Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on September 16, 2019

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council
Held 7.00pm on 17 September 2019 in Kintore Primary School

Ken McEwen, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Kenny Thomson, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Derek Logan,
Councillors: Martin Ford, Fergus Hood
Police: No police in attendance

Vice chairman Ken McEwen welcomed everyone to the meeting. Ken advised the meeting that our chairperson Fiona Cooper had been readmitted to hospital. All present wished her well.

Fiona Cooper, Drew Cullinane, Paul Davison, Cllr Dominic Lonchay, Cllr Glen Reid, Lesley Monaghan

2. Police report
No police report had been received.

3. Declaration of interest:
Ken declared an interest in the A96 dualling in that his house is close to the indicative route.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting:
Some corrections were notified.

5. Matters arising
In Cllr Reid’s absence, Cllr Ford explained the there had been maintenance issues with the fountain that had resulted in the filter becoming blocked, with the danger of overheating. There is nothing wrong with the fountain and the problems had been the result of a misunderstanding. Kenny reported that there had been an excellent response to an appeal for “Fountain Friends” on kintore.org.uk and Facebook, but it was now important to get that followed through, so that the initial enthusiasm is not dissipated by delay. Cllr Ford felt it was important to get it running again this season.
Tourist board sign at the back of the Town House. Cllr Hood asked what the community council wanted done with the old notice board. It was agreed that what was there was an embarrassment and should be removed. Cllr Hood will follow up.
Sheila said the issue with the street lights had been resolved. There was an underground fault.
Concern was expressed about grass cutting and bunds. Cllr Ford said the quickest and most efficient way to report such matters was online.
Bank account signatories are all sorted.
The question of wider availability of defibrillators which Glen raised at the last meeting will be carried forward, as he is not able to attend tonight.

6. Approval of minutes
Derek approved and Sheila seconded

7. Treasurer’s report
The annual grant has now been received.
Final payment has been made for the generator at the Public Hall, which will be the emergency reception centre in the event of any community crisis.
The floral group account is separate and it is interesting that they have generated about 40 donations from local businesses.
Ainslie Reid has been awarded the “Green Butterfly” award.

8. Action Kintore report
The Action Kintore fundraising website is up and running and people should be encouraged to donate at www.localgiving.org/actionkintorelimited/. Action Kintore relies on donations and grants to support the work of The Bothie. Cllr Ford asked if the rental income covered the running costs. Kenny said that it pretty much did. Cllr Hood said that there was a local area fund which could be approached to see if it could help with any equipment needs (it could not contribute to running costs). Cllr Ford recognised this was an issue - getting funding for equipment costs was easier than getting support for running costs.
Money had been raised by distributing leaflets for Jim Reid.

Ken wondered if our councillors could see about cutting through some red tape. When a new sign post was removed at the end of Allandale Gardens, the signpost to the Bothie was removed. Kenny had contacted the council and was told that the sign did not comply with some obscure regulation and had to be removed. Given that the Bothie is not too easy to find the councillors agreed to try to get the sign restored.

9. Planning
Application in connection with housing development at Crichie. Issues surrounding that were the grade separated junction and the possible ‘orange’ route for the A96 dualling.

Battery energy storage compound near the Leylodge substation.

Hillhead Caravan Park came up to the Garioch Area Committee earlier. Cllr Ford explained there was a planning condition given for 20 (although only 18 exist) holiday-let caravans with a planning condition that they should be shut down for two weeks of the year. It turns out that 14 of the 18 are being used as residential homes and 10 could need enforcement action, while four are still in the ownership fo the site owner. The application was for removal of the holiday restriction. The original application had been for holiday lets. The committee unanimously agreed to reject the application. Cllr Ford said that all of those involved feel considerable sympathy for the 10 residents who appear to have bought the properties on the understanding that they are residential properties. It was said at the meeting that all had been told they were buying a holiday let property and how they used it was up to them. But, some of the residents say they had not been told that they were buying a holiday let property. That means there is potential for trading standards, misrepresentation or other action. If the buyers had used a solicitor to carry out a check before purchase, they would have found out that they were not residential properties. Cllr Ford said that Paul Davison, who spoke at the meeting, had pointed out that they were still being advertised as “luxury homes”.

