Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on June 16, 2020

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council meeting
Held 7.00pm on 16 June 2020 by video conference

1. Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting. In particular he welcomed Rev Neil Meyer from Kintore Parish Church, Alan Milne who had been so involved in the defibrillator programme, Bill Duthie and Jamie Grant who were also keen to get involved.

Ken also explained that a new item on the Local Development Plan had been added to the agenda.

Present: Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Dominic Lonchay, Ken McEwen, Kenny Thomson, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston, Paul Davison, Derek Logan, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Rachel Lewis, Bill Duthie, Jamie Grant, Alan Milne, Lesley Monaghan
Apologies:, Cllr Martin Ford, Fergus Hood, Sheila Gray,
Police: No police in attendance
Declarations of interest: none

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
These had been circulated.

3. Matters arising:
Paul has not had a reply about archive material.
Paul will prepare a draft response to the LDP for the next meeting to be submitted by July 31 deadline.
A response had been submitted for the Blue Manta storage yard at Thainstone.
The minutes were approved by Drew Cullinane and seconded by Ann Marston.

4. Police report
A copy of the police report will be circulated with this minute.

5. Local Development Plan
Cllr Dominic Lonchay had arranged for Ailsa Anderson and Mairi Stewart from Aberdeenshire Council to do a presentation on the LDP. Mairi explained that Aberdeenshire Council is required to produce an LDP every five years and there are many different stages until the plan is adopted. Currently in the consultation stage. The proposed plan went to the full council in March and the members agreed that the LDP would be the “settled view of the council”. The public consultation had been due to start in April, but because of the Coronavirus situation this was postponed. Emergency legislation in the Scottish Parliament gave local authorities scope to carry out more digitally. The new digital consultation started on May 24 and is now in its fourth week. It has just been decided to extend this by a further two weeks to July 31. Mairi explained that they understood not everyone could access information on the web and they were making sure they took a balanced approach between digital and other means of participation in the consultation.

The LDP dedicated page for the consultation is https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/planning/plans-and-policies/pldp-2020/. There is a section for resources and a ‘virtual drop-in platform’ which tries to replicate the meetings that the council would have had with communities.

At this point Ailsa was due to take over, but a technical issue meant she had no sound, so Mairi continued. There is a regular newsletter that people can register for. Once the consultation is complete the council will respond to representations and the LDP, the responses and Aberdeenshire Council’s responses will go to a Scottish Government Reporter who will examine the plan. This is expected to begin early next year, leading to adoption of the new LDP late next year.

The link ‘Proposed Local Development Plan and supporting documents’ is where you access the plan and supporting documents. There is also the link ‘Interactive online Proposed Local Development Plan’ aims to make it easier to look at the plan. There are interactive settlement maps, including, under Garioch, one for Kintore. There is also a poster with details of the Kintore proposals. The council has also gone out to primary and secondary schools to get them engaged. There is also a virtual representation of how the public meetings would have looked. There are telephone numbers and email addresses for those who want to contact that way. Response information: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/planning/plans-and-policies/pldp-2020/how-to-respond/

Ken thanked Mairi and Ailsa very much for their presentation. Kenny agreed and said he thought the presentation had been excellent.

6. Urgent business
No urgent business.

7. Treasurer’s report
Kenny reported that £916.62 was credited to the community council account, as the 2020 Council Grant following acceptance of KDCCs Accounts submitted for year end 31 March. This brings the total of the community council account balance to £5,323.63. £2,000 of that is ringfenced grant, to support the response to the coronavirus through the Lend A Hand Kintore organisation which is run by KDCC, Kintore Parish Church and Kintore Community Church. There are no outstanding bills to be paid and the true and useable balance of the KDCC Account is therefore £3323.63.

The balance of the Floral Displays Account as shown in the last statement, dated 29 May was £1156.62
Recent transactions have included pay ins of donations from the few businesses still open. A decision has been made by Ainslie and his team to go ahead with summer planting this year. Members may have noticed tubs and planters now have summer plants in them. Due to hanging baskets being prepared by volunteering couples (so social distancing not an issue), 22 hanging baskets are ready to be hung on their brackets. Collecting cans are now out in J&G Dossett for donations to pay the additional costs, since Aberdeenshire Council are not providing plants this year.

Financial Reports for both Accounts for the year ended 31 March have been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council.

