Minutes of Kintore & District Community Council meeting on March 19, 2019.

Held 7.00pm on 19th March, 2019 in Kintore Primary School

Fiona Cooper, Ken McEwen, Drew Cullinane, John Thomson, Ann Marston, Sheila Gray. Cllrs Martin Ford, Fergus Hood, Glen Reid and Dominic Lonchay. Stacey MacDonald and Olivia Hogan from Network Rail. Maria Glendinning from Kemnay Academy.

Jess Lumsden, Paul Davidson, Joan Thomson, Kenny Thomson, Lesley Monaghan Dave Monaghan, PC James Stewart.

Fiona welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Police report
Community Policing Priorities
Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:
On 17 February 2019, a 27 year old local male was charged with a Breach of the Peace by shouting and swearing whilst at the Square, Kintore.

On 24 February 2019, a 39 year old male from Blackburn was charged with a number of offences relating to picking up a knife and placing it into the door of the Square Bar, causing a Breach of the Peace and resisting arrest, whilst heavily intoxicated. He was kept as a custody for court.

On 26th February 2019, there was vandalism to a car parked at the Co-op, Midmill, Kintore whereby a car door was opened against the wing mirrors of a parked car. When the driver was challenged he banged the wing mirror with his door a number of times more. Enquiry is ongoing.

On 5th March 2019, there was a report of an 11year old juvenile having been assaulted by another juvenile outside Kintore Primary School. Enquiries are ongoing with positive line of enquiry.

During last month Drug Search Warrants have been executed twice at the same address in Henderson Drive, Kintore. Herbal Cannabis, Cannabis Oil and in excess of £3,000 in cash was recovered. A 23 year old male has been charged accordingly.

There has been one report of domestic assault with a 22 year old male charged.

Acquisitive Crime:
On 17 February 2019, a 53 year old local female was charged with a taxi fraud having failed to payoff a taxi from Aberdeen to Kintore.

Between 3 and 4 March 2019, the door lock was removed from a motor car parked in the driveway of an address at Castlepark Grove, Kintore. Enquiries are ongoing.

Between 4 and 5 March 2019, a theft of fuel from a bus belonging to Central Coaches occurred at the yard at C and M McDonald, Kintore. Enquiries are ongoing.

Between 11 and 12 March 2019, there was a report of the bottom front grill and fog lights having been removed off a VW Polo parked in Eastburn Road, Kintore. Enquiry is ongoing and there appears to be an increase in this type of crime recently within Garioch and surrounds and would ask that all such crimes are reported.

Road Safety and Road Crime:
On 25 February 2019, a male from Buckie was charged with a number of offences around the roadworthiness of his vehicle on the A96. He was also found in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

One lorry driver was charged with tachograph offences, another motorist was charged with failing to secure his trailer properly and another for having an insecure load, all on the A96.

Community Engagement and Reassurance:
Keeping hold of your bike should be easy. Most of us take to the roads as the better weather approaches so here are some tips to hold onto yours:
• Get a good quality bike lock - the more expensive your bike, the more you should spend. A good guide is to spend 10-20% of the cost of the bike on the lock. Solid “D” locks offer good protection.
• Ideally the lock should have the Secured by Design Award or the Solid Secure Award.
• Use the lock !! - even if popping into the shops for 2 minutes, many thefts are opportunistic.
• Lock to the best solid object you can find such as a cycle stand, railing or other street furniture. Ensure that the bike and lock cannot simply be lifted over the object.
• Consider using a stand-alone alarm (from £2) or padlock with a built in alarm.
• Leave your bike where it can easily be seen by others or under CCTV surveillance.
• Remove anything that can’t be secured, lamps, pumps, quick release saddles etc.
• Secure quick release wheels with your main lock or a separate cable which should also have the Secured by design award or the Solid Secure Award.
• Use Setectamark, Cremark, Veloeye, or other bike marking product and use visible sticker to advise the bike is security marked.
• If you regularly park it away from home and in the same location (e.g.work) ask your employer, council etc. if they would consider installing bike security lockers.
• If you store the bike in a shed or garage fit a ground or wall anchor and lock your bike to it.

