Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council on April 21, 2020.

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council meeting
Held 7.00pm on 21 April 2020 by video conference
Matters arising in bold

1. Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Present: Ken McEwen, Kenny Thomson, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston, Paul Davison, Lesley Monaghan (part of meeting)
Apologies: Cllr Glen Reid, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford, Jess Lumsden, Sheila Gray, John Thomson (tried to connect to meeting but had technical issues with the video conference).
Police: No police in attendance
Declarations of interest: none

2. Minutes of the previous meeting
Matters arising:
Paul Davison had some matters regarding the Kintore to Blackburn cycleway that he wanted to raise with councillors. This would have to be carried forward to the May meeting.
KDCC had made representation about the height of the planned Blue Manta building at Thainstone.
These changes having been noted the minutes were approved by Drew, seconded by Ann.

3. Police report
A copy of the police report will be circulated with this minute.

4. Urgent business
No urgent business.

5. Treasurer’s report
Balance on the account has gone up a little bit since the treasurers report that was circulated about a week ago. An application was submitted by Lend a Hand Kintore for £2,000 support and this has now gone into the account and is expected to go to the Kintore Church account for use by Lend a Hand Kintore. Drew said that, following a conversation with Neil Meyer, it was agreed that money should stay in the KDCC account until it is needed. Defibrillators have been paid.

The Floral Displays account the balance is £422 and it is going to be difficult to get support with so many businesses shut down. First Photographic and Station Garage have given £40 each. Kenny has spoken with Kintore Fundraising Team who have given a donation of £200 plus they offered a loan of £1,000 from the fundraising team to help while the Floral Group seek support. It was agreed that this was a magnificent support and brought the balance of the account to a level that would be required to buy plants. Drew pointed out the Aberdeenshire Council are not supplying bedding plants this year.

6. Planning matters
Current applications: Paul gave details of current planning applications. He also highlighted that approval had been given to the formation of a second roundabout at the junction of the B987 and B944 and said he suspected this would go ahead as it would provide access to the proposed housing development. He reported that the application for the proposed signboard on the A96 at Thainstone had been withdrawn and that the various unofficial signs had been removed. He also noted that land had been transferred for Kintore Railway Station.
Paul is going to take a close look at an application just in today, regarding landscaping on Thainstone Hill. Paul will report back.
Agile Energy public consultation is open until this Friday (April 24). Paul has distributed a sheet with some of the concerns and questions that should be asked. The planning application is expected next month (May). One point is that the Energy Park is called Inverurie Energy Park when it is not in Inverurie, but actually in KDCC’s territory. Thainstone would be a more logical name. Paul will put together some notes for Friday. Ken urged people to respond individually.
Paul reported that documents seem to have been removed from the Aberdeenshire Council website. He will write to the new head of planning and ask how we can get this archive material.
Local Development Plan 2021:
This will go through a consultation process and ultimately to the Reporter. Intrigued by how the LDP evolved, Paul produced the composite documents that he circulated showing what had been removed, what had been added and what had been changed. Ken commented that it had been a very interesting document. The bit that really concerns is the OP5 site which is on formerly protected land adjacent to School Road and the assumption that this site would be where the access road for Kintore East would head down, across a bridge and across Tuach Hill. Paul said this should be opposed in consultation and later with the Reporter, if necessary. Kenny said there was no road across the Tuach Burn when Kintore East was originally discussed.

This is something that has been opposed by KDCC over the years. An alternative access for Kintore East would be to extend Carnie Road, but the developer would want the road to jump off from OP5 to drive traffic to the “neighbourhood centre”. Ken thanked Paul for the obvious effort that had gone into the production of the document.

Ken also highlighted that Aberdeenshire Council had removed the reference to a supermarket at the Gateway Kintore site, despite more than a thousand people calling for a supermarket there. Whether a developer would put a supermarket on the site is another matter, but reference to it should not have been taken out of the LDP without consultation with KDCC.
Paul said that the appearance of OP14 a halting site for gypsy/travellers is also causing concern particularly locally in Thainstone.

Paul said that Kintore East should be self-contained as Kintore could not cope with additional people. Ken said that, while we may not want 1000 more houses, if it is going to happen anyway as looks likely, we should look at the positives. It will make it much more likely that we shall see a Kintore Academy, better sports facilities including a swimming pool, a full-size supermarket maybe even a filling station again (at last). It could also make our local businesses considerably more viable, plus more people for Kintore organisations, including KDCC!