8. Planning matters
Paul will prepare a response for the LDP for the next meeting to reach the council by the closing date of July 31. The main concern is encroachment on Tuach Hill.
New dwelling house on a site on Gauchhill Road. Paul has noted that a mature tree has been felled and he feels a representation should be made regarding this. Alan said the tree had a hole in the middle of about six or eight inches and it could have become a hazard. Paul noted this, but thought that tree felling should not have taken place in the midst of a planning application on the site, although there was no preservation order and it was not a conservation area. Kenny suggested submitting an observation rather than an objection, this was agreed.
Retrospective application for workshops on agricultural land at Aquherton. Aberdeenshire Council planning have recommended refusal.
The Garioch Area Committee will consider the masterplan for the greenfield site opposite the new Kintore Station alongside Bridgealehouse. This was designated as employment land but the master plan appears to be principally housing with a small number of employment units. Ken recalled an Aberdeenshire Council planning official saying he could envisage people arriving back at Kintore Station in the evening and crossing the road to do shopping, or go for a meal. He said he was therefore taken aback when Monarch Developments showed their masterplan in the Kintore Public Hall and it turned out to be all housing, apart from workshops in the outbuildings of Bridgealehouse. This seemed like a travesty of the description “employment land”. There followed suggestions the land could be used for allotments or for community buyout, but it was stated that the timescale was against up (but allotments could be raised again – as they had been before – at a subsequent KDCC meeting. After further discussion and with the encouragement of both councillors at the meeting it was agreed Paul should express our disappointment at the masterplan being predominantly housing either by email or, preferably if allowed, by representation.
Paul raised the cycle track from Kintore to Blackburn which is going to come up at the Garioch Area Committee. He had concerns about the Straik road. Glen said this Straik route is definitely going ahead as a leisure cycle route to Blackburn, the question for the GAC is whether the commuter cycle route should be the Straik one or the other proposal alongside the A96. Paul’s concern is that upgrading the Straik road could become a vehicle rat run, unless it was blocked off. Glen will bring that up.

9. Lend a Hand Kintore update
Neil reported that Lend a Hand Kintore is going well and running pretty much on a shoestring. The biggest expenditure was the publication of a special edition of Kintore Konnect focussing on help available during the coronavirus lockdown and promoting local businesses that are open and the services they offer. The matters that Lend a Hand Kintore are helping with are shopping, collection prescriptions, transporting people. We now have a detailed volunteer pack that is so good that it has been passed on to the Red Cross and the Grampian Hub. Kintore Konnect was distributed throughout Kintore. Neil suspected that there may be more issues after lockdown so there is an expectation that there will be a need for Lend a Hand Kintore after lockdown. Ken thanked Neil and Lend a Hand Kintore.

10. Action Kintore/The Bothie update
Rachel said there is not a lot to report as The Bothie is closed but she has been keeping in touch through videoconferencing. There had been a suggestion of creating packs to spread a bit of kindness because some of them are in a vulnerable group. Dominic asked how much Rachel was looking for and he and Glen suggested that the Common Good Fund or the Garioch Area Fund. Rachel will contact.
Kenny said there was some practical work needed. Weeding at the back, plus painting and practical jobs. Anyone interested in helping contact Kenny.
Derek has an estimate for the heating control – this will be considered by Action Kintore.
The Town House project is getting tenders in for drawing up the plans as part of the asset transfer.

11. Defibrillator sub group
Not much to report this month after the amazing success of the programme with three of the four new defibrillators installed. The Midmill one will follow when the regulations allow. One will be fitted somewhere at the railway station and we will then have six defibrillators in the community. Alan said the defibrillators will need pads and batteries replaced from early next year, with the first being the Co-op in January followed by the one in The Square.

12. Community Council election / recruitment / chairperson
Aberdeenshire Council are hoping to have the community council election in September which would then put our AGM to October. We have three people interested in joining Alan Milne, Bill Duthie and Jamie Grant. We have two vacancies and it is hoped that we could get the numbers for the community council raised on the basis of the population increase. Neil said the church were keen to be part of the meetings. Ken said that the meetings are normally public but it could be formalised with a regular representative(s) becoming associate members, or if the numbers are increased, they could be co-opted.Drew asked if the three new attendees were interested in joining KDCC and they confirmed they would at the moment we could draw names and two could be co-opted and the third would be an associate until we can hopefully increase the number of members. Drew will follow up the increase in numbers with Aberdeenshire Council and also raise the matter of church representation as whether co-option or associate is best route.

13. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
Glen said seasonal garden waste was now at Midmill. Grass cutting was resuming but it was more difficult due to social distancing. It won’t be as regular as normal but it has resumed.
Glen said Kintore Station work is expected to start soon and should be complete in 11 to 15 weeks from the restart. He has raised the matter of defibrillators and he is also proposing an electric bike charging facility.
Glen raised the matter of the Phoenix Fund, which is a fund set up by Aberdeenshire Council to help communities come back after coronavirus. There is £5,000 allocated for Kintore to help local business and help market Kintore. Drew has the letter and Kenny wondered how specific the response had to be. After discussion it was agreed that Action Kintore should make the approach.
Dominic said Aberdeenshire Council only doing essential business and life will never be the same again and the council will have to make savings in services.

