Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council on November 19, 2019.

Minute of Kintore and District Community Council
Held 7.00pm on 19 November 2019 in Kintore Primary School
Matters arising marked in bold

1. Welcome
Vice chairman, Ken welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. Present:
Ken McEwen, Drew Cullinane, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray, Jess Lumsden, Derek Logan, John Thomson, Lesley Monaghan
Councillors: Glen Reid
Leo Group: Danny Sawrij, Cassie Irving, Rachel Whitely
Media: Chris Cromar
Members of the public: Catherine Grigor, Jim Stevenson, Scott Mackenzie, Jody Yule
Police: No police in attendance

3. Apologies
Cllr Dominic Lonchay, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Martin Ford, Kenny Thomson, Paul Davison

4. Police report
Generally it has been a quiet month for Kintore.
On 16 October 2019, on Hallforest Drive, Kintore a man was warned regarding minor threatening and abusive behaviour.
On 17 October on the A96 at Kintore a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal regarding possession of Cannabis, Cocaine and an offensive weapon.
On 18 October 2019 on the A96 at Kintore a male was charged with possession of Cannabis.
On 18 October 2019 a male was reported to the Procurator Fiscal after a Theft by Housebreaking at the Co-op, Northern Road, Kintore.
On 23 October 2019 a theft of alloy wheels from within a vehicle occurred at C and M McDonald, Bridgeford, Kintore. Enquiries are ongoing.
On 7 November 2019 at Sainsbury’s, Midmill Parade, Kintore there was a theft by shoplifting there is a suspect in relation to this and enquiries are ongoing.
In the time period several cars and a lorry were stopped on the A96 at Kintore and dealt with regarding various road traffic offences including, careless driving, speeding, defective tyres, no MOT’s and no insurance.
On 8 November 2019 at Kintore Golf Club a speed sign had been damaged by a vehicle which drove off and failed to stop. We are looking for further information on this one. The car has been described as a SUV type vehicle.

5. Declaration of interest:
Ken declared his interest in the violet route of the A96 as it passes close to his house.

6. Minutes of the previous meeting: Matters arising
The training session for the Fountain Friends. Drew has written to the volunteers to explain that there is an additional problem with the basin at the base of the fountain. He said it will obviously now be next Spring before things get underway.
The Bothie road sign will be carried forward to the next meeting.
Town House illuminated in purple for End Polio Day and this will change back to white light for the Christmas illuminations. Glen said that it had been pointed out that purple was the colour for premature babies awareness.
Glen said that, regarding the flooding in the bowling car park, Robertson will be investigating.
Kenny was speaking to Brian Johnstone about whether any servicing was needed for the defibrillator in The Square.

7. Approval of minutes
Approval of the minutes was proposed by Lesley, seconded by Drew.

8. Treasurer’s report
In Kenny’s absence, Ken reported that the profit from the KDCC Fireworks event was £707.93. The meeting unanimously agreed the recommendations for £200 each to go to the Scouts and BBs, £100 to Rotary, £100 to the Bothie (they have already benefitted from 2 unopened cartons of crisps, cans of coke and 3 new tables @ £25 each, with the remaining £107.93 being retained meantime in the KDCC Account. The meeting agreed with this proposed breakdown.

The balance of the KDCC Account as of today is £8228.42. The biggest item to come off that is the balance of the Account to Fireworx Scotland - £1299.

Ken asked for the minutes to record our gratitude to all the volunteers who made the event such a huge success and particularly to Kenny Thomson and Brian Johnstone who, each year, just make the event run like a well-oiled machine.

9. Action Kintore report
Drew reported on behalf of Rachel Lewis that part of the spending of Co-op membership card holders in the Kintore supermarket goes to The Bothie. As a result they are picking up a cheque for around £2500. The same scheme will run again next year, which is excellent news. Part of the funding will go for wellness packs. The rest will go towards weekend and residential trips.
The Bothie needs volunteers for the Monday Junior Group, so if we know of anyone who can spare time from 3.30 to 5pm.
Brian Johnstone and Ken had a meeting with planning people at Aberdeenshire Council. There was some concern that the glass extension for the lift and the stairs might be a problem given that this is a category A listed building. The immediate aim was to carry out a timber survey to see that there is no rot problem.
If we get to a planning application, if that was done through KDCC there would be a discount.

