Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on October 19, 2019

inute of Kintore and District Community Council
Held 7.00pm on 15 October 2019 in Kintore Primary School
Matters arising marked in bold

Ken McEwen, John Thomson, Jess Lumsden, Sheila Gray, Ann Marston, Kenny Thomson, Drew Cullinane, Lesley Monaghan, Derek Logan, Paul Davison
Councillors: Martin Ford, Glen Reid
Police: No police in attendance

Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting. He said it was obviously a very sad occasion, following the death of our chairman Fiona Cooper. He had spoken with Fiona’s husband Derek who said that Fiona would have wanted us to go ahead with the meeting. He said she would also have wanted us not to be sombre and sad, but to continue to work for the benefit of the community with good humour. One thing that Derek said that really made an impact was that Fiona was at her happiest when she was helping someone. Ken said that this was an excellent message for us to honour Fiona and her contribution to our community.

Cllr Dominic Lonchay, Cllr Fergus Hood

2. Police report
Antisocial behaviour, violence and disorder:
On September 19 a male was charged with assault after a disturbance on East Park Road, Kintore.
On September 20, a window was smashed at a property on Mansefield Road, Kintore. A suspect has been identified and they will be charged, however at the moment enquiries are ongoing.
On September 24, a car was stopped on the A96 at Kintore. A male was found toe in possession of cannabis and has been dealt with accordingly.
On September 29, a car was stopped on School Road, Kintore. The male driver was found to be in possession of cannabis and has been dealt with accordingly.

Acquisitive Crime:
On September 18, there was a theft of a motor vehicle from Caledonian Logistics, Kintore. The vehicle was later recovered in Aberdeen and the suspects have been charged and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
On September 22, on Lochentilly Road in Kintore, a trailer was left parked in a layby. When the owner returned, the brake cable had been removed. All lines of enquiry have been completed and it will remain undetected.

Road Safety and Road Crime:
On September 25 a van was stopped on the A96 and found to have defective tyres. The driver was charged
On October 9, at Sainsbury’s car park, Midmill Place, Kintore, a car reversed into another in the car park. Damage was caused and enquiries are currently ongoing.

Community Engagement and Reassurance:
Police officers in the North East will start using mobile devices as part of their operational duties which will increase their visibility within local communities. Officers will be able to access a wide range of police systems while out on duty without the requirement to return to a police station and log on to a computer.

This means that officers will be able to spend more time working within the community, dealing with incidents, engaging with members of the public, supporting victims and focussing on crime prevention.

Previously, when officers dealt with a crime, they would have to return to base to record details of an incident on the appropriate systems and complete paperwork.

The new mobile devices will mean that every Community Policing Team officer, and those with a front line operational role, will be able to connect to police systems whilst working remotely.

The mobiles will provide apps enabling officers carry out checks and file crime reports. Officers will also be able to type statements directly to the device through the use of its digital notebook function Pronto which will obtain an electronic signature from victims and witnesses.
Keeping hold of your bike should be easy. More of us take to the roads as the better weather approaches so here are some tips to hold onto yours.

Get a good quality bike lock - the more expensive your bike, the more you should spend, a good guide is to spend 10 - 20% of the cost of the bike on the lock.  Solid 'D' locks offer good protection.

Ideally the lock should have the Secured By Design Award or the Sold Secure Award.
Use the lock! - even if popping into the shops for 2 minutes, many thefts are opportunistic.

Lock to the best solid object you can find such as a cycle stand, railing or other street furniture.  Ensure that the bike and lock cannot simply be lifted over the object.

Consider using a stand-alone alarm (from £2) or a padlock with a built in alarm.
Leave your bike where it can easily be seen by others or under CCTV surveillance.
Remove anything that can't be secured, lamps, pumps, quick release saddles etc.
Secure quick release wheels with your main lock or a separate cable which should also have the Secured By Design Award or the Sold Secure Award.
Use Setectamark, Cremark, Veloeye, or other bike marking product and use visible sticker to advise the bike is security marked.
If you regularly park it away from home and in the same location (e.g. work) as your employer, council, etc.) if they would consider installing bike security lockers.
If you store the bike in a shed or garage fit a ground or wall anchor and lock your bike to it. 

