Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council on February 18, 2020.

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council
Held 7.00pm on 18 February 2020 in Kintore Primary School

1. Welcome
Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. Present:
Ken McEwen, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Derek Logan, Drew Cullinane, Lesley Monaghan, John Thomson, Paul Davison, Kenny Thomson, Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Dominic Lonchay,
Alan Milne (Sandpiper Trust).
Agile Energy Presentation: Graeme Taylor, Alf Robertson, Steven Park (Liberty One Communications)
Police: No police in attendance

3. Apologies
Cllr Fergus Hood, Jess Lumsden

4. Police report
Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder: 
  • On 11 January 2020, a female in her 40s was issued with a Recorded Police Warning regarding possession of Cannabis on Carnie Brae, Kintore.
  • On 18 January 2020, a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal regarding threatening and abusive behaviour and assaulting a Police Officer on Carnie Brae, Kintore.
  • On 18 January 2020, a female was reported to the Procurator fiscal for an Assault and threatening and abusive behaviour within a property on School Road, Kintore.
  • On 27 January 2020 a 12 year old boy was reported to the Youth Justice Management Unit regarding lighting a fire on Castle Walk, Kintore.
  • On 7 February 2020 a vandalism incident occurred at J&G Dossett, The Square, Kintore.  Enquiries are ongoing into this.
  • On 10 February 2020 a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal regarding Dangerous Driving, Possession of a knife, Possession of Cannabis and Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice on School Road and Hallforest Avenue, Kintore.
Acquisitive Crime:
  • On 18 January 2020, a Theft by shoplifting occurred at Sainsbury’s, Midmill Parade, Kintore where wine was stolen.  This enquiry is ongoing.
  • On 28 January 2020, a Theft by shoplifting occurred at the Co-op, Northern Road, Kintore, a suspect has been identified and enquiries are ongoing.
Road Safety & road crime:
  • On 16 January 2020 a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal for having no insurance on his vehicle on School Road, Kintore.
  • On 22 January 2020 a male was issued with an Anti-Social Behaviour Warning regarding driving standards on the A96 near Kintore.
  • On 22 January 2020 a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal regarding Dangerous Driving on the A96 near Kintore.
  • On 22 January 2020 a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal regarding having no insurance on his vehicle on the A96.
  • On 4 February 2020 a male was charged regarding drink driving on the A96 near Kintore.
  • On 9 February 2020 a male was charged regarding drink driving on the A96 near Kintore.
Scam calls/email/workmen:
These continue to be prevalent in the area and it’s a reminder to be vigilant and that banks will never call and request money to be transferred.

5. Declaration of interest:
As nearby residents, Ken declared his interest in the violet option and Paul for the orange option of the A96 dualling.

6. Minute of the Previous meeting
There were no points raised.

7. Matters arising
  • Cllr Ford had spoken to council officials about The Bothie road sign. For some unknown reason, a sign giving the actual name of the premises does not comply, so while a generic “Scout Hut” sign is OK, one referring to the premises name may not be. It was agreed that something like “Youth centre” would at least allow people to look for that generic sign to get to The Bothie. We will watch developments.
  • Paul was concerned that the decision to approve the B987/B994 roundabout application was based on data analysis assuming 150 houses for Woodside Croft and 600 homes for Kintore East. Woodside Croft was now expected to have 207 homes and the new LDP will allocate 1,000 houses for Kintore East. Cllr Ford pointed out that developers could only be asked to contribute to infrastructure of immediate developments, not for projected future numbers. He also said that the developers still had the option to install a signalised junction.
  • Defibrillators would be discussed under the agenda item.
  • Cllr Ford had spoken to officials about the crossing at Kintore Business Park. The problem was a field access which meant that the crossing could not move further from the road.

8. Approval of minute of the previous meeting
Approved by Ann Marston, seconded by Derek Logan

9. Treasurer’s Report
The date of the last Bank statement was two weeks ago, 5 February 2020, and the balance of the Account on that date was £6222.66, exactly £200 less than the balance as of 3 January. The £200 comprised of 2 cheques. £50 was issued to Ainslie Reid, for the Kintore Floral Group. The second cheque was for £150 issued to Kintore Scout Group and one of the donations to the youth organisations for helping at the fireworks event. Still expected to come our way is £1000 as a donation from the Committee of the Flood Fund, as part compensation for the money this Committee spent on the installation of an emergency generator alongside the Public Hall.

The balance of the Floral Displays Account remains the same as at 30 October – £467.76.

10. Action Kintore
There have been issues with users of The Bothie turning up the heating, leaving it on overnight and draping towels over the heaters. The Action Kintore trustees are looking at ways to clamp down on this misuse. Suggestions include:
  • Fitting a timer that would turn off power to the heating overnight (although this would probably need to have a frost over-ride).
  • Remote heating control.
  • Changing to renewable heating by way of a heat pump.