Kenny urged vigilance because the ultimate goal of developers would be houses on the slope of Tuach Hill, which could prover very lucrative. Ken agreed and said that he was sure no-one involved with KDCC would countenance building on the slopes of Tuach Hill. The danger is that developers start, little by little, nibbling at the fringes of Tuach Hill and we need to remain vigilant to stop any incursion. Paul agreed and said we must stop any road from OP5 to Kintore East. This was enthusiastically agreed by all.

7. Lend a Hand Kintore update
The information this week from Lend a Hand Kintore was: 60 requests in total – 5 by email, 6 referred by Grampian Hub, 13 by phone. More than half of the total requests were repeat contacts (37). One person has had 23 requests met (but that involves a prescription delivery 6 days out of 7, coordinated with her key worker). 37 prescription deliveries, 16 shopping requests, 6 appointment transport, 1 pet. 15 volunteers used. Ken said we should assume that matters may still get worse, before we see an improvement.

Drew pointed out that this definitely could get worse. People may have been paid for March, but they might not get paid in April or May. There are also issues with transporting people in ordinary cars from the social distancing perspective. Looking at masks, or minibuses. Derek asked if Dial-a-bus was still in operation.

Ann reported that there had been a call to Lend a Hand Kintore from a person whose heating had broken down, seeking suggestions of a plumber or someone who could help. Disappointingly, she reported that no-one had got back to this person. Drew will raise the question.

On the subject of supporting the community, Paul wanted to record appreciation of the way that J&G Dossett are supporting the community with deliveries, during the coronavirus lockdown.
8. Action Kintore/The Bothie update
Everything is closed at the moment due to the current lockdown. It was agreed it would be safe now to shut down the heating, unless we get an exceptionally severe frost. Drew will organise.

9. Defibrillator sub group
Kenny reported that the KDCC agreement to fund two defibrillators really kick-started the plans to install more PADs in Kintore. There had been two donations of individual PADs, one from Paradigm Flow Services and another from an anonymous donor. Finding locations went well, thanks to social media. The one at Hallforest has gone live, with the generous support of the householder and Paul Johnstone Electrical, the PAD at Kintore Primary School should go live next week, with Midmill and Northern Road to follow. Ken said the people of Kintore should be grateful to Kenny, Alan and the whole team, plus the householders and donors for making this happen despite the lockdown.

11. Kintore Action Plan
Ken went through the draft action plan. Ken said he was particularly pleased to have found a parliamentary question that left it in no doubt that we can still refer to the “Royal Burgh of Kintore”, even though royal burgh status officially ended in 1974. The main drive in this document is for Kintore to have the facilities that a town of this size should have. Kenny said that there was a common description that any town in the North-east of Scotland that was short of facilities was said to have been “Kintored”.

Based on the comments at the meeting, Ken will update this plan. Paul said there were particular formats for action plans. Ken said that this was not a formal action plan but a vision of what we want to achieve and what threats we may face.

12. Community Council election / recruitment / chairperson
Aberdeenshire Council are looking at October as a possible date for the postponed community council elections and it would follow that the KDCC AGM would follow that in November. This was agreed. Although that gives us more time, it would be important to continue to try to recruit potential new KDCC members, taking into account that – since we have vacancies – we can co-opt new members at any time.

13. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ Update
With no councillors present, this item would have to be carried forward to May.

14. Correspondence
Drew confirmed that, as reported earlier, we had received the £2,000 resilience grant.
Aberdeenshire Council had written to say they will not be supplying bedding plants this year due to the coronavirus lockdown. Ken said that we had already had to accept there would probably be no hanging baskets in the town this summer. Drew will pass the letter to Ainslie Reid, who is puzzled because the plants will already have been received in “plugs” and he doesn’t understand what is happening to them.
Correspondence about community resilience, but Drew reckons we are aware of the various measures.
Contact about community council insurance. Kenny mentioned cover for the PADs. Drew also thought we should address insurance for Lend a Hand Kintore. Kenny said this was an issue, if someone got injured in undertaking any resilience activity. Drew will bring it up at Lend a Hand Kintore.
Grampian Assistance leaflet forwarded to Lend a Hand Kintore as they may wish to distribute. First Photographics printed the small leaflet. If redone we would expect to pay for it.

15. AOCB
There has been one complaint to Kintore Facebook page regarding the smell from the rendering plant and he is aware that there have been other complaints. The complainer has been referred to SEPA website or hotline. Drew said that, if there was a technical issue at the plant, it would be good to tell the community.

16 Date of next meeting - Tuesday, May 19.
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