LDP meeting two weeks ago. Cllr Ford said that he had proposed that a change that green belt policy should be reviewed, with the intention that there should be a green belt between Kintore and Port Elphinstone. This would be a significant change in policy which would need to be widely consulted. Jess asked about wildlife crossings for the road. Cllr Ford said that rather than increase the number of housing sites, council officers had proposed increasing the density. For the vast number of sites it does not mean they will actually get more houses, because the developers were likely to seek to increase the density in any case. The difficulty in Kintore East is that it cannot be cut back because there is planning permission in principle for the whole site. The 600 houses anticipated is now 1000. The only other change is that the site opposite the station which was mixed residential and commercial now has retail added to the mix. The proposed plan will now go out to consultation at the beginning of next year. At that point if there is anything we do not like we need to make representations. Cllr Hood added that the community council may wish to make representation about the site for community facilities and the phasing of these facilities. Ken confirmed that the community council had previously pushed of the community facilities to be at the neighbourhood centre beside Torryburn, rather than further into the Kintore East development as this would be the geographical centre of Kintore after the Kintore East development was in place. It is also important that the community facilities should be developed first. Cllr Ford urged the community council to make whatever representations it felt appropriate. Early next year is the likely timescale. Cllr Hood mentioned that there were moves to develop housing on Tuach Hill and Cllr Ford said that it was as appropriate to comment on what is not in the local plan as what is in the plan.

10. Allandale Gardens
Derek reported that the double yellow lines are to be extended, which should resolve concerns about emergency vehicle access. However, there were concerns about vehicles being displaced and parking further along the street.

10. A96 Dualling
Ken reported that the A96 Action Group, which is the group opposed to the ‘violet’ option are due to meet the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and connectivity tomorrow (Sept 18).

11. Correspondence
Draft Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Strategic Plan approved by the IJB in August. Now seeking for views on the document. Consultation open until October 4 https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/social-care-and-health/ahscp/engagement/strategic-plan-engagement/.

Two induction training events will take place as follows: 10 September 2019 (which is clearly past) – Training about the role of the Community Councillors, meetings, declarations of interest and the Scheme 1 October 2019 – Training about Planning and the role of Community Councils in the process Both training sessions will take place at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Gordon House, Inverurie. The second session will cover all things Planning and will provide information about the types of application, LDP, developer obligations, the processing of planning applications, material considerations etc.

Garioch Community Council annual networking event, which was to be on September 28, has been cancelled due to lack of numbers.

Aberdeenshire Council and DBA Flood study Tuesday, October 8 in the small hall at Inverurie Town Hall on October 8 from 3pm to 7pm. This is a drop-in event.

Aberdeenshire Councillors’ update
Cllr Hood reported on the move to make the 20mph speed limit at Kintore School permanent. While the infrastructure services committee did not think the 20 mph should be permanent, they did agree to make the zebra crossing on a raised platform. That will mean people will have to slow down. Cllr Ford said that they had asked for additional traffic calming as an enabling measure. So the officers didn’t want a permanent 20 mph because it would be a departure from policy. Cllr Ford reckons that although they did not get the 20 mph limit they wanted, but it was a reasonable success.

Cllr Hood reported that councillors were to have a site visit to see the new Kintore Station.
Cllr Hood said that the new waste collection pilot was taking place in selected areas of Aberdeenshire. Stickers are also being put on bins to clarify what should go in the bins. The proposed schedule will be food waste collected every week, a new smaller bin for landfill, the current large bin for cardboard and paper and the blue bin will be other dry recycling.

Sheila asked when the garden waste was stopping. No-one could recall the date at the meeting but she was advised to speak to the people at the collection point.

The Town Park development is said to be active again with one developer reported to be in charge. There’s no suggestion of timescales at the moment.

Kenny reported that Rotary had been working with Bill Gates Foundation to eradicate polio. Having been a dreaded disease across the world, it is now isolated to a few pockets, particularly in areas where medical support disrupted is by war. In the inoculation programme those who have been given the vaccine have their pinkie finger died purple to identify they have been given the vaccine. So the purple colour has become a symbol of the programme. October 24 is End Polio Day and we thought this year that it would be great to light up The Bothie and the Town House in purple. It was agreed it would be good.

Date of next meeting 15 October 2019.
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