14. Correspondence
Phil Kelman had written to KDCC asking about ownership of Tuach Burn as he was keen to organise some environmental project to clean up the burn. John said that, in 2016, he and a few others have done some clean up taking out logs and debris out of the burn, but SEPA seemed to be more concerned about intervention. Kenny suggested a sub-group be asked to contact Phil and look at the issues surrounding any environmental clean up. Jamie, Lesley, Bill and Alan volunteered to form a group and draw in others from KDCC and councillors as required.
Recycling centres now open again and it needs to be booked. Garden waste at Midmill as Glen said.
An email thanking Kintore for the proposed Lawn Mower Challenge.
LDP extended as discussed earlier.
Community councillor guidance. Drew will circulate.

15. AOCB
Kintore Fireworks on Friday, November 6. Kenny said that some of the profit from the Fireworks could go towards defibrillator replacements. Kenny said it was important to know that we can staff the event, so that we can decide if we are going to go for it and pay the deposit (if it can’t go ahead because of coronavirus, the deposit will be carried forward to 2021) Kenny said it would be a big event if it can go ahead and it could be done with social isolation. Ken said it was important to consider succession planning as the organisation has been done by Kenny and Brian, with others getting involved at the event. Kenny will pay the deposit.
Paul was concerned about a wall at Crichiebank where trees were being taken down and a rather nice wall had been demolished. Lesley thought the land was owned by Kirkwood. Paul and Lesley will follow up.
Paul said he was concerned about digging at the Town Park site and wondered if anyone knew what was happening as they don’t have any planning permission for that site yet. Lesley said she had also noticed the activity. Kenny said just ask the workmen or the council may be able to ask. Paul will try to establish.
Lesley asked why the garden waste had moved from Kintore Primary School to Midmill School 1pm-4pm which was a good location. Special request not to arrive early due to set-up. Drew said the length of the queue was the reason, because of the longer time due to social distancing. Rachel said it was also because Kintore Primary School was currently being used as a weekend hub and they are wanting to limit the number of people.

16. Date of next meeting - Tuesday, July 21



Community Council: Generic
Reporting Period: May/June 2020
Previous Reporting Period: April/May 2020

Current Policing Priorities:
Our current priorities have been geared towards the current situation in relation to coronavirus.
Community Reassurance:
People: Hi-Vis patrols in order to maintain public confidence and protecting people through Engage, Educate and Encourage.
Property: In line with the above to ensure the security of property.
These will likely change in due course and fall back to more traditional priorities based on crime patterns and community need.
Crime Overview and Explanation:

Assault – Includes all recorded instances of violence.
Housebreaking – includes all break in’s to domestic and commercial premises, including attempted break in’s.
Public Nuisance – All youth annoyance and calls in relation to anti-social behaviour.
Road Traffic – all calls in relation to Road Traffic Offences (speeding, illegal parking, obstruction etc).
Drugs – all reports incidents in relation to drugs dealing and use.
This reporting period has seen:
1 Assault which was of a domestic nature, a 23 years old male has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
1 x Attempted Housebreaking – damage to the rear door of a property in Kintore.
Public Nuisance
Throughout this reporting period there has been no reported crimes in relation to public nuisance. Officers have attended several nuisance type and assist members of public calls however none of these resulted in crimes.
Road Traffic Offences
There have been 2 instances of Drug driving, one on the A96 at Kintore and one near to Sainsbury’s.
Speeding on the B977 Kintore to Dunecht Road in the 40s. 24 and 28 year old male reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
There have been 2 instances of drugs being recovered through the postal system. Drugs have been posted and intercepted at the Kintore Post Office.
Possession of Cannabis at an address in Kintore. A 43 year old female was issued with a recorded Police Warning.
Significant crime/issues within your community:
During the reporting period, there have been no significant crimes or highlighted issues of concern.
Planned Community Policing Activity/Advice:
During this reporting period we are carrying out high visibility patrols in all areas of the community and carrying out numerous checks on retail premises.
Again, with Coronavirus there is no planned operations.
As ever, I would encourage your community to ensure all car and house doors are locked and keys secured, prior to going to bed. A locked door is the most effective way of preventing your property becoming victim to crime.
I would also remind your community to call the police in the event they witness a criminal act, and not merely post about it on social media. It is much easier for us to deal with crime, if it is reported direct to us at the time of occurrence.
Continuing on, the community should be remained to stay aware of scam type calls and be aware that people are using the COVID-19 situation to try and exploit members of our communities.
Again, the majority of our focus over this period has been relating to Coronavirus. As such it has been a fairly quiet reporting period with no major crimes or incidents of note.
Community Policing will continue to focus on reassurance and patrolling during this time.

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