems to be pressing ahead for May 30. Probably with a hot-dog stall.
Kenny has also spoken with the organisers about a large tent for defibrillator training. The response was positive.

9. Defibrillators
Kenny said the defibrillator sub-group had set the ambitious plan to install PADs in four new sites, Hallforest, Midmill, Kintore Primary School and Northern Road. The Facebook post resulted in a resident in Halforest, beside the target roundabout, offering his fence as a location for the Hallforest PAD. Rebecca Carr is happy for a PAD, but it is up to the landlord and factor to agree.
The Primary School looks good. For Northern Road another Facebook contact has suggested a possible site and Kenny if following up. Provost Lawrence Court is an alternative.
A donation of a fifth defibrillator has come from Paradigm at Thainstone, so that might go to Provost Lawrence Court.
An anonymous donor has agreed to pay for one and the Leo Group who own the rendering plant are keen to support.
Kenny said that, having started off looking for four new PADs, we could now have five. Plus there is the possibility that the PAD at the station site might be retained.
Kenny said that the training is somewhat uncertain due to the coronavirus measures. Alan said that as of this afternoon first responders had been withdrawn and Scottish Ambulance Service. If someone has a cardiac arrest it will only be SAS that responds. Ken clarified this was only during the current crisis.
Paul asked about the Thainstone area. Kenny said that this was very valid for ‘phase two’. Alan pointed out there is one at the mart, but probably in the building.
Ken said that KDCC should be most grateful for the work of Kenny and Alan in making such great progress and it will be important to carry out training as soon as possible. He said it was amazing what had been achieved in such a short time.
Alan said that the new PADs will be “semi automatic” rather than automatically shocking, the lead user will be asked to press the button. This is because of concerns that if a group of people gather round the victim, the operator should check that everyone is clear before the shock is given.

10. Correspondence
Drew said the Garioch Council forum meeting had been cancelled and, of courses, is likely now to be postponed again.
BT second round consultation about the removal of telephone boxes, notably the one behind the Town House in The Square. The deadline is the April 7. Ken pointed out that, although the boxes are under utilised, if someone has a dead battery in their phone, how do they call 999?
Home fire safety visits.
Aberdeenshire Council has kicked off the election process for KDCC. Existing members won’t need to go for election. Nominations should open on May 5 and close on May 26, but that is obviously needing confirmed in the light of the coronavirus situation.
Community resilience looking to identify gaps in local provision.

11. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ update
No councillors present.

12. AOCB

13. Date of next meeting TBA
Ken said the next couple of months looked very unlikely for community council meetings and he was looking at ways to keep people informed and make decisions using online resources.

14. Coronavirus response
Ken introduced The Rev Neil Meyer, minister of Kintore Kirk and explained that while KDCC how to respond to the Coronavirus COVID-19 threat, Drew had been speaking to the minister. He was already working with groups on plans to provide a local support network, so the obvious solution was to work together.

Neil explained that he became aware that some concerned citizens had started a Facebook group called “Lend a Hand KIntore” with people who wanted to help. At the time of the meeting, there were an amazing 531 people who have register to volunteer.

He said they were looking to put together a small coordinating team with the community council, the churches and Lend a Hand Kintore. Starting point is what people need. Looking at what is happening elsewhere and looking at what people need.

The two big issues, are:
If people are self-isolating they cannot get to the shops. Supermarket deliveries can go part of the way, but people need other things and there might not be the capacity. So we need a way of people getting their shopping without having to go out and interact with people.
Other things that people can’t get out to do, like posting letters.
Mental health side of things which is being combatted by telephone friending, speaking to people on the phone to make sure they know they are not alone.

Neil said that another issue in many areas is food poverty. While he was not saying that Kintore did not have food poverty, his investigations suggest it is pretty much under control. At the moment it doesn’t seem to be the most urgent need, although the situation could change.

Prescription deliveries is another area to be examined. Kintore Pharmacy say they are currently coping with demand, but again this situation could change.

Kenny mentioned that there are companies, like Wiltshire who have a local base in Ellon, who will deliver frozen meals.

Another raised was attending appointments. Neil said the group would look at that, but it created all sorts of issues as there would be close contact with others in a car. Sheila said that the WRVS had stopped any transport for this very reason. Pets needing walks was another issue to consider.

Jess said library books was another thing to consider and newspapers as well.

Neil then talked about strategy. Volunteers need to be told to look after themselves, volunteers are needed to keep well.
First thing is to tell the community to look after each other.
We should focus on people who are not being cared for in that way - isolated people who have no local connections or family. There are a number of these who are already known to the church.
Need to get in contact with social services and social care network, if anyone can put the group in contact with them.
Provost Lawrence and Airlie House they say they don’t have a combined strategy and they would welcome a letter through the door. They may be a particular case, because they have closed down some levels of visiting. Sheila also reported that they had stopped the bus boing to Inverurie. Neil said that they had stopped activities and Jess added that there will be no SHOs on duty from tomorrow’s date and the rest of the staff will be on telephone.
Neil pointed out we also need to consider what we do if a person who supports an elderly person has to self isolate.
Then there are people who may respond to a leaflet drop and say that they need help.

For communication there is the Lend-a-Hand Kintore Facebook page, but it was pointed out that areas like Sunnyside have their own Facebook page. Plus, there is kintore.org.uk community website and its Kintore Facebook page. But, of course, not everyone is on Facebook and don’t use websites. We need to consider other communication.

Neil said that some training may be needed for people who are responding, supporting or communicating with people they do not know. For that we need to consider GDPR. Also need to make sure everyone knows about the precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

For telephone befriending, there is a different kind of skill involved. People will be talking about private matters. Need to make sure we protect people. The churches can help with this because pastoral care is their ‘bread and butter’. It will also be important to know when matters should be referred to social services.

Neil said the initial feeling was that telephone would be the main way of connecting and Neil has a telephone that will be passed round for first responses. Communication between volunteers would probably be by Facebook. But, Neil cautioned regarding the danger that the social media becomes just general chat and “inspirational” quotes. The danger is that this would clutter up the communication and risk people getting fatigued by the number of posts, possibly that is a separate Facebook page.

Neil suggested a leaflet drop around Kintore, in addition to the Facebook page. He pointed out that strategy may need to change as things progress.

There appears to be confusion as to whether people over 70 are being asked to self-isolate. The Scottish Government, who have responsibility for health, has said that they will not enforce self-isolation for over 70s, but saying that over 70s should reduce social contact.

There is an issue be resolved about payment for goods that are collected and delivered, given that exchanging cash would introduce possible infection risks. Also after some time those who are self-isolating may have no cash left. This needs further thought.

Neil said that video is one way to resolve feelings of social isolation, without adding infection risk. So we should think of ‘fun ways to be together’ without physically being together.

Ken thanked everyone for for the swiftness of response. The 2015 consultation on Kintore highlighted that on of the top likes about Kintore was that it was a real community. The response to this COVID-19 crisis has proven that once again.
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