Issues raised at the meeting for James to address:
• 37 Bus parking inappropriately
• High sided vehicles causing difficulties in leaving the Lockburn Road junction
• Allendale gardens - Entrance being narrowed by parking vehicles causing access issues.

2. Matters arising from the last minute
Cllr Reid referred to an item under AOCB and advised the pothole is now in the system and the Council has examined the manhole cover and deemed it safe. Cllr Reid to contact resident and advise that Scottish Water should now be contacted to take matters further.

3. Approval of the Minute of last meeting
Proposer Ken McEwen/Seconder John Thomson

4. Treasurers report
All information is currently being compiled for this years accounts as at 31st March, 2019. Bank balance as at 4/3/19 was £10,609.34.

5. Youth Report
All groups are going well. P5- P7 group have been making Bat and Bird houses to be displayed in Gauchill Woods. The Council has requested new designs for welcome signs to be done at Gauchill Woods which the children have done. Rachel is going into primary school after Easter to meet the current P4 pupils who will be able to visit the Bothie for various events this term in preparation of joining the junior group after summer.

6. Planning Matters
Application No Details Action by KDCC
App/2019/0489 Erection of Garage None Required
App/2019/0373 Formation of Battery Energy Storage Compound Council officers already have raised objections
APP/2018/3077 Formation of Football Pitch and Vehicular Access None Required

7. Kemnay Academy Update
Marie Glendinning, Depute Rector from Kemnay Academy advised that the academy would like to strengthen their connections to the community by attending Community Council meetings herself along with a pupil on some occasions. Marie advised that Kemnay Academy is part of pilot recycling scheme with Aberdeenshire Council looking at drafting up a waste strategy within schools.

First phase has been in the class room. It hoped that this will have a knock on effect in terms of litter. A Pupil Voice Council is having a conference in June 2019 at a local cafe in Kemnay where a couple of large issues will be discussed including Kemnay Academy values meeting the Rights of the Child.

Town Planning initiative has also been done, allowing some pupils to engage with council officers re the local development plan for Kemnay for future social and recreation requirements. This will also be carried out with Blackburn and Kintore maps in the future.

8. Kintore Railway Station/Dualling of the Track
Stacey handed out leaflets detailing the dates of the closure of the track and how it is going to work. It is therefore crucial for passengers to check their journey and prepare for how the changes will effect them. There is two drop in centres being held at Kintore Golf Club on Tuesday 16th April and Thursday 25th April, open to everyone between 4pm until 7pm. Stacey confirmed the level crossing will be closed for 11 weeks, i.e. 1st June until the 18th August 2019.

However, during the month of July, pedestrians access will be allowed. Stacey also advised that during April the transport police will be monitoring crossing usage to gain valuable insight as to where people are travelling to and from. Stacey confirmed she would provide Ken with soft copies of all documentation to be promoted on the Kintore website.

In respect of Kintore Station, Stacey confirmed that the building of the platforms and associated works will be done during the closure of the line. Biggest issue is to ensure that the Aberdeen side is completed during the closure as there will be no access after the line is re-opened. Thereafter, those works will continue alongside works for the car park and the footbridge with lifts. Stacey said they will announce the contract for the building of Kintore Station at the end of April and construction will start after this, taking approximately 12 months., making opening date of station May 2020.

Cllr Ford expressed his dismay at the delay of the opening of the station and enquired as to what caused this to happen. Stacey responded that it was due to a land timing issue whereby you cannot build on a land currently being used for storage and a change in the management of the funding to transport Scotland. Cllr Ford requested that Kintore Station be added to the time table in December 2019 so that if works were finished prior to May 2021, the station could open without waiting until the new timetable in May. Stacey confirmed that she would investigate this and come back with an answer.

Cllr Reid advised that he has received emails from Paul Finch, (Strategic Transportation Project Manager at Aberdeenshire Council) confirming that it was a 9 month build resulting in an opening date of December 2019 and this information of a 12 month build was completely out of the blue.