There have been some issues with a non-Bothie youth group using the premises. Derek, as a near neighbour, had not noted a problem.

On the Town House, progress continues and a potential funding supporter for the preparation of plans has highlighted the need for public consultation to be demonstrated. Accordingly a public survey has been produced and will be posted shortly.

11. Planning matters
An application from Premier Coaches to add a 7m extension to one of their buildings. Paul felt there should be an objection from KDCC on the basis that they needed to say what it would entail in additional traffic. Ken asked if this would mean us lodging an objection. Paul confirmed it would require an objection. Kenny asked if there was any evidence that there would be an increase in fleet size. Drew said it was an increase of around 130 square metres. After discussion it was agreed to take no action. Paul asked for his concern to be minuted.
An application is being submitted by Blue Manta International Ltd for a storage building to replace a temporary building at Thainstone. Again no action proposed from KDCC.

12. Agile Energy: Energy from Waste
Alf Robertson and Graeme Taylor directors of Agile Energy and Steven Park from Liberty One Communications attended the meeting to tell the community council more about the Energy from Waste plant that is proposed for ten acres of the PM4 site and CHP plant of the former paper mill. The site is within the Kintore and District Community Council area.

Agile Energy was founded in 2013 by Ian Skene and Graeme Taylor, who are both local Aberdeenshire entrepreneurs. Alf Robertson, also from Aberdeenshire, joined the business in 2016. The project has been developed using personal resources raising the funding for the planning has come from a group of 35 investors, mostly based in Scotland. The project has strong support from landlord, Kirkwood Commercial Park. The project will address the pressing need for waste facilities to replace landfill, which will be banned after 2025. The team said that the plant would have highly efficient technology producing 35MWe from 200,000 tonnes of waste. The directors said the operations would be well below the allowable emissions. They had chosen technology that does not produce NOx and the whole operation would be low-carbon. The company is working with the University of Aberdeen on carbon capture, turning CO2 into carbonates, providing the base for things like toothpaste and make-up.

The vision is for an integrated energy park with complementary businesses, located together close to the site. The power plant will use 200,000 tonnes of biodegradable residual waste to produce 35MW of electricity and up to 70MW of hot water – enough for 50,000 homes. The most important thing for a Kintore is the heating system. The project has formed a cooperative that will be owned by the community and profits from selling the heat will go back into the community and the company will give the heat free of charge to the cooperative. The heat would be delivered in Inverurie, Kintore an Blackburn, supplemented by the use of heat batteries. Hydrogen from the plant can be used for buses, agriculture. There is even interest in the heat enabling the farming of warm water prawns.

A proposal of Application Notice (PoAN) and scoping report was submitted to Aberdeenshire Council in October 2019. The company is currently undertaking a pre-application consultation process and a first phase planning application will follow in April. The first round of exhibitions took place in early December and 81 people attended the three events. Steven Park said that the main concerns had been noise, emissions, odour and deliveries of waste. The second round of exhibitions is planned for late March/early April.

The project represents a £200 million investment and it is estimated it will create 300 jobs in construction over 2½ years, followed by 40 permanent jobs and more in support. Additional employment is anticipated in the Local District Heating operation.

In answer to Cllr Lonchay the team explained they had to concentrate on materials that cannot be recycled. Cllr Ford said he had been at a meeting where it was proposed that materials that were not recyclable, such as paper bonded to plastic, should be stopped. Secondly, he said that building the heat distribution network would be a huge undertaking. Inevitably, therefore, Agile Energy may give the heat away, but by the time it gets distributed it will have considerable costs to bear. Cllr Reid asked if Kemnay could be included in the cooperative’s heating plans and asked who had been appointed to that board. The Agile Energy team gave the names of those currently on the board and said that they would like to include Kemnay in the programme. Paul asked about water content, temperature control and concerns about a blind spot on the access road.

13. Kintore Summer Festival - KDCC participation
Kenny confirmed that he had submitted an application for a stall. Ann, Lesley, Ken and Lesley McEwen and Kenny have all volunteered for the day.

14. Defibrillators
Alan Milne is one of the community responders for the Sandpiper Trust in the area including Kintore. He explained that the Sandpiper Trust ‘Wildcat’ project will be ending in March or April this year and will be amalgamated into the Scottish Ambulance Service response. He explained that there are about half a dozen volunteer responders in the immediate area. Anyone calling with a report of cardiac arrest, heart attack or chest pains will be notified to these responders.

Alan’s concern is that Kintore has only one accessible public defibrillator, where a small village like Johnshaven has three. There are many other defibrillators in Kintore, but they are hidden in premises and not available out-of-hours. Unfortunately, those who have been approached about making their defibrillators publicly accessible have refused.