Rural Watch Scotland
'Rural Watch Scotland' is an extension of the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland movement and endorsed by  the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC) and is aimed specifically at the rural communities of Scotland and aims to bring all the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch to all rural communities irrespective of location, size or demographics.

Rural watch is an online community for any member of the public where appeals, crime prevention tips and safety alerts can be posted by those who subscribe which can be viewed by all members. Subscription is free and the sharing of information on the forum is a great example of real time crime prevention in action.

The objectives of Rural Watch Scotland are to:
Reduce crime and the fear of crime by providing the right information, to the right people, at the right time.
Encourage people to think about safety and security for themselves, their neighbours and their community.
Improve community cohesion and well-being by supporting communities to develop 'their watch, their way'.
Work in partnership with national and local service providers to develop more resilient communities that are better prepared against threats, intentional or unintentional, such as crime or extreme weather.

The experience of Neighbourhood Watch throughout Scotland and elsewhere across the world is that members of Rural Watch Scotland will be less likely than non-members in the rural community to be a victim of crime.

By joining the Rural Watch Scotland scheme members can receive alerts and advice by phone, text or email. By keeping members informed about crime and other threats in specific areas, Rural Watch Scotland can help prevent crime, keep communities and residents safe, and member's responses to these alerts can help catch criminals or be better prepared to deal with other threats to communities. To join Rural Watch Scotland simply:

Log onto www.ruralwatchscotland.co.uk
Click the green JOIN button at the top of the page.
Follow the on screen instructions.

Contact Us
Please also remember you can communicate with us using any of the following:
☏ 101 – Non emergency;
Email - InverurieCPT@Scotland.pnn.police.uk
Twitter - @NorthEPolice
Facebook – www.facebook.com/NorthEastPoliceDivision
Web – www.scotland.police.uk
☏ 999 – Emergency;
☏ 0800 555 111 - Crimestoppers;

Inspector Hannan, Inverurie Community Policing Team

3. Declaration of interest:
Ken and Paul both declared interests in there are A96 dualling options that pass close to their respective houses.

4 Minutes of the previous meeting: Matters arising
Neither Drew, nor Glen, had heard from Aberdeenshire Council about the proposed training session for the volunteers who came forward to help look after the fountain in The Square. It was agreed that this was disappointing as nothing will dampen the enthusiasm of the volunteers more than having had no response to their generous offer to help.
The ancient, outdated tourist board sign has now been removed. Thanks to Fergus for getting action on this.
Defibrillators will be discussed under the agenda item.
The Bothie road sign. Martin confirmed he has emailed and is waiting a response.
Kenny said that plans are proceeding to illuminate the Town House in purple to mark World Polio Day.
Lesley said that she emailed to express apologies for the meeting. Ken will add apologies.
Sheila’s email was bouncing back. She pointed out her email was “gairnsheil”, not “gairnshiel”. Ken will correct.

6. Approval of minutes
Approval of the minutes was proposed by Ann, seconded by Derek Logan.
7. Treasurer’s report
The balance on the community council account is £5503.47.
The community council grant has been received.
The Fireworks event before the next meeting will result in some movement on the account with money coming and and going out.
Floral account balance is £476.76, which includes the payment for winter flowering plants, which are now planted around the town. Kenny said that setting up a separate floral account has been really good.
The sad thing that needs to be done is to remove Fiona from the account.

8. Action Kintore report
There is no report at the moment as Rachel Lewis is away.

9. Planning matters
Paul reported that Inverurie Boxing Club wants to take over a building in Kintore. Ken said that the club had posted news of this on the visitor posts at the Kintore Facebook page. In their post the club say that leasing their own premises would mean they could have a boxing ring set up at all times. This, they say, would allow them to get their boxers prepared for the next level in championships in this country and Europe, the Commonwealth and beyond. Paul said the only issue is that there is not a lot of space for parking on the premises, but he thinks there will be enough. Glen said there were lots of kids going to the club and it was a much wider area than just Inverurie.
Paul had gone to the flood study open event. They are planning to remove the existing bund in Davidson Park in Port Elphinstone and build a larger one on the other side of the playing pitch. Paul is concerned that this will require relocation of a path. This path is in Inverurie Community Council area, but once it goes under the bridge it is in the KDCC area.
In the same area, as part of the Crichie development they want to use a path for the 300 houses to get into Port Elphinstone. In the KDCC they plan to take down 50 trees and build a wide tarmac path with street lights. It’s something that Paul thinks KDCC should take an interest in. Martin pointed out that these are currently proposals and will have to be considered by Aberdeenshire Council. Paul will keep us informed. Martin pointed out that KDCC could ask to be treated as a statutory consultee. Paul said that KDCC had commented.