10. Planning matters
In Paul’s absence, Ken detailed the planning matters he had highlighted:

Plans for a large replacement dwelling house at Greystone Croft, Kintore. Comments close December 12.
Plans for a roundabout at the junction of the B994 and B997. Public comments on this close on December 12. This would be a roundabout to the east of the existing Midmill Business Park roundabout, replacing the proposed traffic signals for access to Woodside Croft housing development. Paul notes that no traffic study has been made, plus it is very close to the existing roundabout. Scott Mackenzie and Jody Yule, who attended the meeting, expressed their concern about the plans. In particular they were concerned about children having to cross the roundabout from Ceann Torr housing.

With the roundabout they would have to cross two legs of the roundabout on the way to school. They also felt the roundabout would result in traffic speed increasing. They were also concerned that the plans seemed have banking cutting into their ground. The thought that splitting the traffic between two access points would be better. Generally there were also concerns for traffic flow off the A96 and we remember that traffic backed up from temporary traffic lights onto the A96.

The previous plans had two points of access to the housing. Paul believes KDCC need to submit a “holding objection” until the developers have submitted studies that demonstrate the roundabout will improve traffic flow, accommodate additional flow from the new housing and address safety concerns. The meeting agreed to ask Paul to submit his proposed objection.

Alterations to a house in Wyness Place

Change of use of land at Harthill Croft.

Alterations to Rosemount, 59 Kingsfield Road to extend the upper floor between existing dormers.
Erection of an agricultural storage building at Regina Croft.

Construction and operation of an Energy from Waste plant to produce up to 35MW of electricity at Kirkwood Commercial park. This is to be subject of a public meeting at Kintore Primary School on December 3.

11. Inverurie Community Council
Ken reported that he and Paul had met with three representatives of Inverurie Community Council. It was clear that they had a desire to review the boundaries of Inverurie and Kintore community councils and they had a map highlighting KDCC’s area covering Kirkwood Business Park on the old paper mill site, the land on the east of Shaw Hill and Thainstone itself. Also highlighted was the Balbithan area, which is currently in Inverurie’s territory.

Ken had told the meeting that, as KDCC is currently without a chair, he would not be willing to discuss boundary changes. The Inverurie representatives understood this position. It was agreed that both community councils should be sensitive to others interests, particularly for any matters close to the adjoining areas. There had been concern that KDCC submission on the A96 dualling might have been at odds with Inverurie CC views, but they have not taken a position on the A96 dualling.

12. Community Council recruitment/new chairperson
Ken asked that people keep considering the matter of recruiting new people onto the community council and, in particular, young people. Chris Cromar, who was attending the meeting as a reporter with the Inverurie Advertiser, had been involved with the British Youth Council’s Local Councillor Shadowing Award between 2011-12. During this time they became associate members of the community council and he had gone on to join permanently, staying on the community council until 2018. It was also suggested that The Bothie could be a good way of identifying and nurturing community-minded young people who could go on to join the community council.

While there will not be a community council election for another couple of years, it is open to the community council to co-opt new members. A new chairperson could be elected either at the AGM this year or an extraordinary general meeting could be called.

13. Kintore Rendering Plant recommissioning
Ken welcomed three representatives from the Leo Group, owners of the plant. Danny Sawrij explained that the Kintore plant had been utilised as a ‘bulking up’ centre taking in material for transport to rendering plants in England. But, there are only five plants capable of processing category 1 material and with a fire at a plant in England, this plant was needed back in production.

Danny explained that the process under Dundas Brothers had been very different. The plant now utilises a thermal oxidiser to remove odour and none of the material now goes into animal feed. Solid material is used in generating electricity and producing biodiesel. The site has been going through a commissioning process for the past four to five weeks and is building up. Currently running for three to four days per week, as there are some adjustments and modifications being made. Danny extended an open invitation to visit the plant and see how completely different the plant operates now compared to how it operated in the past.

Ken explained there had been widespread concern about the plant re-opening given the problems that there had been with the plant in the years up to 2004 and the liquidation of Dundas Brothers. He also asked why there were similar odour concerns at another Leo Group plant in Penrith, leading to a big public campaign against the “Penrith Pong”.