Cllr Hood confirmed that all the reports they have even been given had the December 2019 date as opening of Kintore Station. Cllr Ford advised that Paul Finch had stated that there were many advantages as having one client for the dualling of the track and Kintore Station but not at the expense of a 6 month delay in the opening of station which has now arisen.

The question re land timing was confusing as this must have been addressed when the project was initially configured. Stacey confirmed she would find out if the contact length could be shortened and the inclusion of Kintore Station in the December 2019 timetable so as to not loose the whole six months.

Cllr Hood also enquired as Aberdeenshire Council is no longer the client, has the council also lost control of the budget which again Stacey confirmed she would find out. Cllr Reid asked for clarification that any delay in opening the station would not result in additional disruptions for Kintore Residents.

Sheila asked for clarification re house checks and enquired why she had received no information given she is so close to the track. Stacey to take address details so she could look into this and report back.

Diversion signage will include the golf club is open. John Thomson advised that the cabin at the top of the 11th hole would be a good place for a defibrilllator. Stacey is going to enquire with the Scottish Ambulance service re prices of recommended Defibrillators and advise accordingly. Cllr Hood stated that if a recommended defibrillator was used, the ambulance paramedic could download data of what has been happening with the patience prior to their arrival which would be adventageous.

9. A96 Dualling
Feedback from Ken’s letter was that this route was not in our area. However, the bridge structure would very much be in our area. KDCC still need to take a stance and Fiona will try one more time to engage with the Kintore residents as to opinion based on both the orange and Blue/green/violet routes and report back once received. Cllr Lonchay confirmed that at the Area committee meeting today Aberdeenshire Council stance was for the route to stay as close to existing route.

Invitation to take part in “Doors open Day 2019. The largest architectural event in Scotland where historic buildings that are not normally open to the public are opened on 14th and 15th September. It was agreed to put the Town House in Kintore forward.

The Scottish Government has asked Community Councils to share details of a consultation re Animal Health and Welfare Act. It is seeking views on proposals to strengthen enforcement of animal welfare legislation. Details to be put on Kintore Website.

Community Alcohol and Drugs partnership event being held in the Acorn Centre in Inverurie at 2.30 pm and 6pm on 2nd of April 2019.

There is vacancy on the Aberdeen outside local access Forum which deals with land reform. Contact Drew if interested for more details.

Community Councils Elections - Evening has been booked at the Bothie 10th June 6pm - 8pm should a ballot be required. More details to follow.

11.Aberdeenshire Councillors update
Cllr Ford updated the Community Council on matters discussed at the Garioch Area Committee. Annual works programme for landscape services and Roads team was presented and details are now available online.
There was a long debate on ways to reduce Child poverty, with 7,023 children identified as living in poverty within this area.

The councillors were asked to support a strategy to help officers communicate effectively with the parents of these children. There is a role for the Academy in respect of updating the free School meals programme. Teachers can identify children requiring support.

Marie advised that Kemnay Academy is currently being signed up by the local foodbank to enable food vouchers to be given to families in need. In addition to this, a large amount of stationery has been purchased allowing a box of pencils, rulers etc. to be accessible in each class room.

Cllr Hood also advised that Kintore Public Hall outside repairs can now proceed. As it is a confidential paper no further details can be given at this time.

Cllr Lonchay and Cllr Reid advised that funds were available for strategic projects which are shown to help our area. Further details to be sent to Fiona.

Cllr Reid is still working on getting railings installed at Kintore Primary School. He has now got results from the traffic survey which clearly shows there is an issue with speeding vehicles.

12. Kintore Action Report
Will be discussed at a future meeting.

Ainslie Reid advised that he has another 3 contributors this year for the floral displays. He presented Fiona with a card which has been sent to all those who contribute to floral display throughout the year. Fiona asked if he could forward details of the companies so that we can formally thank them on the Kintore Website/ Kintore Konnect.

Ken advised that the Scottish Government has announced a £50m town centre re-generation fund. Once Aberdeenshire Council have further details, they will let us know how we can apply for monies for the Town house.
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