10. Fountain Friends
This has been covered under matters arising.

11. Defibrillators
Glen had raised this matter as a citizen, rather than as a councillor. Glen explained that, in a cardiac arrest, every minute was critical and his desire to see more defibrillators in Kintore came about because he had been speaking to an emergency responder in Kintore. This person had said it was generally known that there was really poor coverage of defibrillators in this area. Glen had approached one of the organisations that has a defibrillator in their premises and asked about having it mounted outside, so that it would be available outside their opening times. After considering they had said they would not do so.

We have defibrillator that KDCC purchased, on the front of First Photographic. But Glen felt – as a minimum – we should have one in the north of Kintore and one in the south. Glen has also spoken with the Education department about a defibrillator at the school. He has also written to BAM who have a defibrillator at the station construction zone and whether, once construction is complete, they would locate it for public access.

Kenny said that Sainsbury’s would be an ideal location because it is open most days from early to late. Sheila said she thought people were too concerned about doing harm to use a defibrillator. Kenny pointed out that KDCC had organised training at The Bothie.

Kenny will speak with Brian Johnstone, the chairman when the defibrillator in The Square was installed, to see if he recalls any servicing requirement.

Ken will put some awareness information on kintore.org.uk and Facebook and on the back of that see how we can extend the network of defibrillators to cover the other areas of Kintore. Jess suggested getting information on Kintore Mums. Glen said he could get this information to them.

12. Kintore Fireworks
Ken said there was an unfortunate clash on November 8 with a school disco. Kenny pointed out that the Fireworks had been booked since April. Glen said there used to be a diary that organisations could check dates. Ken said that he has spent years asking people to send in dates to kintore.org.uk.

Kenny reported all was in hand. They would be doing hot dogs rather than burgers as they are a lot easier and what is unused can be kept. Volunteers needed. Lesley volunteered. Need more.

13. A96 Dualling
Ken reported that the decision between the orange and violet route is not expected now until into 2020. The A96 Action group have published plans showing that the existing route could be upgraded without requiring compulsory purchase of houses.

14. Correspondence
Letter from Inverurie Community Council requesting a meeting about commenting on developments close to community council boundaries. It was agreed that Ken and Paul should meet with them to discuss.
Drew has circulated an updated service contact list from Aberdeenshire Council.
Drew has also circulated details the Licensing Matters Event on November 27.
Agenda papers for the Garioch Area Committee on October 8. Paul raised the issue of people not knowing when matters were raised. Martin said that the change was made for practical reasons and the solution was to keep watch on the council website.
Induction training evaluation papers for October 1.

15. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ update
Martin has had correspondence to say that the floral display at the end of Elm Place is causing an obstruction of sight lines. Martin passed this on to the roads department, who are looking into it.
Martin explained that the budget process was underway and there was widespread uncertainty. At this stage the government grand settlement was unknown. But, it looks like further savings of £25 million will be required. There is a budget simulator on the council website that gives some flavour of the problems of budgeting.
Glen said that the roundabout at the entrance to the quarry has had reports of spillages. This is being monitored.
Paul asked if there was an update on the station. The visit was postponed but will take place. Martin said the closure for the bridge to be installed is expected before Christmas.

16. AOCB
Sheila raised the issue of flooding in the Bowling Club car park. Was it Robertson or the council who should be contacted? Glen and Martin thought it would be Robertson. Sheila also said there was flooding at the end of Dinnie Place. Glen will raise with Robertson and the council respectively.
Ken said that we have to consider the matter of finding a new chairman for the community council as he was not intending to step up from vice-chairman to chairman, not least because he is not resident in Kintore. Martin said that the constitution should be checked, but a potential candidate should be co-opted so that they could be elected in June. He asked everyone to consider potential candidates.
Lesley reported at the end of Eastburn Road there is a triangle filled with concrete and large stones and the weeds are tall. It is an eyesore. In response to Martin’s question Lesley said she believes it is part of the road. Lesley will send a picture, either to the roads department direct or to Martin.

17. Date of next meeting 19 November 2019.
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