Danny said that the Penrith plant deals with about 7,000 tonnes of category 3 material while Kintore processes 3-400 tonnes, with a maximum of 6-700 tonnes. Danny said the issue at Penrith had been failure of the electricity and they have been losing power on the site over the last two to three years. He said that complaints about the smell at Penrith site, which was purchased in 2002, had been coming down dramatically and they were investing in a new biomass thermal oxidiser.

John added that we could all remember the time when Dundas Brothers operated the plant when people couldn’t put out washing because the smell was so bad. Everything was permeated with that smell. Danny said that SEPA would shut them down if there was any odour problem. He added that it would be easier to show people the odour control measures during a visit.

The Kintore plant currently employs three people and 12 drivers. The aim is to employ around 15, plus two engineers. On the invitation to visit the plant it was agreed that there would be the opportunity to visit on Wednesday (Note post meeting: this has subsequently been changed to Wednesday, December 4 12 noon to 2pm.) Anyone who wants to take up the invitation to visit must email Cassie Irving cassie.Irving@leogroupltd.co.uk to confirm, as personal protection will need to be arranged. Leo Group would also be keen to install an external publicly-accessible defibrillator (PAD) at the plant.

14. Agile Energy Incinerator
The public consultations start on December 3, with the first session being in Kintore Primary School. The need for incinerators is that we legally have to stop sending waste to landfill as that is clearly unsustainable. We will have more information on which to discuss this application at the January meeting.

15. Fountain Friends
This had been adequately discussed under Matters Arising.

16. Defibrillators
Ken had been due to meet with a representative from the Sandpiper Trust, but the meeting had to be postponed due to a family bereavement.

17. Kintore Fireworks
This had been adequately covered under the Treasurer’s report.

18. A96 Dualling
There has been no change from what was reported last month, namely that the decision on the route option would now be likely in the New Year. Ken said the recent flooding on the River Don flood plain served to increase concerns about the construction of a viaduct with ten piers in the flood plain, as would be required for the violet option.

19. Correspondence
Garioch Community Council Forum on December 3 at 6.45 for 7pm in the Ury Room at Gordon House, Inverurie. On the agenda will be speeding in the area with a presentation by Gareth Hannan, followed by a business meeting. Anyone interested in going contact Drew on secretary@kintorecommunitycouncil.co.uk.
Housing 2040 - future lives on November 25 in Peterhead.

Health & Social Care: How is Grampian Coping - open for responses until December 6.

Snow Warden Scheme - Aberdeenshire Council is offering to support volunteers who want to assist their friends and neighbours with clearing of snow and spreading grit. More information at http://bit.ly/AbshireSWS.

VE Day 75th anniversary on the weekend of May 8-10, 2020 – a flyer asking if we are planning anything.

20. Aberdeenshire Councillors’ update
Glen said that the Co-op had promotional videos at the checkouts and some of the material was inappropriate for children. The Co-op has said that unsuitable video promotion will be removed from all stores in Scotland.

Glen was made aware that R.S. McColl in Kemnay were selling energy drinks to pupils. These drinks are full of caffeine and he is still on the case.

21. AOCB
Catherine Grigor raised concerns about flooding affecting properties on Northern Road. This is despite having spent thousands of pounds since 2016 on flood barriers and walls. There are concerns that the flooding may have been caused by structural or other issues resulting from the railway works, but Catherine reported that she cannot get Railtrack to investigate. Others with properties in the area, including Drew and John agreed with Catherine’s concerns. Ken remembered that the Flood Prevention Study was supposed to be extended to include Kintore and it would be good to find out where that now stands. It was suggested that the best approach would be to try to get local councillors and the six local MSPs involved. Drew, John and Catherine would look at writing to the MSPs, with Ken’s input if required, pointing out the number of properties at risk.

Sandy Seivewright contacted us about the direction sign that used to stand at Midmill. He believed that Les Spence might know its whereabouts. Sheila will ask. Ken suspected it was probably no longer in existence and while it is a lovely thought to remake and re-erect the sign it would be quite a project to reconstruct and then get planning permission to locate.

Date of next meeting 21 January 2020.
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