Cllr Reid pointed out that potential partners for providing more defibrillators have included the new station and the Leo Group and, if the community council can arrange one for the Kintore Primary School, the council will pay for the connection. Alan said it was great to see how Kintore came together to get the Christmas Lights renewed. We now need to get similar support for provision of accessible defibrillators. The training can be handled by the volunteers and will not cost the community.

Kenny proposed that “as a statement of intent” that the community council commit to buying two defibrillators. This was agreed. Glen will speak to the council about the school and to Sainsbury’s. Paul raised the question of a code being required for access. The current defibrillator in The Square has no code and Ken said he preferred that access was immediate without complications of codes, but where an access code is required this is provided by the 999 operator. Paul highlighted the problem of someone without a mobile phone, or a dead battery.

It was agreed to set up a sub-group to look at the provision of defibrillators. Kenny agreed to form a sub-group and the following people agreed to join the group: Glen (as a citizen, not a councillor), Alan Ann, John, Paul, Derek and Ken.

15. Kintore Station
The new Kintore Station will be operational from Sunday, May 17. After a communication glitch due to the spelling of a name in an email address, Scotrail have confirmed that Kintore Floral Group will be welcome to get involved in providing floral displays.

There had been some suggestion of getting some celebration, or street party. Kenny said has not been progressed, but the Kintore Summer Festival is just a couple of weeks after the opening and it could be one of the themes for the festival. Ken thought there must be something proposed for an opening. We should keep a lookout for any news on that front as it would be nice to do something to mark the event. Ken will contact Tracy Stevenson at Scotrail.

16. A96 Dualling
A96 Action has its AGM on Saturday.

17. Community council recruitment/chairperson
We need to get extra community council members. Lesley said she has asked two people about standing as chair person.

18. Correspondence
  • Webinar taking place ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Tuesday 25th Feb, copied to everyone by Drew.
  • Community Council Forum March 4 7pm in the Ury Room at Gordon House. Drew has circulated. Paul and Drew will probably attend.
  • Review of polling districts and places circulated by Drew, for March 17.
  • National Planning Frameworks 4 circulated by Drew.
  • VE Day celebrations - agreed to take no action as it is largely a national event.
  • Community council elections - Drew will seek to clarify. (Note post meeting Dominic Lonchay has spoken with her and there could be an election as we have vacancies.)

19. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ update
  • In addition to speaking about the defibrillator, Cllr Reid had spoken with people at Scotrail about a familiarisation session for children and adults special needs to have a look-around before the opening.
  • Cllr Reid said the leisure cycle route between a Kintore and Blackburn will be open in the spring, it is 6km. Looking at whether this round could also be suitable as a cycle commuter route.
  • Cllr Reid said the problems with the Boat of Kintore level crossing should be fixed and it should not be closed for so long. When the station is open, the crossing will close as the train leaves Kintore station. It will still be closed more than before as there will be up to eight trains an hour in both directions, compared to two. The Kintore benches will not be on the station itself, but in a floral area beside the station.
  • Cllr Reid reported the site of the former public toilet is to be offered, but it is a small site.
  • Cllr Reid reported a feasibility study for Kemnay to Kintore cycling route should be completed in the spring.
  • Cllr Reid said the Kintore Primary School traffic calming should be coming before the committee this month for completion August/September 2020. The plan now is to have two raised “speed tables” either side of the actual crossing.

20. AOCB
  • Derek has been talking to the council regarding about on-street parking being handed over as part of decriminalising. It will probably taken about 18 months. Cllr Lonchay said it is still being debated.
  • Derek said as you come down Forest Road there is a ‘Keep Left’ sign, but he keeps coming across vehicles heading east on the section between the Town House and Dossets. Ken said there is no sign prohibiting people turning left from the car parking to head that way. So it is certainly not clear that this is a formal one-way section.
  • Derek said there are disabled parking places on Northern Road, but it is only marked on the road with no standing sign. So disabled parking can’t be enforced.
  • Derek also raised the bus stops opposite T-junction at Forest Road and at the other end of Northern Road.
  • Derek expressed concern about people stopping on zig-zag crossing markings. Ken said stopping on crossing zig-zags was a much more serious offence than stopping on yellow lines, yet people continue to treat them like yellow lines!
  • Derek was also concerned about the state of the pavement on Forest Road from Dossets past Mohr to the telephone exchange. This was a particularly problem for people in wheel chairs or mobility scooters. Derek has written to the roads department, but has had no response. Ken reminded people that Martin said reporting things online was best way to get a prompt reaction and response.
  • Cllr Lonchay asked Derek to email him details of these issues and he will follow up.
  • Lesley raised concerns about the kerbing ‘peninsulas’ sticking out into the road with black posts with no reflectors. She felt the posts should be white and with appropriate red and white reflectors on them. They keep getting knocked down. The bollard that was knocked down before Christmas has still not been replaced. Cllr Lonchay passed on his email and asked Lesley to contact him.

Date of next meeting 17 March 2020.
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